This letter from Chris 

it’s happening to me I have no cats no nails I ’m not sleeping in a bed of nails any allergies at all okay so since this is taken out of the way 3 weeks ago I woke up with 2 scratches they had a Y shape , they were on the left side of my left bicep kind of weird place to accidentally scratch yourself and bla bla bla i didn’t take it too seriously.

TODAY I WOKE UP WITH 3 SCRATCHES SIDE BY SIDE ON MY STOMACH AND another on in a shape of a F or E I really need to know what is attacking me email me at if you have any idea what I should do I had paranormal experience happened in the past and I was thinking it was all over


My answer;   First, you must see a doctor so you can have a medical opinion and treat your skin.

It’s very importantly ASAP / STAT AND URGENT THAT YOU LEAVE THIS ROOM until I email you for farther information

Try to put the Bible, Torah or Quran under your pillow read some prayers, st Michael prayers or get them from the YouTube and let the voice fill your room. Put a fresh fruit, a mirror and fresh water in the center of the house

The reason I am saying this to you and I don’t say that so often as many of the stories, emails and what so-called paranormal entities can be

Attributed to scientific explanation (read my article A TO Z OF PARANORMAL IN YOUR CASE you have to make sure that you have no diabetes issues

Thyroid or skin problems if you think you are healthy then it is a demonic presence. You have to remember that the letter Y I equal to J IN Hebrew LIKE WHEN

WE SAY YAHOVA = JAHOVA THE NAME of GOD. THE LETTER Y IN your case = J is the first letter of JESUS.  2 Y LETTERS ARE JAHOVA AND JESUS. This demon making a mockery of your faith as Jesus is in the right hand of God and he put the marks on your left arm/ biceps. Mind you that so many people do scratch the biceps area while they sleep Due to a dry and or heat temperature of your room, so you have to rule out this. Try to use a video cm recorder in your room or rent an infrared cam. Now for the 3 scratches

on your stomach, this is the mark of the demon usually are marked on the back, chest or stomach and most of the time 3 not as many think that the demon is trying to

make fun of the Trinity and Jesus the Devil don’t believe in this and don’t care the 3 scratches are part of his genetic makeup and anatomical make up as the demons with wings

and bird-like hands and hoof-like feet birds fingers 3 in front and one in the back some times he uses one or 2 or even 4 of his claws .That’s why you have 4 scratches, not 3.

You have 3 scratches on your stomach and another one as you said in the shape of F OR E. It is most likely the letter E second letter of Jesus. So there are 3 more letters left so it will be one more visit try to record it you will not get the letter sign but only the 3 scratches. try to put rainwater, holy water around you, salt around the corners, olive oil close to the window, mezuzah in the front door of your house and your room try to find about the Mezuzah in Google. Cleanse the house and find out the closest paranormal investigator around your house I have the addresses on my Blog or you can Google them

Steve Ramsey, PhD

Paranormal researcher and Investigator – Calgary – Alberta – Canada 

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