Before you claim your self as a  Ghost Hunter read and know the basic- Steve Ramsey

Before you claim your self as a paranormal investigator 

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You think you have what it takes to be a ghost hunter? The first question you should ask yourself is: am I ready to deal with what I am about to experience? The second question should be something like what happens if I bring this problem home with me? as it happened to Bryan Doel  How will it affect me and my family? The third question should be: can I control my fear and my emotions? Fourth question: what do I do if the person reporting this paranormal activity is not mentally stable? What is my plan for this investigation and have all my questions been answered satisfactorily to even warrant an investigation? Do you have the answers to these questions and many more just like them? Ịf you don’t know the answers or cannot answer these questions truthfully, please stay home. You will not be doing anyone any good and you can put yourself and those around you into greater danger, not just from the spirit realm, but from the physical one as well.

Ghost Hunter 1For example, you are investigating an older abandoned home that is supposedly haunted, it is dark and you and a friend have split off from the rest of the group to investigate on your own. You suddenly hear a noise or feel something touch you, you take off running leaving your friend behind, who by the way has the flashlight and you accidentally bump into another friend who happened to be standing next to a hole and cause them to fall through that hole in the floor and they end up breaking a bone or worse. What happened, why did you run? You thought you were ready you and you had seen how it was done on T.V… Did you know that sometimes when doing an investigation of older abandoned homes that spider webs can cause it to feel as if someone is touching us or pulling our hair or that in the dark the sound of the wind blowing through cracked boards can sound like a deathly moan? Not to mention that it is illegal to be there without the owner’s permission, did you remember to get that?

Now, what of the spirit realm? Do you know how to protect yourself from going from the one doing the investigation to the one who needs an investigator or possibly a priest to perform an exorcism? While evil or demonic hauntings are a rarity, they do occur. What is your plan of action in helping this family remove this unwanted being from their home if it is proven to be true? Oh, so you are going to tell it to leave and be gone in the name of the lord, maybe throw some holy water around. Guess what? It now likes you; you are now going to be its best friend. Why? Because you are not a qualified exorcist and lack the knowledge and experience required to perform this. Okay so you try to smudge the home in a hope that this will work, but oops you forgot a step or you really do not believe this is going to work, no biggie right? Wrong, now all you have managed to do is make the demon or evil spirit mad and one of two things is going to happen. One, the family you were trying to help is now going to suffer worse than before, or two you will get the impression that it has worked, that is until you get home and discover your new best friend is throwing your stuff all over the place. Still ready to be a Ghost hunter?

Ghost hunting is not what you see in the movies and not always what you see on T.V… The program  Ghost Hunters is the closest thing to what I have experienced in the field. There are times when you can spend all night in a place that is supposed to have a ghost or paranormal activity and not see or hear a thing, let alone capture anything on camera or audio tape. While we are at it, let’s explore items you will need at a minimum to perform a professional investigation.

One is a good quality voice recorder with external Microphone; now while you can sometimes find these cheap remember you get what you pay for. The next thing you will need is an EMF detector or Electro Magnetic Field detector; do you know how to use this piece of equipment? Do you know how to begin an investigation with this equipment? Can you even guess the cost of this piece of equipment? The third thing you will require is a good no-touch thermometer, these are not cheap by any means. The fourth thing is a camera, while any camera will do, do you know which are better for full form apparitions and which are better for orbs and mist? How about a video camera, one with good night shot capabilities should do the trick. The sixth thing you will need is, of course, your flashlight, can’t leave home without it. Oh and let us not forget about batteries, you will need lots and lots of them as it seems that spirits just love to drain them just before that critical moment when you are about to capture them on film or audio. Now, what else are there, oh yeah, computers, software, support hardware, money, lots of money and last but not least time.

Do you really have the time and energy it is going to take to perform a professional investigation, or are you going to tell the people you are investigating for that you will get back to them with the results and then don’t, because you just couldn’t find the time or you were just too tired and never seemed to have the energy to go through all the evidence, or lack of it, that you gathered during your investigation. How about the old “I will get to it tomorrow” routine, well tomorrow never comes does it?

