My haunting dreams

  • Do we get directions from our dreams that give us insight into the spiritual world that is unseen?  I called it HAUNTED DREAMS.
     My dead family members reached out to me in my dreams to ask me or tell me something that will happen later. Here are my stories of some of those dreams.

  Researches related to Inca ancient times it is believed that dreams of died people are an important sign that must not be ignored. The Torah, New Testament, and the Quran mentioned so many stories about prophetic dreams. The dead ones come to our dreams with a message, advice or warning.

  Psychologists believe that dreams about relatives or friends who have just passed away are because of depression or a feeling of guilt towards them.  It is also commonly assumed that the dream of a dead person is a sign of unexpected news. I had the similar experience.

 My first prophetic dream started back when I was 6 years old. I am not going throw many of those details that might take pages to write about but I will focus on the most important dreams that haunted me the rest of my life, and make me always think that we are not alone, no matter where we are or in which body states we are. Before I go in detail I had a vision when I was 9 years old. It was not a dream.

My mother supposes to take me with her to visit my father in the political prisoner north of Iraq so she must take a train. My vision was so clear that to this day I remembered so clearly. I saw a train derailed and went out of course and people screaming. I told my mother I don’t want to go with fear. She asked me why. I said the train was going to derailed and we should not go.

I was lucky that my mother was superstitious and listened to me and she believes that children have a gift of intuition, so she didn’t go. She didn’t lose any money as she usually buys the tickets on the spot. In the same day, the evening news mentioned that the train we supposed to ride, going from Baghdad to Mousel was derailed and many people were injured without any fatality.

1- I have 4 brothers and 6 sisters.

 My brother nickname Mohan was 28 years old studying oil engineering and looking forward to getting married to his girlfriend. He used to live with my family and parents in Baghdad city back in 1988. Iraq and Iran war was at the peak. Most graduate students were drafted into the army and those who can pay the service pay allowed doing so. I sent him the money so he will not serve in the army. Then he bought a taxi with the extra money I used to send to my family.

 One evening he left our house in Baghdad to take someone to a nearby town because he wants the extra money from the taxi business as all the government jobs were Holt at that time. But he never returned back home. In few days the police came to our house and asked the family to send someone to identify a body in the morgue at Salheya hospital in Baghdad.

My brother Munir went and identify the body and that was of brother Mohan. My brother Mohan was shot and killed by thieves of Baghdad with multiple shots in his chest. The passenger was one of those thieves who lured my brother to that isolated town; they killed him and stole the tires, battery and some other spare parts of the car as Iraq was under the USA sanctions at that time.

Later after few months of his death, I started to dream of him telling me that he wants me to check his car seat he put his wallet in the set cushion under his seat driver side way deep and that he wanted me to give the money to my mother as he used to help her allot like me. And then he asked me to pass the letter to his fiance.

 I didn’t put too much attention on that dream. The dream started to reoccur again and again with more ordering tone.I called my other brothers and asked to check the seats, I didn’t tell them about the dream so they don’t think that I lose my marbles.

The car body was taken to police but they never check deep in the seats. They did some fingerprints hair fibers and ballistics and let my family take the rest of the car which they did as they fund that only the battery, tires and the radio were missing.

When my bother checks the seats he found a wallet with about 1200 USA dollars in it, a diamond ring and a letter to his fiance telling her how much he loved her and lucky to have her in his life and planning to marry her in the new year.

My mother asked to donate the money to the poor and to the graveyard caretaker and other orphans. They also passed the letter and the ring to his fiance. I was shocked about such details how the spirits know and how they communicate to us in our dreams but more shocking to me was that they also know the outcome as I saw my brother Mohan again in a dream and he was so happy and thankful that I did that.


 2- My mother was born in Macedonia and later moved to turkey. Married to my father Ramzi and moved with him to Lebanon later settled in Baghdad as my father was working for the royal family in Baghdad. She passed away in Baghdad back in 1997, from ovarian cancer. She had 11 children.

