Our Parnormal Investigation Team

                                         Paranormal Investigators Team


                          1-Steve Ramsey, PhD


Steve Ramsey is the founder and the director of the Paranormal Zone and Haunting Dimension, operating in South Alberta at this time. Steve Ramsey holds a Ph.D. in Public Health / fetal assessment from the USA – MSc -Medical ultrasound and Bsc -diagnostic Imaging from Australia, Ultrasound Diploma, Radiology Diploma From Canada, PGD in Natural Health Homeopathy – Canada.

Mr. Ramsey founded the Paranormal Zone since 1986 in Ontario Canada. He is an investigator, debunker, and cleanser. Mr.Ramsey uses a wide range of cleansing methods that tailored to the client belief system. Mr Ramsey started his spiritual journey back in 1957 since his first ghost and spirits experience back in Baghdad city. His mother was a great cleanser and an Empath, and had influenced him and passed her knowledge to him. Fatima was her name and she passed away in 1997. Steve Ramsey lives and works in Calgary.


                                                        2- S.A. Hamid

Mrs. Hamid is our team dispatcher, she worked as helicopter engineer for many years. She is our team computer specialist, communication, and liaison. She is also assisting in the prayers and chanting of the cleansing ceremony. She has a diploma in business management, diploma in medical office assistant and diploma in accounting, and she is our blog webmaster.



3- Mr.Muneer AlHaleem, BSC 

Mr. Muneer is on our advisory committee for religion and healing. Born In Baghdad city. He holds BSc degree in Islamic faith and history of religious studies and theology. He is an experienced demonologist, cleanser and he will guide us to change and alter the roqeya cleansing methods to deal with each situation to maximize the roqeya cleansing efficiency to protect and seal the house from negative energy. His experience and studies of the occult culture can help us to deal with any unexpected turn when dealing with the spirit world



                                                           5Rabbi David Azulai 

Rabbi Azulai (1)

Our Hebrew prayer’s adviser is  Rabbi Dr. Azulai, He was born in Fez, Morocco in 1958. Rabbi David Azulai is the scion of a family of great “Talmidei Chachamim” (Torah Scholars). As a youth, Rabbi David Azulai studied under the greatest kabbalists of his time.  Rabbi Azulai spent most of his days studying and learning the Torah, distinguishing himself with remarkable, boundless diligence and his devotion to the service of HaShem. He prepares our evil eye protection, talismans, prayers against evil spirits and negative energies when we seek his help and advisory.  



 6-Dr.Niloufer Stark   NILI; MD, A doctor from India.  :  Nili is Our advisor for any medical issues that related to the psychology of night terror, nightmares, and healing methods, sensing and finding the way to balance the energy path in the house and in person.She experienced so many paranormal incidences herself, she saw many ghosts and demonic spirits in her life back from India to Canada. She is our adviser in demonology. Nili live in Calgary at this time.

 7- Dr. Sleiman Al Wardani. MD

Dr. Sleiman is a qualified and registered doctor, he is a  specialist in pain management, Anesthesiologist.

He is our medical advisor in cases that deal with anxiety, paranoia, depression and stress management, pain and drug use and we can direct any case that deal in this nature to a social worker or clinical psychologist that might help further.  Dr. Sleiman is working between Lebanon and Canada.

                We need more team members, Please send me an email so you can join our team. Write why you want to join, do you have IT experience , computer and video cam  , Audio experience , an engineering or construction background, social worker, child safety, nurse, first aid , legal background, or any other experience that might be helpful to use, to help those who are affected by bad spirits or a haunting 

you can email me at drsteveramsey@gmail.com                attention, Steve,

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