Ghost Hunter 2Bet you even thought, “Hey I could make some money doing this”, you’d be wrong. Reputable investigators and groups do not charge for their services, some will accept donations for the cost of travel and a few other expenses that occur, but other than that, nope, nada, isn’t going to happen. Still, want to be a Ghost hunter?

Maybe you are just planning on doing this as a hobby; hey you don’t have to investigate for anyone. Well, you would be right, but where are you going to investigate? A cemetery, an abandoned home or building would do nicely. Guess what? you need the owner’s permission as mentioned earlier to investigate these places and without it, you are trespassing and can find yourself standing before a judge trying to explain to him that you were just there looking for a ghost. Plus, most cemeteries I know are off limits to the public at night anyway due to the vandalism that often takes place there. How would you like to be charged with that, because just before you got there someone busted a bunch of headstones and guess who the police found in the cemetery after dark?

Say your friend Billy’s house is haunted. Okay let’s explore that route, shall we? First off you are going to be doing a biased investigation because this is your friend and we all want to believe and help our friends. Second, is this Billy’s house or his parents? Let’s assume it’s his parent’s home. Do they know what you are there to do? Okay, they do, now where do you begin, oh that’s right with the questionnaire… questionnaire? What questionnaire? No one mentioned anything about one of those. Any good investigator knows to properly perform a thorough investigation, you will need a questionnaire, with such questions as Has anyone in your family suffered from mental illness or been diagnosed with brain injuries? Is anyone in your household currently taking any prescription medicines or “other” drugs at this time? Didn’t you know the questions would be so personal? Sorry, they have to be, to be sure that what you are dealing with is truly paranormal and not being caused by drugs or mental illness. Still, think you are ready to be a ghost hunter?

I do not write this in an attempt to dissuade anyone from becoming a paranormal investigator; I just want those that are thinking about it to understand what they are getting into. Are they truly ready for the task before them, do they know what to do if they are dealing with someone or something that can cause them harm? Do they know where to find the proper help that may be needed during the investigation, such as a priest, psychologist, and anyone else who may be of assistance? It is always best to have these people already available just in case. Do they know the monetary value of what the equipment they will need to perform a valid investigation, not to mention the time required to perform the investigation? Last but not least, do they have the proper training or experience to be performing these investigations? If not they should find a paranormal group in their area that would be willing to accept them on a trial basis and learn from those that have been in the field a while.

This was not written as an all-inclusive guide to being a ghost hunter but as general knowledge writing. I do not claim to be an expert in any field of the paranormal, I don’t think anyone can. But I have experienced paranormal activity and studied the paranormal off and on for the last 26 years. I have done many investigations on my own and with a group. Most turned out to be nothing, but the few that couldn’t be explained more than made up for it.

Ghost Hunting Etiquette 101

The image and perception of a ghost have taken on so many attributes and illusions over the centuries that it is difficult to distinguish the difference as to what is and what isn’t a true haunting.

For some, a ghostly image may be that of a glowing translucent figure that ominously floats from one room of a house to the next, apparently searching for something or someone, unaware of their own demise. For others, poltergeists are demonic or evil entities that spend their eternal days and nights thinking of ways to torture, frighten and manipulate the innocent human beings that happened upon unfortunate territories. The notion is foolish to skeptics who think that a phantom could be nothing more than a person covered with a white sheet, moaning and rattling some chains to disturb the naive and imaginative.

There are many misconceptions about ghosts and the afterlife. Many perceived ghostly activities can be explained quite readily by logic or reason. Residual energy is a definite contending culprit when deciding whether or not there is a spirit prevailing in the area. There are also many other explanations that need to be explored before determining whether a house, location or person, for that matter, are haunted.

Ghost hunters are brave, intellectual and pioneering paranormal scientists and explorers, they courageously enter the domain of a suspected paranormal haunting. They explore locations armed with various technical and instrumental elements, such as cameras, thermometers, EMF detectors, voice recorders and more. Although these well-intentioned individuals are honorably seeking the perplexing truths to the existence of the afterlife, some are lacking knowledge and etiquette in a few essential and spiritual areas.

