Human spirits fighting over a chair

One case that I investigated in Canada,  Undisclosed location as the owner does not want their name or the house address mentioned. it was in the north of Edmonton, it was a fight between two human spirits. they were fighting over a rocking chair pulling the chair to left and to the right in a tug of war and I found that both of those old men died on that rocking chair. The first owner was an old Canadian man who fought in Germany and loved his wife, his wife passed away and he felt ill later and found dead on his rocking chair, the chair was sold and other family bought it to their grandfather, but again he too passed away on it in his sleep.

It took me some time to find out that this chair was the hot object and wasn’t the house at all, it took lots of prayers from myself and 2 pastors and for a few hours, we managed to let one spirit depart to the light from his chair but the first spirit stayed and refused to leave. Some people suggested it was a poltergeist but I don’t think so as both spirits belong to real people who lived and died and it wasn’t that of manifestation or active noisy energy created by a teenager in the house   the family sold the chair to get rid of the activities as the chair seen rocking by itself at early morning and also at the evening before and after sleep time . It scared the dog in the house that kept barking at the chair and the family in the house felt that they were been watched when they come close to that chair and they felt uneasy when they sat on that chair and having short breath and sick stomach.

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