This is regarding my approach toward any paranormal investigation that must be truly scientific in approach, trying to debunk the fake and false information and focusing on facts on hands first before we make any judgments. As in my experience for the last 40 years that most of the paranormal incidents are more psychological, post-traumatic, behavior issues in nature, related to addiction or caused by stress, depression, and anxiety, in some cases the cause was with monoxide carbon, medications, illness, been close to high voltage lines and electromagnetic source, and so on.

This is not to say that paranormal doesn’t exist but it is rare and most of the time it is a personal experience, the devil and demons are part of God creation who chose not to fallow the order and fallen to this earth to destroy humanity as they blame us for their fallen and disgrace.

I do believe in God and his wide range of creation including the Angels, demons, plants, animal, and human. I am a paranormal researcher and investigator with more than 800 cases since 1986. Most of the cases I investigated had a psychological or personal problem. And the majority of the fake paranormal investigator is giving a bad image of the paranormal world. I experienced many paranormal events since I was 5 years old. I do believe that most of the paranormal activities do have a scientific explanation, I say most and not all.

I gathered all the important wards and terminology for your paranormal dictionary to make it easy for you to research the word and remember everything has a scientific explanation once a paranormal phenomenon it becomes normal in time.

If you look up something related to the paranormal such as ghosts, demons, spirits, Astral projection haunted houses, You will read many scientific a prove that some of the paranormal activity do realty to anxiety and Extreme paranoia. YOU CAN READ MY ARTICLE THE A TO Z OF THE PARANORMAL HERE IN THIS BLOG

Steve Ramsey.



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