The first and most important step in ghost hunting is the diagnosis. Is it or isn’t it a real ghost? Many questions must be asked of the witnesses to determine if the strange activity or experiences are truly those of a ghost. Residual energy haunting can be determined simply by asking the homeowner, tenant or witnesses if the paranormal experience consisted only of feelings and emotional sensations. Residual energy does not manifest physical consciousness, malevolence or aggression.

Physical evaluation and study of the home or area must be conducted to rule out any logical or reasonable reasons for any odd activity. High concentrations of magnetic fluctuations due to ley lines or man-made technology can create false readings on instruments, as well as alter human perception.

In the event a real haunting, a determination must be made whether actual physical or communicative contact has been made. True ghosts will try to the best of their abilities to make contact of some kind, whether it be by moving items around the area or attempting to address the living while they are in a partially awakened or sleep state. Apparitions, orbs and audible sounds are all common forms of a ghostly presence trying to make themselves known. Often, they will become frustrated or provoked into more assertive attempts to make their points obvious. By poking, pushing or scratching, they prove they do not wish to be ignored.

It would be wise to obtain information pertaining to the history of the home and its former residents as to better understand what type of activities, negative or positive may have gone on in the home. Better yet, an honorable and experienced empathic psychic medium can be a very valuable asset to the ghost hunting team. These individuals are specifically tuned into paranormal anomalies and would be able to distinguish what the spirit wants and needs more effectively.

Once the ghost hunter has determined whether or not it is, in fact, a true haunting, the next step is to attempt to make contact. Almost all ghosts have a message to get across. The messages are often relatively clear. The most common of messages are either ‘hello’, ‘help’ or ‘get out’! All of which the ghost hunter or homeowner needs to acknowledge and value. If not, the entity will simply continue voicing its displeasure with your presence.

Haunted House

One way to attempt to make contact with the wayward soul is to simply speak to it aloud and then allow them to respond. Since we humans cannot usually hear their response, a tape recorder is a good way to capture electric voice phenomena or EVP. Due to the high density of our dimension, the living is often unable to audibly distinguish voices or sounds created in another dimension that is less dense. An ordinary cassette recorder is somehow able to archive a spirit’s voice to manifest. This auditory strategy may support the living and the dead in conversation.

Etiquette is of the most utmost importance when physically and verbally approaching a deceased human being. No matter who officially pays the mortgage and holds the land title, the spirit believes that this is their territory. A ghost hunter, and homeowner, must be respectful towards the ghost and their predicament or the investigator is bound to get an adverse reaction or none at all. It’s important to be polite and verbally state your purpose immediately upon approaching the location. Asking the deceased individual’s permission to enter the premises or to take photographs is a great way to show them they are being respected.

One has to anticipate what the ghost may be feeling. They are obviously confused, scared, lonely or defensive. An example of how best to learn to appreciate and anticipate the spirits feelings and reactions is that of a frightened animal. If you approach a confused and terrified cat aggressively and abruptly, what can you expect? Well, obviously the petrified feline will either run away or attempt to hurt you in defense. It’s their natural and instinctive reaction to your assumed invasive presence. An animal has no way of knowing your innocent intentions because they are incapable of understanding or reading your mind.

A ghost isn’t much different, the lines of communication are crossed as it is and they don’t have the full understanding of where they are or what’s happened to them. They’re simply reacting with instinct when wondering why this person with strange instruments is intruding in their home!

In saying that, we mustn’t underestimate their intelligence either, we must simply try to understand and gently coax them into submission. Your advance and attitude towards them is the most important aspect of the experience. Fear is also a factor, if your disposition is that of terror, panic or hysterical behavior, they may feed off of that energy. They can themselves become afraid and unresponsive to your requests.

