Most dangerous magic books in the world

Which are the most dangerous book in the world? There is an evidence of a book (if any) that kills while reading. And this is the legendary book “Necronomicon” … I have one of the original Arabic copy. It is so dangerous and it will give you severe nightmares, seen things and effect you badly if you read and start to practice it. 



It disputes whether it’s real, or the story of it is written by the Horror Literary Principal Howard Philippe Lovecraft. “Necronomicon” was first mentioned in his 1924 novel “Hound”. In his story, we can know the relatively complete biography of this book. Its real title is Al Ziff, written in Arabic, about. 730 AD in Damascus by Abdul Hazarded, called by his contemporaries  Researchers say the work is made of the skin of virgin girls, and the text is written with blood. The book was translated into Greek in 950 as “Necronomicon” by Theodosius Philetas of Constantinople. Burned by Patriarch Mihail in 1050 (the Greek text). At that time.

The Arabic original disappeared. It was translated from Greek into Latin in 1228 by Olaus Wormius. In 1232, the Latin and Greek texts were banned by Pope Gregory IX. It is subject to three editions: print edition with black lettering in Germany in 1567, the Greek text is printed in Italy in 1623, Spanish edition with Latin text.

The translation of Arabic to English was made by the great Alchemist, Magician, Scientist and favorite of Queen Elizabeth of England Dr. John Dee about 1585. It was never printed and existed only in fragments recovered from the original manuscript.

Many have heard about this book, but they know little about what it is. The title ” Necronomicon ” suggests an association for life after death – “Al-Azif” translates as “The Night of Demons”. The poet Abdul Alhazred named it after living for two years in the ruins of Babylon. For five years he studied the underground and secret caves of Memphis and for another ten years wandered into the Arabian desert Rub al-Khalli, where legends spoke of demonic spirits and angels of death, worshiping Shaitan. In his foreword, he assured that in the wilderness he saw the fairy town of Irem and a nameless city under the ruins of which he found a sanctuary with manuscripts with the knowledge of a race preceding mankind called “the Elders”. His book mostly about the falling angels and ginn, the elementary spirits that he saw and talked to. His travel to Babylon not for fun but because he wanted to see and talk to the most famous falling angels haroot and maroot that were mentioned in the quran. He did and he learn lots of details from them. They used to be angels and God send them o earth to test them as they told him they will never do what human do to sin. Its a long story but at the end the choice to be punished in earth rather in hell so they are in one of the deepest point of one of the well in Babylon ruin . 

For centuries, the ancestors stood at the bottom of the ocean, but then their ominous hordes landed on land and conquered the world. Today, magical orders, cults and societies worshiped them. All monstrous creatures from the magic book could be summoned with the sym Lovecraft bols and spells described there.

The complete content of the book remains a mystery. According to Lovecraft, Necronomicon was locked in the libraries. In fact, three institutions claim to have copies of Necronomicon – the British Museum, the Harvard University Library and the National Library of Paris.

According to historian’s research, 96 manuscripts have been available since the last translation to English, but only 7 of them had the power to open doors to other dimensions – 3 in Arabic, 1 in Greek, 2 in Latin, and John Dee’s English translation. The leaders of traditional religions around the world are calling for the seizure of the dangerous book.

They warn that it has a tremendous power in it – the act of reading it can damage the physical and mental health of the reader. Since 1968, the dangerous book, Necronomicon, has been part of the story of over 20 computer games, over 20 films, including the animated Simpsons. Terry Pratchett renamed it to Necrotelicomnicon one of the most terrible books in Ankh-Morpork’s Magic Library, killing while reading.


#, the book of Lucifer

2- The mysterious book “Delomelanicon” is the subject of the diabolical plot in the novel “The Ninth Gate” by Arturo Perez-Reverte (screened by Roman Polanski in 1999). According to the novel, the book ” Delomelanicon ” is an unusual work of occult literature written by Lucifer himself. This book allows you to “stand face to face with the Light”, from which comes its second title “Book of the Ancient Light”. In 1666 in Venice, according to the plot of the Ninth Gate, print artist Aristide Torchiam issued a handbook for calling the devil – “De Umbrarum Regni Novem Portis”.

