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Hello my name is Mary I’m 25 almost 26 years old, and my house is haunted. I’ve lived here for almost a year and crazy things have happened that are unexplainable, and it’s getting worse now that my boyfriend has moved in, like locking him out of the house it bit him on his leg and also attached my younger daughter now I either need ideas on how to get rid of whatever it is or could use your help 

I’m with a man who has been attached by whatever it is when my sister lived with me it attached her and my ex boyfriend as well I hear growling at night and things move around in my house at night I see shadows move I’ve been scratched as well my children tell me about a friend and a man who plays with them when they play downstairs and have been having really bad nightmares it scares me no drugs or alcohol are in my house or allowed I am 25 weeks pregnant and I know the feeling when something is in my house because ever sense I was little I had like a sense on when something is around me and whatever is in my house I know it’s not nice as it again attached my boyfriend and locked him out of my house and last night pushed over a board in my hallway 

I think a death or two in the house and I know a few deaths nearby my house ,Should know my x is cursed as he told me and all the woman on my side of the family are witches 


I didn’t use any drugs or alcohol, as I don’t know if it will affect my kids I’m home all the time and since it mainly in the basement and whoever does step foot in my basement feels something unnerving, There has been death incidents around the house.

This case is still going and in progress.

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