In their realm, they have very little control of their existence. They wander aimlessly and confused through a foggy existence, wondering what to do next. A human soul can sometimes be tormented by memories of a terrible past. They may be reliving a painful and traumatic event over and over. So when someone comes into their fragile world, poking and prodding, they may lash out to protect themselves. Or worse yet, they may be the type that feels empowered by the fact that they can manipulate or control a living person again. This is usually when a haunting can become dangerous and terribly frightening.

One of the most important things to remember is that this literally used to be a flesh and blood human being. A being’s personality, as well as your own, will continue into the next realm even though your tangible body does not. These entities, when alive, had families, jobs, memories, and emotions. They had loved ones and were loved by others. Quite distressingly, some of these souls are bound to this limbo for a potentially horrible and tragic reason. Try to have empathy, consideration, and compassion for the state that they are in.

A good point to remember when beginning your ghost hunting adventure, you’ll catch more flies with honey. So enter their home with respect, gratitude and a polite disposition and you may end up with a very cooperative spirit, hence some very good photographs.

 Shadow People

People from around the world have written to our site about something they have seen that they can only best describe as, “Shadow People”. This implies that the person or entity that appears shadowlike is not solid but exactly what a shadow is; dark, transparent and fleeting.

I was mulling over Shadow People for a while and was startled when I again saw a reference to it on a ghost show on TV. Based on the circumstances surrounding shadow people in this instance, it appears that they are spirits that cannot move on to the other side. From the stories I’ve read, it’s not uncommon to read that they killed themselves, were in a car accident, were the victim of a homicide, or some other pre-natural death. Even small children who were able to speak to Shadow People said that the reason they were still here is that, “They can’t go to heaven.” In other words, stuck in this lower vibrational realm.

Shadow PeopleShadow People aren’t materialized enough to see in full but have presented enough energy to be seen in a fleeting manner, or even in the corner of one’s eyes. It is my opinion because their mass is not as dense as ours, they don’t reflect light in the same manner that a solid form does, such as ourselves or objects in the room. I find it interesting that some ghosts can materialize in a more dense form than others. Some are completely invisible, some are shadows and some are full apparitions appearing as physical.

I think Shadow People are separate from residual hauntings where a violent event has imprinted itself onto the fabric of time and space. It’s like a video recording that plays over and over despite the actors have moved on to other things.

Like any spirit that is stuck here, we can try to talk to them, to encourage them to move to the light, or ask for a more divine assistance in helping them move on. Some Shadow People don’t want to leave until they feel something here is resolved or they are too attached to a person or place. All spirits do have more than one opportunity to move on so it’s a matter of time before they do, with or without our help.

The following are quotes from our website where people have talked about Shadow People. I’ve copied them here so you can get an idea of a typical quote.

I was living in my old house that was really close to Wilson’s Creek Battlefield and I can swear there was a shadow or something in my house.”

“My grandson finally admitted to his mom today that he has been seeing both shadow people and spirits that apparently have not passed.”

“I noticed one shadow figure would come and go in my vision in the same place. I focused on it and smiled. It seemed to wave at me. This got my attention because none of the others really moved as much, and none seemed to have limbs. It slowly seemed to appear as my partner, in the clothes we buried him in.”

“As I was drifting off, suddenly a huge shadow appeared from my right side above my head from the top of the bed. It was a blackness that was so dark that it was the opposite of void. It had substance; it was a thing.”

“I see shadows. That is why I joined this group. They range in color from black to grey (most often), to white.”

“Sometimes, when I am in a relatively calm state, or in a very anxious or scared state, I see these shadowy forms. They appear in the edges of my vision, and then when I try to focus on them, they literally run away.”

“I was 10 years old, in fourth grade. I awoke with a chill on my feet. Moved a bit to warm me up, but it didn’t work. I sat up and looked in front of me. There I saw a shadowed figure, the felt and saw the presence of a man. The energy I got from him was sorrow. I was petrified from fear, and masked by sadness. I looked back at the end of my bed and he was gone.”

