My dream of the end of the universe – The war of the black halls

My dream of the end of the universe – The war of the black halls

BY Steve Ramsey

While I was sleeping I dream of 2 angels who pulled my hands and asked me that some one need to talk to you and I was so afraid and asked them please leave me alone I didn’t do anything wrong. The sound then came from behind a large bright shining cloud and the sound asked me to obey and listen, to pray and be kind, to be humble and seek the truth and always ask God and no other creature for any help. Then the angels let me see a vision like a movie of the end of this universe. When I woke up I was so shaken, sweaty and afraid. Then I relies it was a dream and this is some of what I saw.

They mentioned that there are unlimited billions of those dark fast moving almost invisible vacuums 19 hundred billions of them in each spiral, and that there are 7 spiral levels each has 19 hundred billions of those vacuum spots.

And there are at least one or multiple black halls always in the central of each of those galaxies. They call them the vacuum , data collector or the data eater. From the dream I came to know that

Our soul can act as a black hall and take energy, drain energy out from batteries and other materials around it but it happens only after the soul depart the human body. Our body ground it and until death then this spirit will wonder unseen undetected and only when some spirit start drain the energy of a place or space that we can feel cold and feel the presence of a spirit around us. The angels also showed me 2 small balls one of pure light and one of darkness that inside of each human and that those unseen black hall and light globe are directed to keep and vacuum every single good or bad deed, thought, action it goes to those small micro globe and at the end of our time those globe will be the one who are predicts our destiny in the next world as how much sin or good each ball of energy took. The animal has a different color some green and some red and many other colors but non of them white or black.

 I saw in the dream that our universe are connected in spiral cone  shape of 7 connected cones that expands and collapsed there are 7 major extremely large black halls in the centre of each those cones, they are different than the 100 billion or more black halls that are in the central of each Galaxy. I heard talking by those 2 angels about the end of the universe and that there will be a war

 They call it the war of the dark giants, of the black halls where a larger black hall gulp a smaller one, larger black hall swallow smaller one until the last two or few extremely larger black halls will stand and face off each other . The winner will have a larger size, a more densely mass and the faster spinner than all of the rest, and it will take on the rest destroy them and drain them. Until it  will be only one black hall that will be our universe in the end after destroying all other planets, suns, stars, and every mountain, valley, river in them. This new only one extremely large black hall will be in the hand of God like a small apple seed. Only God can control it as he extremely larger energy of light and gravity than everything else he created and evolved. 

Then those angels were talking to each other about the evil energy and how it will be pulled out and dragged to a place of fire. The angels said to me That’s how God  created everything from the start from this seed by expansion and evolving this small seed from the start until now and that’s why we are all going back to his hand again,

Everything in the universe all the stars planet galaxies are expanding running toward the ultimate a black hall that destined to swallow each galaxy.

The new earth will be as big as the universe. Human will have a new skin and creation including those in hell their skin will never die, healing the cell and body in microsecond. It will be no death.

 God will stand alone in this universe holding this small seed, challenging everybody else including his angles that will die and sucked in those black halls. God the living light will then awaken us as they said and take us back and all the angels to work for the new earth, and he start the new order of creation with new earth and another place that called heaven which is very close to his right side of his thrown and a place where the condemned soul goes that called hell , And it is to the left of the thrown with a valley separate heaven and the hell . That will not happen until way after the second coming of Jesus to this earth. I asked them when that will be.

The end only known to the creator, they said. Then his light will expand and fill every space in the hall universe with no dark space in it. That was a wonderful dream, maybe because I ate KFC before I went to bed? May because I was studying a physics book about the black hall?

Now I think that the end much likely to be by the 19 billion years of the creation, 18.3 billion were gone so it will be closer to 0.7 billion years plus the 18.3 billions back = 19 , with half billion for each one of the 7 spirals =3,5 billion so the total end to about 22,5 billion years from now . from now, and of course only God knows when.

We still have to go throw all the seals and the signs that put forward by the creator.  Micro black halls are possible in earth and everywhere in the universe and again it exist only in the core and central of each planet , central of the earth , it balance the earth from getting too much increase in size .as our earth is slowing down buy the accumulation of space dust .

Steve Ramsey, okotoks, AB, Canada

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