My answer to our reader regarding the hat man / shadow people

We got this letter from our reader Dani this week. Regarding the hat man/ shadow man., he wrote

I’m 53 years old and this is the first time I’ve heard of anyone else seeing this image (entity). I’m almost reluctant to leave this comment as I don’t know your intentions; I only hope that you are taking folks to recall as sincere. I saw this (him), it when I was 9/10 in the Caribbean in my grandparents Church. I don’t recall any fear (I was more upset that I could not move); nevertheless, it (him) has left a lifelong impression on my very Soul. Now that I know others around the World have seen the same, I need to know why it is and what it is. Its behavior towards me puzzled me and I think I puzzled it, as I was more curious than fearful. Anyway, thank you for validating my recall. This World is truly a mystery. Be well.



Greeting Dani from Okotoks -south Alberta – Canada
No not at all, I am believe you 100% as I have many incidents in my life since I was 5 years old seen shadow man, ghost and human spirits, and demons
in 4 times of my life, that’s why I do this to understand, research, help others to understand and gain other information from those who
witness them. There are many theories about those shadow men it is all depends on their description color size and where about. Most are just watchers
some is a human spirit who just passed away it could relate to you or to people in that area where you are staying, most are harmless, some like to play hide and seek especially younger children spirits. Some who are spirits who commit suicides and those almost accompany with a watcher, demon or guide spirit and can cause harm trying to revenge or looking for justice.

Some are elementary spirits among them the Jinn fire and dark smoke creatures that created way before the human race. The Jinn can cause haunting but usually, they are a helper when they stay with people they like as they can be the same faith of the person who in the house they can take your faith and religion learn from you and if they like you they can help you by giving you ideas and inspire you with your writings, dreams and even in some cases can protect you.

Usually, the darker the energy and color the bad is the shadow figure but not always, If it was falling angels ( demons) then you are in big trouble as those entities do not like human and don’t ever try to make deals with them trust me on this. You are more sensitive than other people that are why you can see them.

Try simple prayers, talk to them gently if they are nice to you, do not provoke them, ask them to leave you in your privacy and then if they don’t listen and scare you try the cleansing method. make sure your house is full of sunlight, clean, no clutter put fresh water lemongrass, sage, fruit, white candle, holy books, and reading from the holy books.

Make sure there are no graveyards close by or in your property. If you couldn’t move when you see them and you know it is not your fear and anxiety then usually they are good jinn if they don’t harm you and if they cause you trouble and scare you they are demons r bad jinn. Remember all falling angels are demons follow the devil

The devil was born as a jinn as he was one of them but later become so advanced and was in the company of angels and way ahead in position but he wasn’t an angel at all after his disgrace and fall from heaven he took with him one third of the angels in the universe to this earth those angels all became demons no one will be spared God punishment.

While the jinn they were asked to believe in the message of the Abrahamic faith the people of the book. Most angels come as white light, golden or other colors including Azrael the angel of death he comes as white good energy for the faithful and the good soul and he come as a dark black shadow, mean angry for the bad souls and he also has many helpers they can be many of them in one place to take the souls so they might come to take a bad soul and wait in some area not for you but for someone else,

The best thing is to pray to God and make some rosary when you see them because you don’t know for whom they came for. Many demons when they come close to human they can cause paralyze feeling, short of breath SOB, sick stomach, vomiting, headache and feeling weak, stomach and chest pain as they can inflect sickness, mental and physical illness and alter your state of mind.

You do not alone trust me to be strong and grateful that God gave you this gift to see and witness them. I can go on and on about the shadow people, the slender man, the hat man. the moth man etc but I hope this answer your question and you are not alone at all.Email me for any story you have so I can put your experience here in this blog to help others and discuss the outcome and gain more knowledge.

Thank you

Steve Ramsey, Okotoks, Alberta- Canada

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