 Native American Smudging Ceremony

Items you will need to perform this ceremony are as follows:

Sage Herb

  1. Bundle of dried white sage
  2. Bundle of dried cedar
  3. A braid of Sweetgrass
  4. Stone or Earthen bowl
  5. A small amount of sand
  6. A large feather
  7. An open mind and heart

All items except open mind and heart can be purchased online or through  local herbal shop.

You should pick a time when you are least likely to be interrupted while performing this ceremony as it is a lengthy one and does require your complete attention. To begin with, I recommend you smudge yourself and those around you before you begin your home. It would not do to smudge your home only to find out that the negative energy was attached to you the entire time. Start by putting about an inch of sand in your stone or earthen bowl and lighting your sage bundle. Now your bundle should smolder not flame up if it goes out during the ceremony just stop right where you are and relight it. Do not blow on it to keep it burning, this can be seen as blowing negativity into the sacred herb. Place it in your bowl using your feather start at your left foot and fan the smoke around you as your work your way up and over your body go over your head and down the right side of your body to your right foot closing the circle. Do the same for all involved in the ceremony or at home. Always works best if you have help smudging yourself.

To start your home, begin at the entrance to your home with your back to the home and start to your left fanning the smoke towards the walls and corners as you slowly make your way around your home. If you come to a room, just keep working around to the left till you come back out of that room, same with closets and cupboards. Ịf you come to a stairwell work your way up or down the stairs to the next level and do the same there as on the first floor until you have worked your way back to the entrance to your home. As you reach the entrance, envision the negative energy being pushed from the home and close the circle by going back to where you began.

Now extinguish the white sage and clean out any ashes from your bowl. Light your cedar bundle and follow the same steps as above. Remember to clean out the ashes before the next sacred herb is placed in the bowl.

Finally, you will light the sweet grass braid to complete the ceremony. While doing the sweet grass I often say a prayer for peace, harmony, and love to replace the turmoil and negative energy that was in the home. Not a required step, but one that I find helps. If the spirits are particular strong ones or of an evil nature, you may need to perform the ceremony more than once to rid your home of them, otherwise smudging with the sweet grass braid every few months should keep the positive energies freely flowing.

What Are Ghosts?

We have all been raised with ghosts in our lives. Cartoons, stories & Legends, Halloween, and deceased relatives that we wonder about. We all die so it’s part of our heritage, no matter what culture that is. We know as far back as man has been writing symbols on walls that we’ve contemplated spirits from another realm.

Ghosts are more than deceased people. If they were just that, there would be nothing to talk about. Crossing over to the next dimension doesn’t make you a ghost. Ịt’s when you come back and let your presence be known among the living. They move an object, provide a fleeting glance, come to us in our dreams, and whisper to us though we may not be able to see them. They are souls that have something to show, do or say to us.

What are ghosts?Why do they come back? What is so compelling to them that they are not in final rest where they are in the afterlife? I think there are many reasons. For some, it’s unfinished business. For others, it’s pure love. They simply don’t want to let go. Something strong exists within them to want to come back to this realm to hold dear, expose or endure something strong to them. I think it applies to the living as well. Why do we cling to thoughts of those that have passed, even to those that are still living? I guarantee you it’s for many of the same reasons they do. Just because we leave this dimension doesn’t mean we stop being human in our thoughts and desires. What we are here is what we take with us. The same love, fear, and desires don’t cease when we do. 

I think ghosts are just those souls strong enough to break through the dimensions to express their will or cling to some past. There are several ways they can do this. One of the most common is those that have just recently crossed over. Their energy is still strong enough that it’s possible for them to be seen and even communicated with just a few hours or days after their departure. One might call this their etheric presence. It fades shortly after the physical perishes but it too diminishes quickly, like an aura that no longer has a host.

Equal to the pull of love is anguish. More than not, a ghost is a person whose life ended abruptly and sometimes violently. This can be known as a haunting because they are haunted by a life now gone. The haunting is from their thoughts and their presence becomes a testimony to that.

If you think about it, ghosts are just you and I. What will become of us when we move on? Will we come back? Will we want to? I guess we’ll find out.

How Can Mediums Talk to Ghosts?