 I was working in the Kingdom of Brunei – South East Asia. As an ultrasound supervisor for the royal family hospital called Jerudong park medical center. I didn’t pay a visit to my mother funeral or the burial because of the war in Iraq and the problem with traveling to Iraq at that time.

 I had multiple recurrent dreams in which she was talking to me like normally she used to. She asked me that our house in Baghdad will be on fire and crumble and asked me to warn my sisters. And she told me that my father will follow her when the house will crumble. I woke up from the dream, breaking a sweat, and I thought it must be just a stress dream or a mild nightmare.

  But the dream kept coming about three times, same dream, and same message. I told my sisters about those dreams; they told me that it might be because I am missing here so much.

 Then I saw my mother again in multiple recurrent dreams back in 2001.

 I was working in Saskatoon at the royal university hospital. She told me that my older Brother Sam will follow her on Wednesday then she holds his hand and took him upstairs. I kept seen this dream 3 times until one day My brother’s Sam’s wife called me and told me that Sam, had a major heart attack and he was in the valley general hospital in Las Vegas where they lived.

I took a flight to Vegas on Saturday and went to the hospital in Vegas. My brother Sam was in a coma after his 4 operations, he was in ICU 4, his car was parked in lot number 4.he and his wife with 2 kids makes 4 of them. Passed away on Wednesday the 4th day of the week as my mother told me in the dream. His body was taken to the morgue in freezer number 4 and then he was buried in the 4th lot of the grave in Vegas close to the Airport.

 In the year 2003, 6 years after the dream of my mother telling me about the destruction of our house in Baghdad, our house in Baghdad city was destroyed and burned to the ground by USA bombs, by mistake.

 The USA was trying to attack the central train station in 2003 near our house and the bombs fell on the houses near our house killing all the people in few houses and injured allot, some of the fragments fell and hit the front of our house started the fire that woke up my father, sisters, and brothers on time to run away from the back door of the house to the garden and then to the street, before the fire took over and all the wall collapsed to the ground.

My sister Amal’s leg was hit by bombs fragments and later she was taken care of by the medics. My father was also hit by the bomb fragments in his legs. My father leg got infected and he developed a blood clot in his leg that later killed him with a pulmonary embolism he died the same year 2003 just a few months after the attack, Just as my mother told me.

 In that time I was working in northern Alberta, high-level general hospital.I started dreaming of my father telling me that he was very happy with me and he was in a good place now and that may help to my sisters and brothers was greatly appreciated by him. Then he told me to help the family to rebuild the house, which I did working hard to pay for it as the USA refused to pay any damages along with the Iraqi government who refused to pay, we were collateral damages and nobody cares.


 3- Dead Pets spirits also can visit us and affect our dreams. My cat Samira passed away in 1998. She was my cat for 5 years I loved her so much and took care of her like my child.

When she died at age 5 she died on my birthday March 12 in my arms. I prayed for her and buried her in Brunei t the large garden at the house I used to rent and put flower garden around her and made it so beautiful corner garden.

I used to look at her grave from my window and pray for her with tears fell from my eyes. At that night I saw her in my dream she was licking my tears and burring and staying with me in bed as she usually does every night

I opened my eyes to see that the bed sheet started to move as she used to do move around and I can see the imprint of the cat feet on the sheet,

 I wasn’t scared at all and just stay still and pray and go to sleep that happened about 4 times in that month and never saw her again. It’s like she was saying goodbye and don’t worry.

 It is important not to ignore this or dismiss it as an impossibility because the dream isn’t your waking life, and there is probably something you can learn from the experience, whether it be about learning to let go of someone or something, or if it is to remind you of the way you felt in the past or to show you how you are feeling now about some aspect of your life.

 This leaves me with a problem since nobody can tell me how I feel; only I know that. So only you have the power to see this for what it truly is.

 As far as I know, seeing someone who has passed in a dream likely has nothing to do with your own mortality or theirs. It could be a gift from God and nature to how we are evolved and that there is a great deal of knowledge that is unexplained to us.

