If I want something done, I will done it by now philosophy

If you want something done, do it your self

I wouldn’t call this a philosophy. Rather, it can indicate one of several personality types. First, in certain contexts it is reasonable for a person to think that there is no one else besides him or her that is qualified to perform a specific task. To get you stop complaining. If it is something that you can do than it’s a good idea for you to do it. Sometimes you may not know that you can actually do it yourself – then it might be worth a try.

 A technologist, for instance may be doing a sonography exam for a patient with a rightful attitude that he is the only one he knows that can find out what’s wrong with the patient . This, however, can also be symptomatic of a person that is arrogant; rather than show someone else how to accomplish a task, this person prefers to be the only one who can do things right. It comes from our childhood and early school years when we all compete with our brother and sisters or other students. And they sometimes if they are truly talented and they are working with slow technologist and experienced so they feel that they can do better job to finish the case in due time more efficient.

It’s a heuristic and its good for that. If you have the opportunity to lead a team, you perhaps may want to follow another heuristic. I don’t think it assumes the entrepreneurial contexts where you might get opportunities to pick who you work with. You’re still dependent on their passion and discipline.

In many cases though civilization is built on the division of labor and it will probably be better to get a professional do the job if you can afford it. If you can’t that can be a problem. You can’t exactly communicate what you want to another person, so if you don’t do it you may not get exactly what you want.
 Perhaps your plan needs a few bumps from reality to get better. Someone else can advice you but some people need to try and fail to realize it.

The honest way to say it is if you want something done a particular way it may be easier to do it yourself than try to explain how or convince someone else to do it your way. The arrogance is the assumption that your way is the right way.

It also makes the mistake of focusing on the specific personal outcome while ignoring potentially greater social values. If you really are the best at a particular task you may remain so if you never teach anyone else to do it but your skills and knowledge are of much less value to society.

 Then there is the control-freak, who finds it very difficult to delegate tasks to others, fearing that someone else will screw up an important task or project and will cause a big mess or even a disaster. You know that you are a perfectionist in that area and no one will execute the work as good as you, that other people are not as efficient as yourself in that area, that other people do not have your level of skills required for that task, that basically few people can be trusted and relied on to execute the work, so do not delegate anything that you can do yourself.

Steve Ramsey,Ph.D

Okotoks, Alberta – Canada

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