“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will think it’s stupid.” Albert Einstein


Let me lighten up the tone here a little bit. Without knowing you, I genuinely think you’re capable of doing something great with your life. What that something is? I don’t know. Many factors come into play your strengths, your circumstances, your current career, your belief systems, so it goes.

Big tasks don’t trip us up. Small microscopic germ does throws our lives off-balance like Office politics at work, meaningless news, gossip, envy, and the list goes on and on.

Try to escape the noise by involving in a project to take your mind away, don’t sit and cry for the lost of your job or because someone doesn’t communicate with you any more, just be busy and let your life in state of flow in the right direction that God attended to you, and don’t look back.

Isolation and quarantine is not bad ,it is time to reflect , collect your thought and test your ability , it is like the fasting from food and drink to some people .Make yourself  isolation a retreat from the chaos and noise of life, and do something that  means something, use our social media to reach out to people who are alone, friends and relatives that you didn’t talk to for long time, write, read, teach others on line, or just relax and see the world around you from your balcony or window .The birds and all living things are around you working daily ,preparing for the next winter and depending on one reality and that is the creator will never abandoning them and he will provide to them.

Focus on the issue at hand and try to work your problem one problem at a time, don’t lose focus and always remember that life will be better sooner or later.

Life isn’t always overtly tragic. Sometimes it’s tragic simply because you waste it and don’t realize that until it’s way too late.

Seneca said “You are mortal in everything you fear and immortal in everything you.

A quote from Muslims theology book says “work for this life like you will live forever, and work for thereafter like you will die tomorrow”. You have to give your best each day

Your quarantine is not a death sentence, read and listen to the echo of the past with some nice music, books, milestones, moments of meaning, and memories with people you love. The main reason that we are afraid of death is that we are not ready yet, and what will happen later?

Most of the time society feeds us great deal of B.S, in daily news and social media, at work, meetings, with marketing and sale .You’ve been conditioned and trained to feel helpless. Societies emerge to suffocate our mobility out of necessity and people fall for it every day. We trust the news and the propaganda around us without investigate the facts.

We allow these institutions to divide us even though we all more or less want the same things from life and that is family, love, joy, meaningful work that make us productive so we can focus on our faith and be kind to  our family and those who around us so we can left them up . Remember that there are so many millions of people who are suffering under communist and repressive regimes in Russia, China, India, Iran and so many other places.

The government, the media, and the so called authority want to assign us a role, and once we accept that role and their propaganda we’re finished. Have you accepted the role society gave you? Are you free? Do you know how to think for yourself and make your own decisions?  Do you have the feeling that they want you to be the same, mold you, and feed you lie then when you discover the lies they will sorry and that they are moving forward with a new change and make more recommendation without any result over and over again? We are trained to forget and forgive them, because they are the authority.

As Human beings we are social and tribal creatures. We’ve evolved team strategies to survive. Some like wolves and some like sheep, both think that safety in number. Social media companies, the news, and the shrewd culture war generals know this and use it to cause groupthink on steroids.

“We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.” — Tyler Durden

Is this really our dream? We are becoming like north Korea where everybody look the same , have the same desk, same hair cut, same suit , and clap the same . We are all conditioned to do the same. Some people are happy to live in this bubble and nutshell but the majority of us aren’t .The problem is how to break out? Imagine if you are in an open prison , soon you will try to get father than the walls around you ,but where you will go because we are secure around these walls .You need to escape yourself guilt self limitations, cannot do mentality first to be able to go out of the box.

You put yourself at the center of the universe constantly. You wrestle with your inner critic and doubt yourself, constantly. Not a day (maybe not even an hour) goes by where something doesn’t remind you of your limitation. For so many others it will put too much pressure on their behavior and interaction with life mentally, emotionally, and physically leading us to more stress, then depression, and may be anger followed by aggression.

Yet somehow we imagine everyone else to be secure and confident people judging us from their ivory towers forgetting that may be some have financial trouble, health issues such as cancer and other disease, family issues, divorce, abuse, addiction and guilt for some reason or another. We see what we want to see, but when we train our self to look beyond someone smile and look deep into their eyes and feeling we will see the real fragile person crying for help silently without shading a tear.

Remember when you give a negative comment about someone who trying his/her best to do the task, you are pointing the fingers of guilt and not pointing the facts. So try to be kind, teach those in a leadership ways, and not to make that person feel insecure, empty, lonely, and disrespectful. Most people don’t suffer dramatic setbacks from facing tough challenges; they slowly fall into complacency until it’s cemented into their personality. As much as some people don’t enjoy their circumstances, they’re not dissatisfied enough to change. Positive emotions are overrated. The majority of people motivation came from discontent.

In self isolation you can align your life with the best of you that you once knew. The one that was motivated, excited and curious about life. The one that loved to play sport, music, singe ,write, paint, read, travel, crack jokes, fly a kite or drawn in these days, do math problems for fun (yes, these people exist), pretend to be a somebody  and don’t blame your self . Find your spot in this universe; let your imagination take you to places without weeds of course, and remember that you are talented, have skill, and the only thing you can do now is to find your spot away from this nutshell situation , dream and believe .

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