 I always think that maybe the departed family member needs help in the afterlife and is trying to contact its descendant on the Earth of existence. To pray for them give to charity in their names and do good deeds, or do some ritual of faith, or warn us of the reality of death and to be prepared.

  Or Maybe the dead person is trying to communicate with you to find something and put it to rest.

 Demon assault in a dream can be very real. They took on so many prophets such as Noah and Enoch, Paul and Jesus, Joseph and Mohammed, so it’s not necessarily a matter of some sin that’s giving entrance, as many says.

 Ephesians 6: 10-20, James 4: 7;1 PET.5;6-10 command believers to resist, oppose or push away (all are in the semantic domain of the Greek word there). I think the pattern to follow is what Jesus did in Matthew 4: speak well-interpreted and relevant Scripture and then command it: “you go away right now in Gods’ name”

The principle of authority is that we are in the kingdom of God. God is the head of all power and authority. Satan has absolutely no legitimate authority over the believer. We are free from Satan’s claims upon us, all condemnation is ended, all cultist vows, promises, covenants, etc., were broken when a person comes into God’s sphere of authority ( Col. 1: 13-14; 2;9 – 15 ).

One must never compromise this principle by saying that sin gives a demon legal right to invade a believer or attach itself to your soul. Believe in God; disbelieve Satan. Satan he orders his demons to provoke us to tempt us to lure us to do harm to our self and others, to lead us to addiction, sickness, lust, stealing and lies, cheating, and corruption, practicing the deadly 7 sins in our life ’s, and disobey God commandments.

Our primary weapons against demonic stratagems are a faithful application of the fundamentals of the faith ( Eph. 6: 10-20;1 PET 5;6 -9 ). God Light expels darkness.

The only spiritual information to be trusted is from God Himself. This comes through his holy books interpreted naturally. All other knowledge, information, and experience are guilty until proven innocent and suspect even then. Be particularly cautious about deeper meanings or uses of passages out of context. These are the same methods the dark world uses. Any information that comes from demons has always presumed a lie or facts given for dark purposes.


This is a typical pattern of prayer to deal with demonically empowered flesh. It is important to note that the specific wording is unimportant. Power and authority come from the truth: You must be in faith with God and depend on him, trust him and ask him alone and no others.

  1. God Almighty in the name of your holy name your archangels and the prophets, I acknowledge that this (name the specific area of sin) may be empowered by demons and evil spirits. If it is, I want nothing to do with them. In your name take it away and let the Holy Spirit dwell in my soul.
  2. God, I confess that you triumphed over these demons and evil spirits by the power of your holy names and light, by the power of your archangels.

Please forgive my sins, and cleanse my soul.

  1. God, I ask that you send any demons and evil spirits away from me and my dreams, Demons, in the name and authority of Almighty God and his holy archangels and holy prophets, I command you get away from me, now.
  2. God almighty I thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Please fill me anew with your Holy Spirit so that I will be empowered to live in obedience to you and freedom from sin and harassment. Amen

 Getting rid of demons in such cases is done by a direct command to the demon in the name of God. One approach centers on the pattern of Mark 9;25 and Acts 16;18 .1 ). Dear Father, it is by your authority that we proceed to deliver “name” by the power of your holy names and the Holy Spirit and by your mercy.

 2) [To the demon] In the name of the almighty God and by His authority, I command you to leave “name.” You have no right to be here.

3) Father, I pray that you will empower this rebuke I have just issued in your name’ name the person

I may preface the prayer by commanding the demon in the name of God not to hurt anyone and to be silent. I help the believer reaffirm basic theological truths such as those in the first two paragraphs. I do not involve myself in arguments or dialogue with the demon at all.

 All prayer is done to God in normal tones of voice. Remember, God’s power, and his angels, not ours, are at work. You’re ‘only his instrument. Demons are sent away by God and its authority, not by formulas, or rituals, some of those rituals use the holy books verses are a good way to weaken the demon. Many verses from the Torah, New Testament, and the Quran can be used and some are more powerful than others and I see it, experience it and it works. But only God true power.