First, I think we are all capable of talking to ghosts, but we don’t work on the skills that would be needed to do this. And most of us don’t want to see, hear or feel a ghost! Ịt would be rather unnerving, if not terrifying, to look up from a moment of respite and see some blank-eyed little girl staring at you, mouthing something you can’t hear. Visions of The Shining become all too real at this point and nothing we want to mess with.

But then, there are those that are born natural Mediums. Their ability to detect outside the normal human frequency, like many animals, is heightened. Their E.S.P., or extrasensory perception, extends beyond the normal physical senses. They simply are able to tune into a frequency band greater than most. Some can see ghosts; some can only hear them, while other Mediums are shown visions and guidance in their mind’s eye or “third eye” from the beyond. These are the John Edwards of the world, or the crime-solving specialists on the fascinating show, Haunting Evidence on Court TV.

How Can Mediums Talk to Ghosts?If you personally are interested in learning the skills of the Medium, there are things you can do.

First, visit haunted places. It doesn’t have to be a frightening place which will close you down to the experience, but a location was many lives had crossed over, like an old battlefield, a cemetery, or a known haunted hotel. There are plenty of books out there that detail these places throughout the United States, Europe and elsewhere.

Second, find a place where you can be very quiet and still. You are trying to open up that sixth sense which has been dormant for a very long time. We all have this capability, but like any muscle, it’s become weak over time, maybe an entire lifetime.

Third, start shutting out the thoughts in your mind that are racing about. You need an open receptacle (the quiet mind) to allow very soft utterings from beyond. You can’t hear if you’re too busy talking in your own mind (much like any conversation). The more you go into a meditative state, known as Alpha, the more you’ll open up to hearing frequencies not normally heard.

Next, after you are quiet, calm, and clear, extend a request that a positive entity makes itself be known to you. Then, just relax, wait and listen. If the situation is right, they will try and make themselves be heard in some way. And hearing is easier to attain than breaking through the physical dimension with an actual matter, so expect that. It will probably be something short and perhaps blurted out, so don’t expect a huge dialog, more like one or two words, or a hurried rush of whispering.

The few times I’ve heard ghosts, I was quiet and calm. Usually coming out of sleep, meditating, or spending time alone in a quiet and solitary state –all ideal for extended communications with the dearly departed.

Of course, once you open this type of ability, you may have started a new journey for yourself and one you may not entirely want! So be sure this is the type of thing that really interests you. If not, keep that TV going and stay away from the cemetery!

Ghosts Gone Bad

The premise of this article is that ghostly beings (human or otherwise) dwell on the other side and while there are garden-variety good ones, there can sometimes be bad ones.

Bad is purely a subjective word, to some degree, but there are core components; power, greed, lust, and all things base in nature. A ghost gone bad is an engorged component of one or all of these. It is the succubus, the demon, or the legendary nightmare hag.

The succubus is caught up in sexual fervor; the demon loves the power over frail mortal minds, and the hag delights in torture and fear. There too are souls that while having shed their physical shell in death, bring to the other side the one thing they cannot readily shed — the wounded or inflated ego — hell-bent on mortal suffering.

“Ghosts have gone bad” is a scenario that happened to me for a period in my youth. Typical of many teenagers (especially these days), I was wracked with conflicting feelings: separating parents and a myriad of other negative emotions, which would attract such a ghost. I’m sorry to say I was playing with the Ouija Board at the time and having very impressive results– so much so that Ị was later labeled a witch. But this portal and my youth beckoned something I had not anticipated — a ghostly predator.

Ghosts Gone BadIt took me some time to figure it out. Our pet Labrador wouldn’t come to my room at night. It would stand at the doorway and growl at “something” inside. My father once heard screams originating from my room in the middle of the nightly only to rush in and find nothing but my sister and I sleep. What was it? Had he imaged it? A year later my father left the family and this added unhappiness led to an escalation of the incidents. The room would grow cold; I’d become conscious in the middle of the night and feel fingers clawing at my side. My tongue seemed to swell inside my mouth (imagined or otherwise, it didn’t seem to matter to me at the time) and I’d try to scream but my body was somehow a powerless prey to a force beyond my control.

