Our old house spirits of 6 dead people

My mother was tormented with poltergeist activities in Baghdad city back from 1957  to 1960, In our old Turkish style house.

My mother was pushed from the stairs and broke her elbow. I got slapped by an unseen force when I used to go to the old kitchen area.

 My brother Sam was a sleepwalker and he used to say that a voice tells him to go upstairs and jump from the top of the house my mother saved him once he was standing on the edge of the house in Baghdad. My mother used to read from the holy books and clean the place, put candles and used to ask for permission to go about certain areas of that old house and when I ask her to whom she was talking

she told me that these unseen forces can harm us if we provoke them so we must be careful and always keep the place clean. Many times blankets will be pulled so suddenly from us and my mom run to the room praying until they stop. dishes and kitchen items used to fall from the shelves without reason and

my dad used to blame my mother for not being careful as he never believe in the Jinn or those unseen elementary spirits. The old house has the water well beside modern sinks and water pipes. When I was 5 years old I woke up way after midnight to have a drink of water from the old ceramic jar 

upstairs then when I saw in the house from the stairs, I saw a man washing his legs using the water from the artesian well , then he turned his face and looked at me with beautiful smile he was wearing an old fashion clothes that not from out era and time. I ran scared and told my mom, she was sleeping she knew and told me to go to bed. My dad heard the noise and asked my mother what’s wrong with me. I told him that I saw a man may be a thief downstairs by the well. He used to put a gun ad flashlight beside him so he took the gun and the false light and went downstairs and searching.

My father couldn’t see anybody and told my mother that I was dreaming or maybe my mother stories gave me imaginations that run wild.

I know what I saw I told my dad. then went to bed. My older brother and sisters started hearing voices in that area of the kitchen and the water well, the voices coming from specific area in the house, people screaming but  we  couldn’t find who or where, after multiple accidents that happened to my mother, she asked my dad to move from the house or she will leave, the voices  started to influence my brother Sam to jump and kill himself, and it was so dreadful to live in that house, we used to have continues nightmares  , we see shadow figures and some of the white figures moving at night and early dawn when my dad comes to see he couldn’t its like a hide and seek and my dad always telling us to stop imagining these things. Until one day my dad was in his room and he saw his old recorder pushed away from the table as it was playing a  reading from the holy book and he saw a  shadow figure move so fast back to the old kitchen area. My father thought the activity is coming from the old water well so he hired a construction team to come to the house, close the water well and repair some areas in the kitchen and the Turkish bath, and put new bricks, shelves, and new paint. To everybody surprise, the workers uncover a grave with 6 skeletons, a complete family buried side by side in a grave. The police were called in and they took the skeletons to the authority to find who are those people. Later my father found out that they lived  400 hundred earlier in the same area that our house built and they died by monoxide carbon poisoning or some other form of poison. We heard no voices after that,  and there were no activities after they remove those 6 skeletons from our house they were a man, woman, and 4 children, exactly the number of our family at that time 2 boys and 2 girls. After a few months, my father sold the house and we moved to a different area of Baghdad. Until 1962 my dad was captured as a prisoner of war after a new government took over, we were above middle class and now we became very poor as all my dad assets and money were taken by the government.


My 2 sisters in Baghdad had an encounter with what I think was the Virgin Mary back in 1963. We were very poor and we don’t have much to eat . My 2 little sisters were given food, modest food After praying and said prayers for her and asked her for food because they were so hungry and my father was in the political prison in Iraq.

I used to ask them how they got the food; they used to tell me that the lady gave it to them. I used to think that they meant our neighbor a good old Christian Iraqi lady that used to give us some food. But one day that lady was away as I used to play with her son. My sisters were young 3 and 4 years old and they told me that they will pray and wait for the lady to give them food. So I waited and followed my sister to the small altar that my mom put for Virgin Mary with candles on the corner, a rosary and a chair was in the modest small room that my mom used to pray and says her rosary. My sisters prayed and asked I was watching from a distant. After about 30 minutes I see a light a bright beautiful light with the face of a white figure lady with a beautiful multi colorful aura around her face covered her head with white and golden Vail  her eyes was  so beautiful hazel and dark brown ,  my sisters were so happy and joyful they quickly picked up the dishes they had ready beside them and put if forward with an extended arms . The lady reached once on each plate and pulls her arm back and the food was on the plates. The food contains  Rice with lentil mix with shredded lamb meat, thick yogurt with white honey in it. This lasted for 19 weekends, every Friday night. When I used to see her I use to kneel and thank God for this. We moved out of that house. I told my mother about it and she fell on her knee beside the altar and starts to praying and crying and thanks God for his mercy. She continued to light candles in her memory until her last day in earth my mother passed away in 1997 in Baghdad. My sister’s still living in Baghdad not married and always light candle to marry and Zakaria celebration. 

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