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The split between exorcism and medicine has caused great confusion. This separation has made it impossible to understand what belongs to which. This idea has also led the human being to believe that we are victims, either of demons, or of eating the wrong foods or of any other type of physical behavior. As a result, we have impeded medical doctors from considering the psychological life in their treatment and dissuaded exorcists from accepting medical treatment and medicine in their process. If exorcism worked as the exorcists generally think it does, the possessed would be free of their demons after a single session. This does not happen, however, and in fact, the process can drag on for years, illustrating the need for treatment of the psyche as well.

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There has been a fundamental mistake made by the exorcists in regarding demons as similar to human beings who are still more or less with God but occasionally manifest unreasonable attitudes, become violent or lose touch with reality. Demons are already in this illusory world, except they are not able to realize what they are doing. They are just like a psychotic human being who has become delusional and out of touch with reality and so no longer belongs to our world of consciousness of good and evil. Devils are locked inside a fiery vortex, eternally destroying their existence but unable to die simply because they do not accept their own being, the very thing that prevents them from destroying life. This fact of not accepting existence while simultaneously existing has made them blind, deaf, and unable to taste, smell or touch, while inside they are devoid of intuition, knowledge, love and emotion, accomplishment or action. They are like pieces of stone trying to insinuate themselves into living humans, animals and even minerals so they can feel a little bit of life and free themselves from the nothingness they have chosen. People who are possessed are always lacking good feelings or rational thought; they let loose with their instincts and all the resultant pathological effects: extreme hatred, strong envy and especially arrogance and theomania, which cause avarice, violent desires for pleasure, uncontrolled hunger and deep-seated and never-ending lethargy. I believe that there is more demonic possession in cases of psychosis than in physical disease, while many specialists try to see the causes in bacteria in the brains of these sick patients — although these patients have in fact deformed their grey matter through their behavior.

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Socioterapia E Exorcismo

(Portuguese only – disponível apenas em português )

Quando escrevi o livro A Nova Física da Metafísica Desinvertida, foi para conscientizar o ser humano que a Civilização Moderna caminha de maneira invertida, motivo pelo qual não está funcionando corretamente, seja na Física, Psicologia, Economia, Medicina, Direito, enfim em todos os seus setores, levando rapidamente a Humanidade à extinção.

É impossível haver Ciência, Filosofia e Teologia, ou Filosofia sem as outras duas, e idêntico fato transcorre com a Teologia — posso dizer que todo erro que o cientista comete em seu trabalho, inclui também enganos filosóficos e teológicos — sendo impossível realizar uma ciência, que não inclua os três elementos conjuntamente. De maneira que qualquer setor sozinho, ou é incompleto, ou enganoso — é bom lembrar a advertência de Jesus Cristo, quando afirmou que duas ou mais pessoas acertam quando se unem no bem — colocando esse conceito no setor intelectual, posso dizer que, sem comparação, ou relação entre dois elementos, é impossível haver o verdadeiro conhecimento.

Estou realizando este trabalho de Trilogia Analítica, para as pessoas se beneficiarem desta ciência, e finalmente viverem em uma sociedade mais tranquila, e apropriada para suas existências — por esse motivo, estou apontando o verdadeiro e fundamental inimigo de toda a Humanidade, para que seja conscientizado, perdendo seu poder patológico — também não posso deixar de lembrar o leitor que não deve ir longe demais em seus delírios, para que não haja distorção demasiada na vida espiritual, tornando-se mais um diabo, a vagar desesperado no mundo transtornado das emoções e ideias estapafúrdias.


(English & Portuguese only – disponível apenas em inglês e português )

“Immensely readable with an emphasis on true spirituality, Glorification is a profound and encouraging analysis of man, reality and mental health. Keppe shows that the human being has contact with God only through awareness of his psycho-pathology. He affirms that humanity has a glorious destiny, but that we must first be willing to see how we reject it, condemning ourselves to illness and suffering.

This book has been called the New Theology for 3rd Millenium, The unification between science, philosophy and theology (corrected). It consists of three parts: Revelation (of the human pathology), Ascension (treatment) and Glorification ( of goodness, together with God). This book is a Hymn for the glory of Creator and Its creation, also the conscientization of the participation of the human being in the divine process.”

Dr. Claudia Bernhardt Pacheco

A Study On The Devil (Article)

“There is one particular theological subject that has always been treated very superficially indeed, and that is the issue of demons. Are they real or not? Are they just symbols of various human attitudes? The first thing I could say here is that demons have always been interpreted erroneously. Let me try to explain.”

Norberto R. Keppe

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