My stories from the past ; read my blog in

I am the founder of the paranormal zone and haunting dimension since 1986 and I investigated more than 850 cases to date all over the world Canada, USA, Greece, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. I used to be one of the owners of the book of the dead the original copies that exist in the world Only 4 copies existed I obtained mine in Germany the book was destroyed by fire and I am glad it did. I still remember some of it .

Most of my paranormal investigations of the houses and historical places have connections to the parapsychology 

That’s why I wrote my comprehensive review in my article the paranormal science A TO Z., you can find it in Google and in my blog.

You can also find it in my articles in under my name Steve Ramsey PhD

Let me know if you want me to share some of my Belshazzar investigation and stories that happened to me personally

or in the places that I investigated. Names and addresses will be kept for a private reason as people are afraid that they cannot sell their houses or for other reasons.

I can share with you the poltergeist activity that happened to my mother when I was 5 years old back in Baghdad, Iraq.

My dad told me about his father (my grandfather) with desert jinn, other and the weaving machine.

The one that happened to me in Baghdad when I was slapped and pushed by an unseen entity

Other case happened to me when I was Indio California when I was involved with the at of witchcraft and saw 

The full manifestation of a demon and it was the scariest night of my life back in 1987-1988

The other story when I was pulled by a native Indian demon toward a graveyard in north Ontario -Moose factory 

Canada. And many more stories that I investigated, 

One case that I investigated in Canada, north of Edmonton was a fight between two human spirits. they were fighting over a rocking chair pulling the chair to left and to the right in a tug of war and I found that both of those old men died on that rocking chair. The first owner was an old Canadian man who fought in Germany and loved his wife, his wife passed away and he felt ill later and found dead on his rocking chair, the chair was sold and other family bought it to their grandfather, but again he too passed away on it in his sleep.

It took me some time to find out that this chair was the hot object and wasn’t the house at all, it took lots of prayers from myself and 2 pastors and for a few hours, we managed to let one spirit depart to the light from his chair but the first spirit stayed and refused to leave. Some people suggested it was a poltergeist but I don’t think so as both spirits belong to real people who lived and died and it wasn’t that of manifestation or active noisy energy created by a teenager in the house   

the family sold the chair to get rid of the activities as the chair seen rocking by itself at early morning and also at the evening before and after sleep time . It scared the dog in the house that kept barking 

My mother was tormented with a poltergeist for 2 years, pushed from the stairs and broke her elbow. I got slapped by an unseen force when I was

11 years old. My brother Sam was a sleep walker and he used to say that a voice tells him to go upstairs and jump from the top of the house

my mother saved him once he was standing on the edge of the house in Baghdad.

My 2 sisters in Baghdad had an encounter with what I think was the Virgin Mary back in 1963. They were given food, modest food

After praying and said prayers for her and asked her for food because they were so hungry and my father was in the political prison in Iraq

I used to ask them how they got the food; they used to tell me that the lady gave it to them. I used to think that they meant our neighbor

a good old Christian Iraq lady that used to give us some food. But one day that lady was away as I used to play with her son. My sisters were young

4 and 5 years old and they told me that they will pray and wait for the lady to give them food.

So I waited and followed my sister to the small altar that my mom put for Virgin Mary with candles on the corner, a rosary and a chair was in the modest small room that my mom used to pray and says her rosary.

My sisters prayed and asked I was watching from far away. After about 30 minutes I see a light

a bright beautiful light with the face of a white figure lady with a beautiful multi colorful aura around her face covered her head with white and golden Vail 

 my sisters were so happy and joyful they quickly picked up the dishes they had ready beside them and put if forward with an extended arms . The lady reached once on each plate and pulls her arm back and the food was on the plates. The food was very modest contains what we eat most 

Rice with lentil mix with shredded lamb meat, thick yogurt with white honey in it.

This lasted for 90 days every Friday night. We moved out from that house. I told my mother about it and she fell on her knee beside the altar and starts to praying and crying and thanks God for his mercy. She continued to light candles in her memory until her last day in earth my mother passed away in 1997 in Baghdad. My sister’s still living in Baghdad.

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