haunted house in Calgary

Hello Dr. Steve Ramsey.

Nicole Angel Bobak 

Tue, Feb 5, 11:31 AM

to me
Hello Dr. Steve Ramsey. I am emailing you to let you know about my story of my house, I’ve lived here for just about a year when I and my family moved in we had felt something un normal in the basement. It went away and has come back stronger, my kids are not the same since moving in. My stepson said he had a dream of a car rolling on his mother, when he woke up he said there was a clown at the end of his bed, he then told his little sister he was scared and did not want to be here and left the house @ 6.00am. That same day I sat on his bed and one tear rolled down my face for no apparent reason. Then after that, my boyfriend was looking at his phone and saw black angel wings through his phone camera. He then decided to leave his phone on the bed with the voice recorder on and we heard banging and a male voice saying leave us alone. My other stepson took a picture in his room and there appeared to be a face on the wall no explanation for that either. It seems to only affect the 2 boys the most. I was hoping you could possibly shed some light on this situation.

It was in our room he got up off the bed and fell on his face his face was moving and making noise and he doesn’t remember much at all he went to the bathroom I called his dad and he went to the hospital. And now it feels really weird in the house. We all want to leave.

He grabs our 3-year-old son and thought his eyes were rolling to back of his head and his eyes were not like all of this is scary and not right. Something needs to be done, I have 3 years, 8 and 13 years old sons; This morning he got up and feel smashed his face went pale and he went to the hospital and they say nothing is wrong with him at all and now he can’t be in the house. Like I am ready to pack and find somewhere to go this is not right. When the 13 years old is not here it is just not as strong. The other people that lived here never talked to us at all. And no recent deaths. The 8-year-old is very emotional and he is the one it seems to bug to most.

My boyfriend saw black angel wings and yes my boyfriend has a 9 min voice recording we only feel it in the basement an old tenant told me as well he felt something watching him down there. Sunday works. It’s just me and my family here. It’s so bad here I just want to move no one ever stays longer than a year

Thank you 

Nicole Angel Bobak, Calgary, southeast.

All my answers sent by email to her and the landlord, the problem was taken care of there was no demonic entity but a spirit of her father

Her father passed away a few months earlier and his spirit was still in the house prayers and cleansing was done and asked her to d

prayers to her father daily for few weeks and ask him to leave the house in peace and tell him that they are doing fine. The Entity that usually

is with the human spirit is a watcher entity a cleanisng was done by my self for 3 hours  and the problem was resolved . Some other advise 

was given to her and the landlord regading the house and the clutering and the landlord will install new window and change all the basement lights



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