You might say it was my imagination or troubled youth, which would be a logical conclusion, considering my father had left, but I invited friends over for their own investigations into this realm of suffering that had become my life. In one particular event, a male friend of mine came over and was quite cocky and sure that not only was nothing amiss but even if I were there, he’d be the one to drive it out. I was very hopeful indeed, as I was so tired of the sleepless, frightening nights. I just wanted it over, if you can imagine.

So one evening when we had the house to ourselves, he came over to “investigate and propel” what he thought were the ghostly intruders. In retrospect, one can say it’s one’s ego over another, is it not? Regardless, he came to my home and was doing what I would call a very inexperienced exorcism. He would shake his fist, talk loudly at the room and say vehemently for them to go away. I could feel the energy do the very opposite – not to be quelled, but to boil. I actually grew quite frightened at this time and cautioned him, “Do you really know what you are doing?”

It later became evident that he did not. But when he left for home that night, I did not know this.

When he departed, I was amazed at the transformation. The place felt so amazingly pure and devoid of negative energies! I thought perhaps his exorcism had worked. My room felt great and there was no cold air. Nothing was hanging over me like a wet dank blanket. I felt freer then than I had in months. I said to myself, “It must have worked!”

My friend told me the next day that he had returned to his parents’ house where he lived and went to bed for the evening. He was awoken in the middle of the night by a sound coming from his stereo. How and why would the stereo come on by itself? Then, as he turned his ears to listen, the dials started spinning through the channels by themselves. He later told me chills ran up his spine. He did not know what was doing this but it couldn’t have been any coincidence that he had just been to my house and attempted to exorcise ghosts.

Worse yet, when he lay in bed, virtually frightened into immobility, his closet interior came crashing down. The entire wardrobe was yanked to the floor with such a smash that his parents came running down the stairs.

They frantically asked him what was going on. All he could say is that he had just come from my house and tried to exorcize some poltergeists. You can imagine their concern.

In short, outside of school, he was no longer allowed to see me.

So what happened to that ghost that dwelled in my room? It returned very shortly and the pestering continued. I eventually moved in with a nice family and it followed me there too. It took awhile, but as I grew more positive it holds over me weakened. It eventually disappeared altogether.

Incubus and Succubus

Medieval legend claims that demons, both male, and female, sexually prey on human beings. The male demon is known as an incubus and the female is the succubus. They generally prey upon the victim when they are sleeping, though it has been reported that females have been attacked while fully lucid. One such event was covered in the book and subsequent movie,  The Entity.

Incubus and SuccubusThere are variations of this sexual demonic legend. In Zanzibar, what is known as the “Popo Bawa” generally preys on men and only in their own beds? In the Chilo‚ Province of Chile, a wretched little dwarf, known as El Trauco, woos young naive women and then seduces them. Ịn Hungary, a Liderc is a demonic sexual predator that flies under the cover of darkness and will appear as a wispy apparition or a fiery light.

Anyone of the above succubus’ can be blamed for unexpected or unwanted pregnancies, especially in unmarried women, though one can imagine this might be a convenient fabrication to get out of unsavory rumors!

Some confuse the incubus with the legendary “Old Hag” syndrome but it is not. The Old Hag episode is usually restricted to a feeling of great pressure on the chest and not a ghostly sexual encounter. Another difference between the incubus/succubus encounter from the Old Hag is that the former is not always unpleasant while the Old Hag is mostly accompanied by a feeling of death, suffocation and just trying to survive.

Because the incubus and succubus are generally experienced during the sleep state or coming in and out of it, experts feel that it is an imaginary experience and not a real one, however, telling this to the person who has just gone through it, they find that hard to believe as it feels as real as intercourse itself. Who can say for certain if these events are real or imagined but until you’ve experienced yourself it’s hard to determine or judge.


Steve Ramsey- Pranormal Expert , Calgary – Alberta – Canada


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