Ghost want to see the baby ultrasound

 I was working with Palo Verdi Imaging in Indio California back in 1988 /1989

The place was an old building that has physiotherapy and the doctors moved to a new building and rented the place for my boss to open general and vascular ultrasound clinic.

I was living in Indio California at that time. We had many undocumented Mexican immigrants and they use to pay cash for their ultrasound services.

One day I was working alone as the second sonographer was away, an old  Mexican lady came with her daughter to check for her daughter pregnancy and see the child, in that time we didn’t have 3D or 4D imagine but we can show them the baby and give them Polaroid pictures on thermal prints.

The patient was sent by a doctor to check for viability, the baby was 14 weeks at that time

While I was doing the ultrasounds canning the baby had very faint heart and his heart beats was less than 50 beats per minutes, there was lots of amniotic fluid/polyhydramnios and by the time I did the scan and all other measurements the baby heart stooped completely and went to fetal demise, it’s very rare to happen while I do  the ultrasound and this is only case I had in my scanning Currier that the baby heart stop in the end of the exam.

So, I documented the heart beats on Doppler /m-mode and put it on VHS video to show the there is no heartbeat. The patient was sad and starts crying along with the grandmother. The husband was supportive and understanding and he took them back to the doctor clinic nearby.

Later in that day, the grandmother passed away on the same day at night

I was informed by our Mexican clerks who have connections with that family. I was very saddened by the news.

One week later while I was opening the clinic early in the morning

I started feeling uneasy and I felt someone watching me especially when I go to the ultrasound room, when I move and go to the other rooms-I feel OK. I thought it could be anxiety or some EMF effects that can do this. But the ultrasound machines were the same and the rooms are the same and there were no extra wiring or extra machines in them.

Few days later i hared a crying sound that was exactly the same crying the grandmother gave while she was in the ultrasound room, that really scared me despite i been throw allot of paranormal incidents in my life .

The sound of crying and sadness make me so sad and i member I asked and asked turning my face to a different direction as i couldn’t see this entity , i said how can i help you is there is anything  can do ? But all that i felt is a gush of wind from the room back to end of the clinic where the window toward the back yard and the desert was.

I used to tell the Mexican clerk about this as she was a catholic and she believes in spirit so we used to pray around the rooms when we don’t have patients.

Few weeks later the sound came back again when i was alone and just opened the clinic early. And i felt prescience in the chair where the grandmother was sitting watching the baby scan.

I remember that I had that VHS WITH ME in that time so i put it back and only played back the part where the baby was a life and increased the sound volume so i can hear some heart beats, and started saying is this what you want to see this is the baby he is in God hands now and I am sorry for both of you i really was sad with tears in my eyes

I told this spirit to trust in God as you are a catholic with faith please trust that God will take care of her. I felt the room a bit lighter and the spirit moved to the back of the clinic.

I told Angela our clerk to say what i said in English but in Spanish, so the spirit understand, she also called one of her relatives who did some cleansing to the place as  we didn’t want to scare the patients or tell the manger who lives in close by town .after the cleansing everything settled down . I have asked the clerk why we don’t go to the grandmother grave and do some prayers but she said her body was taken back to Mexico and buried near her relatives. 

I used to live in Indio California back in 1987/ 88

When I moved t my new apartment in the new compound close to the desert I experienced the most horrific demonic haunting that I ever encountered, it was all started by haunting my dreams just few days after I moved in the new apartment. I don’t drink, smoke or take any drugs or alcohol. I am in the medical field and I had no anxiety or stress. Things started to get worse as I can see shadows moving in the apartment, watching the window , pulling my bed sheat and heavy intense feeling of being watched .I didn’t know if it was an attachment or was it because the area was new built compound close to the desert that was part of native Indians in the past.

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