soul cleansing soul and self respect- by Steve Ramsey

 Cleaning is a part of life. We clean our homes and our clothes.  Our body cleanses itself by seating, eye tears, saliva, stool, urine, skin shad, blood changing itself every 120 days, and many cells in our body change reborn or die.

The rivers and earth water go to cycles of change and everything must turn and move if the blood stop in our veins it will cause blood clots and death. If the rivers do not move and run it will be a swamp full of death and disease, We clean our workstations, our pets, and even our cars. The universe also cleans itself with giant vacuum called black halls or the invisible vacuum ( Alkhonnas al Jawari al Konnas as the holy Quran call them ) it means the invisible vacuum.

Everything turns and moves in the universe every star, every son,, every moon and planet running away to one point that pulls them all to the creator who starts the first bang.

It is just understood that in the course of living life things get dirty and need to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. But notice how these are all external things. How many of us take time to clean out our internal state? Our mind, our thoughts, and our souls?

You might be wondering what a soul cleanse is exactly. Well, think about it. Just like filth and grime attaches itself to the body throughout the day, negative attitudes and thoughts can attach to the soul. We absorb so much more than we even realize. We absorb the annoyed feeling of someone’s in the media or from the news, at the workplace at school,  and close to our personal space.

We absorb the anxiety of someone not responding to our phone calls or emails. We absorb the stress of the morning commute and the sadness of a news story. We absorb the grouchy attitude of our partner and the embarrassment from that socially awkward moment with a stranger. We might absorb the hurt of a friend or relative who passed away with cancer or dies of an accident or the disappointment of not getting the job. It can be anything, really. Even if we believe those experiences do not really get into us, they still get to us from time to time. And the normal life moments that get onto us, can also stick with us after a while if we do not regularly and intentionally release them. You cry when you see a dama or see a child who dies from a hanger, you get sad if your pet gets sick and die.This life drama can affect us in so many ways. You can help your self and cleanse your soul in so many ways for example ;

Fast your senses from social media, TV, and radio. fake news, sad news, gossip, anger issues, envy, and jealous people who always point fingers and judge others and always give you the bad news. 

Remember what life was like before we collectively decided to live it out online? It seems like it was much more peaceful. In a similar vein as a social media detox, what if you unplugged from other media outlets as well?

Our families before had fewer appliances and fewer media with less electromagnetic and infrasound interference and that was good for health, they were toned to nature, attended their families and have more friends and better relationship with others.

What we do when we get into our cars? we immediately turn on the radio when we get in the car, and turn on the TV when we get home. Sometimes you are engrossed in what is on and other times it is just background noise. What if, instead of absorbing content mindlessly, you learned to sit in silence? watch the nature and wonder about God blessing and creation of those animal and birds. Look and see the people in the eyes and those who around you, you can read their mind if you focus enough. It does not have to be all day or even every day. Just periodically challenge yourself to be alone with your thoughts r alone with your holy book and talk to God, talk to your self and do self-assessment, not punishment and see what emerges. The best time of the day to do that is 1 hour before the sunrise but you can do that at any time of the day.

 Notes writing  – a memoir 

Another great way to discharge what is in your soul is through writing notes. again we need a computer, a cell phone or I pad not to listen to the news but to write our thoughts, I use the old fashion pen and paper with my broken English I write and sometimes with my own language.

You can also start writing your dreams, like a dream diary.You can also discover new hobbies that you can do and put your mind at peace.

Other healthy ways to express your self-care through creative thinking, art, sport, animal welfare, What you choose depends on what you like. Perhaps your creative project will take you outside your house and your media. But even if it does not, it is still a great idea to get out and enjoy nature, listen to the waterfall and the bird songs, walk at the park, attend your garden or volunteer your time in community service all around your area.

Think of the present and focus on now

A final way to cleanse your soul is through regular mindfulness practice. Focus on facts, our ability now and what we can do now if you are looking for a job you know that you have to start writing your resume, then applying for a job by sending them to the places that you want to work but do them step by step and be positive about It. It might take some time but in the meanwhile, you are living the presence be health, sleep good, walk and think positive, because is really just the practice of being in the moment that count as we don’t know if we will live to tomorrow ,and it doesn’t help us to think of the negative past or what will happen in the future if we couldn’t make it.

 Soul respect for self-respect

It takes a new perspective to prioritize a soul cleanse the way you would any other cleanse. Use fasting, kind acts to others, forgiveness, worship God and be thankful. Or make a new good habit by leaving one bad habit, like stop smoking, reduce your alcohol intake, reduce your waste line size, reduce your spending and start saving, get a new haircut but whatever you do try to change the inside of you first and then take care of the external look.

Thank you very much

Steve Ramsey, Okotoks, Alberta 

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