In 1667, all copies, along with the printer, were burned by the Inquisition, and the fire even “heard how you screamed the devil.” By the twentieth century they had reached only three copies of the unique edition. The very content of the book “The Nine Gates of the Shadow Realm” is not dangerous, but the intrigue is in the 9 engravings in it, which bear the initials of Lucifer.

They are copied from his “authorial” book “Delomelanicon “. In the story of Roman Polanski’s screening, the book is not a myth and it really exists. A book written by Satan himself. Turquie (Torche, in the translation of the novel) acquired it in an unknown way, and the engravings in his book “The Nine Gates of the Shadow Realm”, he himself reworked from Delomelanicon.

Taken together, they represent a satanic rebellion. With true interpretation of the original text and enormous inner experience, they can call the Prince of Darkness personally. The book has been traced back to 3300 years ago in the Papyrus from Turis. Then, in his writings, the prophet Daniel, Hippocrates, Josephus Flavius, Albert Magnus and Pope Leo III mentioned it. Perhaps one of the specimens was King Solomon.

It was also found in the catalogs of the Alexandria Library, burnt in 48-47 BC. In the 1st century BC is cited in “Corpus Hermeticum”. In the thirteenth century, the book was also in the hands of medieval philosopher and inventor Roger Bacon, who also quoted it. In the XVI century, the book was also mentioned by Giordano Bruno, who makes an etymological analysis of the title (delos – clear or obvious, melas – black), and states that “there are nine secret gates in the way of the people who have come to knowledge. There is a hypothesis that print artist Aristide Torce is a fictional image of Giordano Bruno, who also because of his books is burned at the stake. If today Delomelanikon actually exists, the risk of being used for Occultic and Satanic rituals is too great.


Codex Gigas or the Bible of the Devil

I have a copy of it but not original 

Why is Codex Gigas a dangerous book? First, if the transcription of the Scriptures and the Gospels is guided by God’s hand, the Code is guided by the Devil’s hand. Second, there is no other such valuable and guarded monastery manuscript that would consolidate the belief in God, the legend of a covenant with the Devil, and sacred exorcism, born in an atmosphere of witty clergy who were more afraid of the Devil than God’s punishment.

Third- everyone who owned the book had encountered a disaster. The “Codex Gigas” brought to the monastery in Podlazice does not glorify, but annihilation – at the end of the 13th century the monastery is in financial collapse, and in the course of the 19th century religious wars it is destroyed to the ground. Ironically, the book goes from black monks to a sect in a white race called the White Monks.

In the monastery of Sedlek on the outskirts of Prague, the white monks set the Code in an honorable place – next to a cemetery, illuminated by a finger from Golgotha. But there is a tragedy – the Guardians of the Devil’s Bible die one after another. An authoritative bishop orders the white monks to return the Code to its owners. Soon the monastery was covered with plague.

The deadly epidemic overflows the cemetery with more than 30,000 carcasses. Today the Sedlec Monastery is a scary museum of ossuary, one of the most famous mass graves in Europe with sculptures of human bones.


Malleus Maleficarum or The Witch Hammer

The book The Witch Hammer (Lalle Malleus Maleficarum) is an incunabulum, published in 1486 in the town of Speyer. This is the most famous dementia treatise written by two German monks, the Dominican Inquisitors Henry Kramer (1430-1505) and Jacob Schwanger (1436-1494). Contains 256 pages of pure Latin text.

As an incunabulum and then as an old-fashioned book, it has been incredibly successful: in the course of nine years, it has undergone nine editions, 7 times was published in the 16th century. There were 29 editions to the end of the 17th century, 16 of which in Germany, 2 in Italy. For two centuries (the end of the fifteenth to mid-seventeenth centuries), the “Witch Hammer” is the legal basis for the witch hunt – serving as a guide to proving their existence as an instruction for their recognition, persecution and killing. Despite the tremendous influence it has on Catholic moods, this book has never been officially recognized by the Catholic Church. In 1490 it was even condemned by the Inquisition.

