I feel as if I’ve reached the height of my career – I am at a state of what now- Is this it

 One of my best friend asked me few questions to answer and I thought to share them with my other fiends. Please feel free to comments, add some suggestions and other tips .Please forgive my grammatical and spelling errors as It is a brain storming topic.

Do you ask yourself?

 A– I feel as if I’ve reached the height of my career, and I am at a state of, what now? Is this it?

 This is a difficult question to answer but one of the suggestions I met so many friends struggling with an identity crisis about their career goal, or they have what I call mid age crisis. I ask what kind of work they might like to do but without worrying about reality issues. What types of reality issues are referred to here? These are the reality issues their parents used to interfere with their imaginings when they were children.

Among these reality issues are things like: Salary considerations, further professional education.  How to pay for further professional education

Whether or not it is possible to make a living at the imagined type of work?

Believing that the profession or type of work is too high in status or too low in status. What other people might think about the career choice.

These are just a few of the issues that plague many people when thinking about careers changes.

 My advice is not to let your dream destroy your job that give you security and pay the bills. If your husband has a good job and you have a good support then try to get part time job to earn money while doing something else until you have the money and support system to leave for good without worrying about bills.

 What is particularly disturbing is that these types of questions stop people from allowing their imaginations to place them into one type of work or another.

The fact is that people are capable of making things happen for themselves if they allow themselves the chance to dream. Dreaming is not enough it is the first part for planning and action

Dream big but you have to make your dream fit the reality and take them step by step until you reach what you want.

 It is impossible as human being to be satisfied and the fire will be burning inside you to achieve more and aim higher and seek farther.

Many years ago, when I worked in a hospital in Ontario, I met an elderly Doctor who always seemed energetic and enthusiastic – way beyond anything demonstrated by any of the other professionals in the department. Among these other, much younger professionals, were nurses, Technologists, and clerks.

I asked him where he got his energy and enthusiasm and if it had anything to do with anticipating retirement, which did not seem like an inappropriate question considering the fact that he was sixty nine-years-old.

I was speechless to hear that retirement was not a consideration since he had just completed his BSc degree and this was his first good paying job in a hospital. I was relieved at his good humored response; I asked him how this was possible? He told me in a good natured way that, when he was in his 5oth, he and his wife agreed that he should pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a medical doctor.

Rejected from all American and Canadian medical schools, he went to a school in the Caribbean, completed its program, came back to  Canada, took the boards, passed, and was then accepted into Canadian medical school where he completed his medical training. Undaunted by the fact that most hospitals did not want to hire such an elderly man; he continued to seek employment until he found his present position in a hospital that did not fear the elderly.

So it is never too late if someone has a dream that they refuse to give up, regardless of the odds against its fulfillment.

For me it was my dream to become a doctor an MD .I got accepted in the USA but I had no money to complete and go for it.

I was helping 6 sisters and 4 brothers so I had to leave my dream and go to a short cut , to work as an X-Ray tech, then a sonographer so I can earn money and help my family for 25 years .

I sent 50% of my salary, and sometimes 70% of it. And later I managed to get my BSc, then my Master degree in the Medical ultrasound, then my PhD in public health.

I worked and studied all my life until now. And I want to do my MD program but no school will take me in USA or Canada now. The reason is ‘you are too old for us”. I got the same answer when I applied to work in the Middleast, even here in most Canadian hospitals.

 I do work 3 times more than those in my age and almost twice than those who are half of my age. I never called in sick for 35 years. Always on time, and I always the one who is picking up the work for those who couldn’t make it to work on time at 8 am.

 We have to be a team! What team?  It is one man band team; it is the weakest link team.

The message I am conveying is: allow yourself to dream and don’t allow others to discourage you, regardless of the odds against realizing your goals. Perhaps it is something you cannot do now but, in the future, there is always hope, that is, if you keep your dreams and refuse to listen to those who say NO, you cannot , you too old, it is too late, we will call you, you don’t fit ,etc.

 B-  Why do I have a passion burning inside of me still, like I’m meant for something else?

