Mother’s Love , My TRUE STORY


My mom only reached grade 3, I didn’t like that but she managed to put us to school and work so hard for us , when my dad was a prisoner … she managed to clean clothes, do iron for living, and live on small amount of help that my uncle use to give us, we all worked in stores and help our Mom and go to school.

she was such an inspiring for me , My mom also ran a small shop at a flea market. She collected little weeds and such to sell, and buy small stones and crystals and put them in thread and sale them as rosary… anything she find she can turn it for the money , broken basket , peace of woods she break them arrange them and pain them then sale them!!!!!!! And people buying all these items!

There was this one day during elementary school.

I remember that it was a field trip day, and my mom came. I was so surprised ,why she came!? How could she do this to me? You forgot you food my son, she said….she gave me the small bag with eggs and sandwich.

“I wished that my mom would just disappear from this world . one student said …..I wish mine live forever , I said and told him to now wish ill to your mother cause god will never give you prosperity and peace of mind.

Why you hate you mom , I asked the student….he said because she don’t listen to me!

Trust me she do, I said ……………..Mothers never sleep , always crying for us , watching over us, and they do listen if it is not in their ears they do in their heart.

Many time we sleep and we find our self in bed covered, our mother was always my protection .

When my mom passed away back in 1997 I was in Brunei having my lunch and my phone rang .

Are you sitting or standing or working, my brother Sam from USA was in the other side!!! What , I said in a surprise

OUR MOTHER PASSED AWAY IN IRAQ…..It was the end of this world for me how could god take my mom!!! she cried allot when my younger brother got killed by Iranians who stole his car and killed him in cold blooded murder ,

after the ciaos of USA WAR ON IRAQ.

Why …..why this sweet soul have to leave at age 66. I cried and left the lunch room and walked away

There was this lady I used to love so very much looked at my tears and said ,what’s the problem Steve why are you crying , are you OK?

No, i am not OK i said, my mother just passed away I said with sad voice and started to cry more , I didn’t want this beautiful Egyptian lady to see my tears but I couldn’t help it. It was so strange feeling crying for someone I loved so much all my life in front of someone I loved until this day . All I did is to wipe my tears and pull myself together and pray for my mom until now.I lost my mom and

my country to the USA invasion, and I lost the Egyptian beauty who got married to an american man .

She said she miss my dad and hope he is doing OK in prison and she worry about us what will happen to us if she is gone, My dad been tortured in Iraqi PRISON IN SO MANY WAYS , when we use to visit him we can see the bruises all over his face and body .

they use to hang him in a large ceiling fan and let the fan turn for hours until he lose his conscious and beet his leg and use electricity to torture him , keep him in a small iron closet for hall day and give him one meal a day , put him in the mud pool where they fill a swimming pool with mud . and push the prisoners in this mud bath of death and lough on them , many died but my dad was strong and he struggle he told us that every time he want to give up , he remembers my mom and us then he pray for strength . I HATE COMMUNISTS ,I HATE FANATICS, I HATE TERRORISTS AND BULLIES , as I hated Hitler and others who done evil things to humanity .They teach us not to hate but how we can do it!!!!!?

Once I remember . My mom was crying while we sleep, when I wake up I ask my mom, Why are you crying mom?

Don’t worry mom you will never die , I told her.

Moms cant die, God always protect moms. She smile to me and hug me.

there was something pinching at me in the corner of my heart.

Even so I told myself that I would grow up one day and become successful, because I hated our desperate poverty. and God let me reach that goal to help my parents , I used to send 90% of my salary to them to help my 6 sisters and 5 brothers …yes my mom has 11 kids .soccer team , even the rabbits was jealous of my mom .LOL

I left my mother in the hospital back in 1978.I went to visit her and kissed her and asked her for permission to leave the country

She gave it to me with tears on her eyes , she said that she always loved me and want me here to help the family as I am very organize but she want me to go OVER SEAS and FULFILL MY dreams, and that if I couldn’t she always will wait for me with open arms if I decide to come back.

I Went to Germany and Greece and studied, THEN graduated from Canada , usa and Australia while working and sending money to my parents, and sending help to my family , specially my mom , anything she wanted I send to her. One time she told me she had enough money as she is saving when I send her and she dont want me to send allot for her cause she is has enough , I told her don’t worry mom I want u to have it , and replace all the gold and wedding rings that you sold to feed us.

