Paranormal activities

Here are the two stories from one of our reader her name rose from Vancouver

1. The shadow figure.

When i was about 6 years old it was just a normal night as i was sleeping in my room, i liked my room dark cause the light would bug my sleep. But this night after having an odd dream i woke up to see a tall black figure standing at the end of my bed. No facial fetures were visble and i remember rubbing my eyes thinking i was seeing things, but it stood there moving slowly side to side for about 10 minutes it seemed.. Before vanishing again.. Just to be seen the next night.. Then not for another few years.

2. The Street Lights.

I just left the pool from a night out with friends and walking the normal way i do home. Along the main road with street lights on the one side. As i neared the path i take to my house through the small patch of trees, i got a weird feeling wash over me and when i looked back the street light i just passed under, had gone off, i just shrugged it off and kept walking but then that light came back on and the one i just passed went off. This continued till i was at the last light before the path.. And when i looked back i could see to was looked like a tall black figure just far enough to not be reached by the light to see it perfectly. But i knew there was something there. And this sick feeling came to me causing me to run half way to my house..

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