Back in 1998 my cat Samira passed away after I took care of her since she was 6 months.I loved that cat and she was the best pet I ever had. 

she saved me from a scorpion in my show and a snake in my bathtub as she led me to them and she didn’t allow me to ware my show or put my leg in the bathtub she was hissing and screaming at me standing between me and the show and between me and the bathtub hitting and watching them .

When Samira passed away in my birthday March 12, 1998, I was so sad and upset I buried her in the backyard of the house I was renting in BRUNEI.

I made a nice flower bed around her grave and at that night when I slept in my bed I felt her footstep with a recognizable jump to my bed and she went to my foot and came close to my arm and curled I can not see her but I can feel her and I can see the impression on the bed sheet . I used to dream of her every March 12 she visited me in my dream nonstop on each birthday.


What are some of the signs that you ghost pets  are around you 

1. You hear their paws jaunting around upstairs.

2. You hear their claws on the hardwood floor in the kitchen or at other places in the house 

3. You hear their dog collar jingle-jangle from down the hall in a ranch.

4. You hear their pant-sigh to come back inside from the back porch.

These first four are big dog signs, namely, who is known for these. Usually, they’re just a stopping by to say hi and also, for the hearer of the sign, it’s a sign you’re clairaudient, an ability which commonly opens up after the loss. 

A pet’s preferred heaven is, just as it is for humans, is wherever they want it to be. In most pet’s cases, this means it is often with their humans or with their other pet friends, some of whom are still living and they want to visit them, too. 

5. You feel their presence curl up next to you at the foot of your bed. 

This is a cat-dominant one, but dogs in the afterlife will do it, too, especially if they were known for being a snuggler.

A typical cat style visitation is where you will feel your cat curl up along the backs of your knees while laying down, at the foot of your beds, or along your back, also when you’re laying down in bed. A cat in spirit and their presence can even make a physical impression in the sheets of the bed, so make sure to look for that. 

Because this is such a palpable experience, this is a common visitation, particularly known for curing even the worst skeptic. 

Dogs, cats, and other pets will do this (curl up next to you) generally in the first few months of the grieving process quite frequently, and then taper off these types of visitations as the healing process continues and continues. 

6. You catch their presence out of the corner of your eye. 

Have any hint of an old great grandmother clairvoyant of some sort?

This sixth sign could be a remnant of that, as well as a sign from them and an actual pet apparition, which happens. As it happens, also, this sign is an event of two-fold significance. A. It means you’re clairvoyant and this is a hint of that coming through and – B. It’s a true visitation.

Pet visitations can appear as more hologram-like appearance, compared to a typical deceased person style white-ghosty like an apparition. 

7. You hear their song on the radio. 

This is common with all types of pets, and usually, it’s the song that played in the car on the way home from the vet after putting them to sleep that you’ll hear or the song that you heard right after their passing. Some of us decide on theme songs for our pets, though, and if that’s you when you hear your pet’s theme song, this is, of course, a sign. 

8. You’re feeling down about their death, then get a happy thought.

Their face smiling at you. A moment you shared together. 

This is a form of clairvoyant communication that animals can have with humans that is very similar to the type of telepathic communication many pet guardians have with their long-term friends while still living. See my post below for how spirit communications work in the afterlife through the psychic senses, and while it’s worded for human visitations, it works for pets, too.

9. You wake up to their tweets, feeling their whiskers across your face. 

Right after my father died, I woke up with the feeling of a loving parent figure brushing the hair off my forehead. These types of signs are common with animals too, sensing their presence as a wake-up call, while you’re in the liminal space between wake and sleep is very common, as it’s usually our most receptive and open time to sense these things. 

10. You’re sent a new friend relatively soon thereafter. 

A stray cat appears at your door. Someone offers you to pet sit their bird. A friend needs you to foster a dog they found. These are all signs from your deceased pet, they want you to be happy again, and are personally approving of this new messenger, perhaps even coming back in spirit through them, in many ways. 

The truth is, our pets love us more than we even realize. 

They are the true epitome of unconditional love and for many of us, they teach us how to love from a pure and totally elemental heart, they allow us to be ourselves and they love us anyway, and likewise, we learn how to do the same for others. 

Pets are some of our greatest teachers in this life. 

And such, many pets, just as they can act as our emotional guides in the current life, they continue to do so in the afterlife, many of them transitioning to spirit guides until we or someone else we love, reach the other side. Long live the ones we love – in our hearts, in our spirits, forever in our souls.



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