She cried while talking on the phone. cause she sold her wedding gold and rings and most of the furniture to feed us , back home we do not have welfare assistant or food bank like here.

I told my mother that my dream is to see her but not in that stupid country called IRAQ , as many lost their life’s

And I started to prepare to see her in 1998 but God took her one year early we suppose to meet in Jordan she die in 1997.

when i heard the news of my mother death .I look at the sky, and scream at GOD why … why I scream LOUDER , why you took her so soon i am sending money to her so you dont have to help why……..deep in my heart i know it is her time and destiny cut short and she is in a better place .

My heart was sadden my soul was empty and my tears was pouring. LIFE with out a mother like earth with out people it is just empty.

When I used to cry after I fail one class , cause I used to work and help my mom so my school grade got effected .

My mom used comfort me, never give up son, she said. Always try again, always keep going and if it doesn’t work one way , God open second way for you don’t ever worry.

But I want to make you proud of me mom. I said.

Before she passed away she asked me, son did you find any one you love

I said yes mom she is so beautiful with gorgeous eyes and smile and she is Egyptian but I am shy to ask her out and I feel that she dont care.

Wow …my mom said.  Did you talk to her , No I said.  I sent her a letter

A letter? She said with surprise. You should talk to her in person , woman like a man who talk to them and show them that they are strong and caring….

But I am shy mom I have to start with a letter and see ….But she end up marrying another man……I look at God in the SKY AGAIN and scream at him again , WHY

I THINK GOD USED TO ME SCREAMING ALL THE time not cause i am angry at him ,i love him so much and i feel he is my second father but silent father always silent .

My uncle use to help a little but not allot even-though he was rich, they use to hate my mom as she is foreign and they didn’t want my dad to marry her cause they want him to marry some one from their own tribe !!

One day we went to see one of my relative at their home . my mom walked and walked miles to safe the bus fair , and we used to be so tired and thirsty from walking so my mother stop and ask some Iraqi Muslims for water, most they used to kick us out and tell us not to bother and knock their doors again ….There was that old lady in that area of Baghdad , she used to hear my mother asking for water and the people kick us out , so she used to call my mom to her house

Fatima…. Fatima come here , the old lady call my mom .

I told my mom how she know your name and who is she!!? then the old lady give us water and some juice and also give us sandwiches and sweets she was my angel i love sweet and i was so happy child …and we start walking …

I asked my mom ..who is this old lady mother……then she told me that her name is Esther and she is a Jewish lady waiting to joint her family in Israel ….

A Jewish lady !!! i was surprise , i asked my mom is the food is halal / kosher

my mom said yes it is son……and i asked my mom

How come a Jewish lady help us and our people do not help us mom !? …..

My mother used to be silent and then said ….because they know the meaning of suffering son. I didn’t know what she meant back then….i was so happy to eat my sweets. Then we almost reach my relative house .

I was so happy that my uncle will see us and that finally we reach the house almost 20 km .…..but they didn’t open the door. Some one look from the curtain and hide….

Let us go back son , no one home , she said

I saw them mom someone hiding they don’t want to open the door..i told her.

They used to treat us like dirt as we were poor. and they dont want the responsibility of helping extra mouth’s to feed.

My World Shattered. I hated those relatives, I cried for My Mother in my heart.

I told her that a Jew lady helped us and gave us food and our own relatives didn’t care at all , what kind of society is this !? until this day I pray for that Jewish lady who helped us and gave my mother some money some times.

I vow to myself that I will Never Ever hate anyone for their poverty and misfortune, Never disrespect my parents, don’t ignore and under estimate their sacrifices.

They give us life, they raise us better than they had been, they give and keep trying to give better than they ever had.

They never wish unwell for their kids even in their wildest dreams. They always try showing right path and being motivator. Parents give up all for kids, forgive all mistakes made by kids..

There is no way to repay what they done for us all we can do is try to give them what they need most and that is time, love and respect.

And now after they gone all we have to give is our prayers

And I hope that one day I will meet my mom and dad and I hope it will be in heaven and i will ask God to grant me few second to hug them .

Steve Ramsey, PhD.  Calgary , Alberta. 

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