What does this medieval book owe and why did it survive more than others? Here are the titles of some of the parts: “Is there witchcraft?”, “What should we think about the wolves who steal and eat both adults and boys?”, “About the ways the witch deprives men of a penis,” “Ways to eradicate and punish heresies “. The book describes the “best practice cases” of the inquisitors.

In most detail, the process of defining diabolical tricks, the fairness of accusations of witchcraft, the methods of interrogation, the order of torture in the interrogation, and the records of the trial are outlined. The exhibition, in principle formally-logical, is presented in “scientific” and legal language. The victims have practically no chance of saving themselves from the charge. No matter how it will be evaluated as a book, this guide to “witch hunting” is responsible for about 60,000 deaths by the catholic church.


Voynich’s Manuscript

Voynich manuscript is the most enigmatic esoteric handwriting book in the world. Written in unknown time by an unknown author in an unknown language using an unknown alphabet. For the last 100 years, all attempts to decode and date are unsuccessful.This book in my believe is magical book of the plants ,plants recipes of where to find them and what to do with them and how to use them for spell and treatments .  

The manuscript becomes the Sacred Grail of Cryptography. The manuscript may be one of the most fatal books on earth. To understand the value of the book and its potentially dangerous content, we need to take a look back in time to see what the scientists have discovered.

Today, this unique creation is stored in the Library of Rare Books and Manuscripts of Beyneke of the University of Iowa (USA) under catalog number MS 408. It is valued at $ 160,000. The manuscript is not given to anyone: those wishing to try their power to decode can download a high-quality photocopy of the university’s website.

According to the latest research “Voynich’s Manuscript” is 700-800 years. It has a size of 22.5×16 cm, bound with high quality leather and contains 262 pages of parchment. Written with a goose feather with five color inks and the pages are filled with text of unknown alphabet and with colorful illustrations in rich tones. The structure of the manuscript has clearly separated sections (biological, botanical, astronomy, etc.) and creates the impression of a pharmacopoeia or a treatise on common medieval or even ancient medicine. The implacability of the content of decoding, the three-dimensionality of the letters in the text, and the fictional nature of the illustrations (fantastic plants and human bodies) lead many researchers to the conclusion that the manuscript is mystification.

The book is named after the name of its first modern owner – the American bookseller of Polish descent Wilfried Voynich (the husband of the writer of the novel Sturshel Estel Voynich). He bought the book in 1912 from the library of a Jesuit college in northern Italy. It is known that in 1580 the owner of the encrypted manuscript with numerous color illustrations became then the German Emperor Rudolf II. The famous English astrologer and geographer John Dee, who was interested in the opportunity to leave Prague and return to England, sold it to him.
This version of the origin of the manuscript is supported by Prof. Boryana Hristova, Director of the National Library. According to her, Voicin’s unrecorded book is an amusement not only because there are many concentric circles and illustrations implying rituals, but also because it was for its owner an amulet and a connection with the higher powers. And there is a reason for this – it seems that the author of the mystification is Dr. John Dee, and the content is a paraphrase of Enoch’s Book, Enoch’s visions are described.

Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, Romen Newbold, suggests that the author of the book is the Franciscan monk and naturalist Roger Bacon as “the greatest scholar of all time.” Which means that the manuscript should be from the thirteenth century. The study by Newbold, ignored by his colleagues, was published in 1928 under the title “The Roger Bacon Code”.

The latest hypothesis for a manuscript creator leads to Italy. The author of the 15th century, Antonio de Avrilino Filarete, who has built the castle of Sforza, the hospital of Jose-doge Maggiore and author of the book about the perfect city of Libro Arquitectonico. This thesis is developed by researcher Franco da Mostto in the documentary “In the Shadow of Light: Sodom and Gomorrah”. As Philatera tries to get out of Italy while delivering his secrets to producing Venetian glass (whose rosettes are recognized in the Voynich Manuscript), the film’s authors suggest the possibility of having made a deal with the devil in order to succeed did.

