Light can treat disease. Fire fly light enzyme can treat cancer

I think that every type of energy in this universe has the ability to destroy and heal, it is all depends on the intensity,  time duration of the dose,  the area of the target, Ultrasound can kill and can diagnose and can heal tissues, same as the infra sound. Radiation can be used to diagnose and to destroy cancer or kill, same with micro wave, radio wave, Electromagnetic such as the use of MRI. And so on with Ct SCAN , Ultrasound and many other energy field machines.

Light can do the same so as fire and ice cold, so as wind and water energy. To find new energy one must look at the both side of its power. God himself as a living light have the same energy power but in greater level as he is the master and the creator of all things, so he can destroy, kill, take a life and he can bring you back from the dead and heal you.

We know light has many color in it more than 7 shades that we know.  I believe that each of these colors can be use to heal certain disease and balance the body to bring about cell healing by color, the question is how can we make a machine that utilize color light to heel certain disease. Machine below the ultraviolet and above the infrared energies, I think in the future scientists will discover such a machine that i am dreaming of, I call it the lightography or colorography, or prismography. 

In biology and medicine, we often need to detect biological molecules. For example, in cancer diagnostics, doctors need quick and reliable ways of knowing if tumor cells are present in the patient’s body.

Although such detection methods exist, they often require a lot of time, work and money. Scientists have chemically tweaked the enzyme responsible for the light of fireflies to make it “sniff out” target biological molecules and give out a light signal.

 The result is a cheap, simple and highly accurate detection system that can change the face of the field. The work, now part of an EPFL start-up, is published in Nature Communications.

 The lab of Kai Johnsson at EPFL, led by Alberto Schena and Rudolf Griss, were able to add a small chemical tag on the enzyme luciferase, which produces the light of fireflies.




The tag detects a target protein, and the luciferase gives out a light signal  that can be seen with a naked eye.  


 The team has proven expertise in this field: in 2014, they developed a quick and easy drug-monitoring molecule that led to a start-up company, Lucentix. Thinking outside the box, they bypassed the pains of protein engineering altogether:

 Instead of mutating the luciferase to make it sensitive for a target protein – which would require enormous labor – they simply attached it to a small chemical tag.







 The tag acts as a switch: it blocks luciferase, preventing it from producing light. When the tag detects its target protein, it attaches to that instead, removing the block from luciferase.

 As a result, luciferase is free to turn on the lights, which is the signal that the target has been found. In short, the scientists have created a chemical solution for a biological problem.


“You can think of the tagged luciferase as a cyborg molecule,” says Kai Johnsson, Half bio- and half synthetic, how could you make luciferase sensitive to the presence of another protein just through mutations? It’s a lot of work. With this chemical trick, all we have to worry about is designing an appropriate tag that can recognize the target protein.”

The activation of luciferase  when it detects its target protein is dramatic enough to see with a naked eye.  Imagine if we find so many other luminescence fish creature of the deep.

As they are so many of them and we can use their enzymes that creates the light  , and I think those enzymes will open the Pandora box of treatment to wide range of cancers and disease. Imagine if we can use different colors of these lights from diamond, ruby, emerald and other stones with different colors to create a laser Ray tube to treat wide range of disease, or to influence the enzymes and t proteins in the human body.


That is why light is beginning of every thing and the creation will never be as it is if it wasn’t for the first spark of that living light.


Steve Ramsey, PhD.  Calgary, Canada.


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