  “Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us but we can’t strike them all by ourselves” ― Laura EsquivelLike Water for Chocolate

 “We each have a special something we can get only at a special time of our life. Like a small flame. A careful, fortunate few cherish that flame, nurture it, and hold it as a torch to light their way. But once that flame goes out, it’s gone forever.” ― Haruki MurakamiSputnik Sweetheart

 C – Something I can’t quite figure out. How do I follow my destiny?

Follow these 10 commandments.

1. Relax

Look for things in your life that make you smile, laugh, or light up with delight. As cheesy as it sounds, your destiny lies with the people, places, experiences, and choices that make your heart sing. A good sense of humor also helps you keep moving forward; when you can laugh at yourself, you don’t get stuck in the self-pity trap.

2. Listen to your soul

To hear destiny’s call, you have to be listening. That’s difficult to do when your mind is noisy, so find a meditation practice that works for you.  You can do almost anything in a meditative state; swimming, walking, yoga, dancing, tai chi, gardening, surfing, free-writing, and chanting are just a few things that could form a personal meditation practice. Try out a variety of traditional and non-traditional options and see what clicks. For me I go for a drive or a walk alone and think, pray and sometimes the answers come in my dreams.

3. be active

Play is the gateway to passion. Play gets you in your creative flow. Make space in your life to play. They key is to get out of your typical routine, and engage in an activity whose sole purpose is your personal enjoyment, Outside of your house, and away from your computer.

4. Hit Repeat

Watch for patterns in your life. When things repeat, it’s the Universe trying to get your attention. Pay attention to recurring events, conversations, objects/symbols, and people and ask yourself what that repetition means to you. Correct the past mistake in these repeats and invent new ways to break the routine, discover new method and way to win and get the result better than before.

5. Listen to your inner Voice

We all have a Little Voice that guides us. Sometimes it tells us to speak up. Sometimes it tells us to go somewhere, or introduce ourselves to someone. Sometimes it tells us to have faith. Sometimes it tells us to eat fruit for breakfast.

Whatever that inner voice tells you, listen.

It is your intuition, and it is your ultimate secret weapon in connecting with your destiny. Just remember: Intuition is often not logical, so don’t expect the voice to make complete sense about why you should make a choice. Just practice listening and acting in cooperation with that guidance, and see what unexpected good comes your way. This is the Holy Spirit in us when it is in positive tone and positive direction. If this inner voice is demonic, evil and destructive try to ask for help and pray for guidance.

 6– Do great things and live extraordinary life. With hard and smart work plan. Don’t be afraid of failure and even if you fail once or more you have to keep going, take the test again, apply for the job again and again be persistent , knock on doors , move ,travel north or to remote areas do whatever it takes to get that job.

When I graduate from Fanshaw College in London Ontario back in 1982 I was working at the KEG restaurant to pay the rent and my bills and in the same time I was applying for jobs. We didn’t have online application or emails, face book or other media at that time.

I used to copy 10 resume a day and mail them to the hospitals across Canada. With no positive replies until one day my phone rang and I was so happy to answer it. The human resources of one of the hospitals way up north Canada in the northern part of Ontario called me and asked me if I am interested of working up north as an X-Ray technologist and to be trained for sonography .I passed the interview and the HR officer asked me about the salary .

I told her I don’t care how much you pay I am so happy to get a job. She was so surprised and told me that she like my attitude. I told her I am working at a restaurant and I am making 5 dollars an hour so whatever the salary they will offer me it will be more than that, I said.

Yes of course it is, it is 11, 50 dollars an hour and because you are so positive I will make it 13 dollars an hour, she said.

Wow, thank you very much, but I have no money to travel north, I told her.

Not to worry our hospital will take care of your flight, your accommodation here is free but make sure to bring a winter clothes as it reaches to minus 50 c in winter.

I went and it was my first professional job in Canada way up north with polar bears and gains the experience and gradually moved south covering south Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatoon, British Colombia north and south, Alberta north and south .USA ,Middle East and south east Asia covering Brunei, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Australia .

Now  I am working in Alberta but my heart is in Greece , my soul is in south east Asia, and my dreams is beyond my reach but i am still trying to break the age barriers.

 If you are looking for your destiny, you’ll need to know your peak story of greatness starting with trusting yourself, be confident, adopt to change. Be a Warrior, don’t doubt yourself.  Look for narratives that are meaningful to you, and see how the story’s obstacles and opportunities parallel those of your own life.