The unspoken book, “The Wonder Manuscript”, was also owned and studied by Atanasius Kircher (1602-1680), a German Jesuit and Collegio Romano, a scholar of universal genius, “Master of a hundred arts”, “the last man of the Renaissance,” in a lexicon compared to Leonardo da Vinci. Two unpopular hypotheses deserve attention on the subject of book holders. It is possible that in the sixteenth century the owner of the manuscript was not John Dee, and Robert Flood, the most famous disciple of Dr. Dee.

It is even more likely that the book was owned by Nicola Flamel (ca. 1330-1418), a bookstore and notary at Paris University. Historic mystery is the fact that it has suddenly acquired a tremendous wealth. Sam Flamel claimed that in 1357 he bought a mysterious parchment book of incomprehensible ancient script – the book of Abraham Hebrew, with engraved binding, beautiful symbolic illustrations, and containing the formula of the Philosophic Stone.


The nine books of “The Ninth Unknown”

In the 1960s, Frenchmen Louis Portell and Jacques Bergie described a “conspiracy” of sages who kept the most dangerous books on earth. These ancient figures are organized in the so- Union of the Ninth or Community of the Ninth of the Unknown.

It is a mythical organization that is supposed to maintain continuous monitoring of research in the world in order to prevent the development and deployment of inventions with a possible devastating effect on humanity.

The nine use symbolic language. According to the legend, each of them has one book that contains the most important and secret knowledge in the individual sciences and is constantly supplemented. But these books should not reach people. According to one of the legends, the alliance was created after the Battle of Kuru (Kurukshera) field more than 5,000 years ago, according to reports in the Mahabharata, using the “weapon of the gods” similar to the description of the modern nuclear weapon.

Another founding legend is Ashoka, Emperor of the Indian State of Mauria between 273-232 BC. Its purpose was to prevent future wars, so the recorded knowledge was entrusted to guardians and banned for universal access. The first popularization of the mission of the Ninth of the Unknowns was made in 1827 in the book by Talbut Mundy,

who served in English police in India. It is not known whether there are currently the Nine Books of the Ninth of the Unknown. They are mentioned in ancient Hindu written sources, but none have been found yet. It is assumed that some books still hiding in monasteries in Tibet and India and guardians do everything possible dangerous unreasonable readers knowledge never fall into their hands. However, obviously “risky” scientific information is no longer just in the books – all the dangerous scientific discoveries, all the weapons that can destroy the planet are only in the past 100 years.


The Little Red Schoolbook

The Little Red Schoolbook was written by two Danish writers – Soren Hansen and Jesper Jensen. The first edition of the book in Denmark dates back to 1969. For two years it became the most popular scandalous book in the world. Translated and published with some changes in Belgium, Finland, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg. It was released in 1971 in Australia, but was immediately banned because of sexual content.

The book’s copyright for the UK was bought in September 1970. The circulation of the first English edition was confiscated on the eve of its publication – April 1, 1971. There were many signals from teachers, parents and journalists. On 15 November 1971 a revised edition of the textbook was published. The translation into English was sold for 30 pence.

The book is known from the Handyside V. The United Kingdom, a worldwide legal community, at the European Court in Strasbourg on 7 December 1976. [25] The case is at the appeal of the publisher of the forbidden and forbidden textbook – Richard Handyside, owner of Stage 1 Publishing House in London.

The “Little Red Textbook” has a volume of 208 pages and contains: an introduction under the heading “All adults are book tigers (safe opponents)”, “Introduction to the British Edition” and chapters on the following thematic areas: Education, Teaching, Teachers, . The Student Chapter contains a 26-page Sex section with the following subdivisions: Masturbation,

Orgasm, Sexual Relationship and Pitting, Contraceptives, Wet Dreams, Menstruation, Minor or Dirty Elderly Pornography, Pornography, Intimacy, Homosexuality, Normal and Abnormal, Learn More, Venereal Disease, Abortion, Legitimate and Unlawful Abortion, Abortion Methods, Advice for Counseling and Sexual Assistance.

The introduction states: “This book is written as a reference tool. It is not intended for reading from bark to bark but rather for viewing the content in order to find and read what you are interested in or want to find out more about. Even if you are going to a very progressive school, here you will find many ideas on how to improve the situation. ”

Steve Ramsey.

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