How do people in hot countries deal with hot weather?

How do people in hot countries deal with hot weather? Does your body just get used to it? If I moved someplace hotter, would I ever adjust?

A reader answer to a problem 

I live in Thailand and unlike many other Thai people, I spend the most part of my life air condition-free. I dislike car and I do need to travel a lot during my earlier day as a sales people in hi-tech cement company from India. How do I travel? I walk, and walk a lot, under the unforgiving sun and the torturous steam. I walk, often for many km to reach the public bus, sometime just to call a tap, or some other time, to use private shuttle to move from place to place.

After I done with that company, I kind of self-employ and part-time employee of my family business. I often work in my own room which I operate strictly on no-air-con-during-the-day policy and mostly rely on fan and window for the cool.

How do I deal with the heat? Well, there are many ways around, none of them is perfect but often got me through the day. So I think i’s working rather well and will be sharing them here

1. Drink a lot of water – Thailand is dotted with 7-11 and other convenient stores, I often make a stop at this stores as soon as I can to buy a bottle of water, often a bottle of sweeten cold green tea, you will learn to appreciate the energy that came with sugar when you are in constant struggle against the heat. The 7-11 is also air conditioned so take as much time there as possible to preserve the precious coolness before continue your journey through the day.

2. Rolled up the sleeve – or wear short sleeve shirt, exposing your skin to the wind can cool down your body impressively fast. If I have to name one thing I think would be the best tip against the heat it would be this. Sleeve contribute so much more than you thought to your body temperature, if you plan to stay in the open for long, rolling them up is the best advice I can give.

3. Department Store – ever wonder why there are so many department store in SEA? Because it’s freaking hot and people do prefer to enjoy their time with aircon in tact. For urban dweller like me, department stores are also precious oasis where you can rest, get some of your temperature off and have a meal.

4. Do thing slow – walk slower (but not too slow, you don’t want to spend too much time out of the shade), act slower, and eat slower – sometime I just subconsciously slow everything down when I feel a bit too hot, and at least it help to not make me feel any hotter

5. Avoid hot soup – noodle, light soup, etc. avoid it! Of course you can take it if you really feel so – but be warned that you will feel 2-3 time hotter on your way back to your office (and soaking wet by the time you’re back)

These are the advice I can get, hope you’re enjoy

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