Letter to God from a child

I woke up early as usual. even though it is a week end, My Cat woke me up to be fed and play with her. My mom was working in the kitchen. I was 7 years old. My dad was in prison in the evil country called Iraq, he was a political prisoner as millions of Iraq were in the big prison called Iraq.

The people are prisoners to their culture and sick political system, sick attitude and behavior. They can take you to prison just for speaking out against the government even as a healthy discussion. Nowadays is getting worse as it runs and controls by Iranians mullahs and what so called religious leaders each lead a cult with men carry machines guns. I brushed my teeth and pray to God and had my breakfast and went and sat by the window, I took a paper and pencil and start writing a letter to God. I want to put this letter in the mail box at the post office close to our place.

What are you writing? My mom asked

I am Writing a letter to God so he can help my father to get out of prison.I answered with a happy optimistic voice.

Can I read it when you were done? My mom asked me

No, Mom, this is a private letter to the Lord.

When I write letter to God I used to always find a window or go upstairs so I can see the clouds, I used to think God resides behind those clouds, When I don’t see the clouds I feel so sad I wondered where God did go, May be he went for a picnic I said to my self , he will come back again so I can talk to him . When I used to see a far away cloud I feel jealous I used to think That God is talking to some one else and listening to some one else story on the other side, I used to scream please come back here.

My mom used to think that I am calling a friend from my window, who is your friend son, my mom asked me

God, mom I am calling God to come back so I talk to him, I answered with a sad voice.

But God is every where, he can hear you and see you, even when you dream, Mom said to me and I used to wonder how that could be how he can see and listen to all of us at once.

Wow, he must have so many eyes and ears to listen to all of us. My mom used to laugh.

What happens if God gets old does he need a hearing aid, how he will listen to us, mom.I asked.

He doesn’t get old he is the same and never changes, he is always constant he is the every where and never blink or sleep. He is a pure living light.We change and gets old but he doesn’t. She used to tell me that while holding me and looking from the window to the sky. He doesn’t live with the clouds son. He has his own thrown the king of all kings and the creator of all. Wow he must be so rich, is he still single I used to ask.

My mom used to giggle and answer back, yes he is a single God, only one God never married, never born from some body, doesn’t have any family, relatives or siblings other wise he will not be a God.

God knows everything.As he put Joseph in the well and led him to the Egyptian he was watching for him even when Joseph was in prison God always protected him and looked after him, and God is doing the same to your father now he is watching over him and his suffering on the hands of those evil Iraqis. Mom said that with a sad voice.

After while I wrote the letter to God and asked him to forgive me for not knowing him too much and asked him if he can ask the government to release my dad so I can see him. As he was prisoned way up north and we couldn’t travel up north, it was very expensive and we couldn’t afford it. Iraq didn’t have a welfare system and they used to treat killers and thugs better than prisoners.It was and still is a mafia state run by village idiots.

My letter to God was 2 pages asking him to forgive those who abused him and to put mercy in the heart of men to stop war and killing.I sent the letter with out stamp.

I didn’t know we need stamps to send a letter, whats for this letter is going t the king of kings to God him self. I addressed the letter. TO GOD ALMIGHTY.

I put our address in the back and sent it.

Three months later some one from the interior ministry came to our house and asked my mom to bring the kids and come to a specific address in Baghdad as a surprise and he told her something about the letter that I wrote, I didn’t hear the conversation but my mom told me that my letter went to the post office director and from him back to the interior ministry. They managed to bring my father from the north and relocate him to a prison in Baghdad so we can visit him and they improve his prison’s condition.

“I always wonder who s the real prisoner, is it the activist like my dad or the stupid government who are the real prisoners to their sick culture and sick ideology and teaching”

When we went to visit the prison, the officer of the prison brought my dad and let us stay n the office and we talked, hugged and had some fruit and sandwiches, It was a wonderful moment. The prison officer told my parents the effect of this letter and that the minister him self-red it and helped my father to come closer to our home .Until this day I don’t know who was that man but what ever he did it was very nice.

God can put mercy in the heart of the most brutal man on earth. How I wish God has an email of Facebook, I can still hear my mom saying, Son, he does have it it is called the Holy books, the guide to humanity and his 10 commandments so men don’t go astray.God bless my parents, they are both passed away and could not see or visit their grave site.

Thank you for reading

Steve Ramsey, Calgary – Alberta – Canada.

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