7. Get the wow factor in you and start your cheat sheet.

You know that open-mouthed, lost-for-words feeling you get when you are in the presence of someone you really admire? That happens because they are your soul reflection .We admire in others the qualities we aren’t quite ready to claim in ourselves. Pay attention to the people that leave you star-struck. What are the qualities, attitudes, and accomplishments that you are drawn to in them? Write those things down, because you are writing the cheat sheet for greatness in your own life’s path.

8. Pay attention to Details

We always wish for the big break, the strike of luck that will change our lives, the lottery winning numbers. However, many miracles come through the smallest details in our life. Try to be happy and celebrate the small wins, the small gain and promotion as these small victories are the latter toward the mountain top of success.

By doing this you’ll develop an attitude of gratefulness and abundance. You’ll start to see opportunities and bounty where other sees obstacles and lack. Like been an optimist, always see the glass half full. Remember always that the Holy Spirit is inside each of us and his energy is greater inside those of who are toned with the law of the universe and the creator .He is stronger inside the faithful, the positive and those who try and pray to God and ask for help. He is more powerful inside those who repent, forgive others, kind to other people and putting God as their ultimate epic and goal in this life.

9. Start with smallest and simplest action

We might know how we want to make our place in the world, but it just seems entirely overwhelming and out of reach. As we have our daily work, house chore, bills to pay and all the other earthly prison chain that hold us to this earth.

How am I going to a successful in my business or my job? How can I possibly get this job, this wife, that car, peace of mind etc?

The temptation is to pursue something that is not your dream, simply because another option seems easier or more immediately available. That’s why I had to start small, studying and work to pay my bills, and my 11 sisters and brothers bills overseas and step by step I reassess and take an action and redirect my self.

 Start with a small action that is the same as your big goal. Don’t be ashamed, because you were a doctor back home it doesn’t mean that you cannot work as a cook, a taxi driver a pizza maker, until you reach your goal.

 If you are passionate about your courier, education, business, volunteering job, you can start living your big dream today if you are willing to start small, step by step, take a daily simple action that can mirror image version of your dream. You can build your dream. As they say build it and they will come. I say build your dreams step by step with attention to details, simple and with grace your end result will be fruitful. You can dream big but dreaming small is very important in your short term strategy.

10. Random act slopes and gain.

Life is not linear but ups and down slope , many bumpy rides along the way we must get used to the stress of time and the dark tunnel. We must remember that in the end the sun will shine and the fog will be gone as the darkest moment is that moment just before the sunrise. That is also true about our life, the darkest moment is when you think you reach the top or the ultimate and there is nothing else you can do in your life.

 And when that happened the Holy Spirit will shine inside your soul, to bring the fire of hope and greatness in you. In the same time the negative sound tell you to relax, be lazy, not to do it, you cannot do it, you will fail, and feed you doubt. But you must listen to that positive little voice inside you.

 The reality is that many of the most important events in your life will happen unplanned, random, and out of the blue.

  • You’ll meet somebody in the golf course, the restaurant or at the mall not talk to them for long time, and then suddenly reconnect for a business venture, or get a job offer, proposal for new work etc.
  • You move to work overseas to find your perfect job but instead meet “the perfect person.” That’s happen to so many of my friends .Some found their husband and some found their wife’s in those faraway places this is a destiny.

As some authors said “Connecting with your destiny requires a huge amount of patience, and a willingness to have your dreams become reality through unexpected channels and at unexpected times. Months will go by with nothing to show for all your efforts, followed by an avalanche of life-altering events in the span of a single day.

   D– Something is pulling me towards something else and I don’t know how to let go and follow my heart’s passion.

 Seeing the good in yourself can affect every part of your world: Research suggests having compassion for yourself can help you ward off anxiety and depression, and makes you happier and more satisfied with life

  E – What I wish to do is start a non profit organization that provides education to children in impoverished areas. But at the same time I think of the need for money & time. And I think, what if I start a business first, to make money, then use that money to help in my cause. You can check this


Steve Ramsey,  Calgary- Alberta- Canada

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