For the memory of all Christians who got killed by Iranian missile attack

For the memory of all Christians who got killed by Iranian  intentionally missile attack

A moment of silence and prayer for those Christian souls  who lost their lives by the cowardly intentionally Iranian missile attack on a civilian airplane , we must never forget , we must help those who killed and murdered by Iran to get a mass law suite against them , bring them to justice , cut all diplomatic relationship with Iran, dont buy and sale to them and from them, dont allow them to come here and poison our culture with their evil ideology and sick evil ways, help the good Iranians who appose the evil government , help Mojahdeen khalq, the Bahia faith  , the Persian minority, the Kurd Persian, Arabestan and Beloshestan people in Iran, the student and resistant parties against Iran, help to revolt and change the evil regime in Iran that destroyed Yemen , Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, threatened to destroy UAE- Dubai, and Saudi, and to destroy the state of Israel and kill all the Jewish! and spreading hate culture all over the world, Ask your government please to not allow those people to come here and be very selective as majority are spies and work for Iran government. Many now openly holding prayers for the killing of the terrorists Qassim Solaimani  in Canada and the USA! without no shame while they never cry and pray for those people who they killed in this plan attack including their own 80 Iranians Muslim people who are living away from Iran destroying their dreams and hope for better future. WHEN THERE IS IRAN GOVERNMENT THERE WILL BE NO FUTURE TO HUMANITY.

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Protests broke out across Iran and Iraq, after Iran and Iraq stealing money from Iraqi and destroying their country with corruption and government injustice. after the government announced a significant increase in fuel prices to offset the effects of United States’ sanctions on the country. The protests, which have seen tens of thousands of people participate in at least 100 cities and towns, were met with deadly force by government security forces. Meanwhile, some demonstrators have set fire to banks and petrol stations, blocked roadways, and attacked government buildings.

Across the country, the security forces have used live ammunition against protesters, resulting in significant loss of life. The security forces have been accused of firing indiscriminately into crowds, as well as deploying snipers against protesters. While government-imposed internet and phone restrictions have prevented the release of detailed information on casualties, Amnesty International reported on 19 November that at least 106 protesters have been killed. The real death toll may be much higher.

With the United States and Iran cooing secret deal after both agreed to kill the terrorists Qassem Soleimani, We see lots of shia people in the USA and Canada mourning the death of this criminal in their husynia or place of prayers for the shia, without any police arrest . Imagine if people were praying for Hitler and this is the same.

Regime change advocates are celebrating the assassination of the Qudos Force commander Qasem Soleimani as the beginning of a democratic Iran.

Royalist expatriate talk shows briefly circulated rumors that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had died of a heart attack, readying the ground for people to rise up to change the face of Iran. After all, the street protests that washed over Iran this past November had unleashed the most widespread and deadly unrest the country had seen since the 1979 terrorists’ revolution.

But if anyone is expecting an inspirational people’s movement to rise up, the music shows otherwise. One might have expected the recent protests to come with an outpouring of revolutionary music. After all, in the absence of a free public culture, music has become an important mode of political expression in modern Iran

Washington has helped the Islamic Republic to supercharge its discourse of resistance to the United States and suppress dissent even more effectively.

USA and Iran both have agreement to kill this terrorist and Iran dont want to do it so the USA done it for them and this is what we know , Iran never shot fully loaded weapon as all the missiles shot had no explosive and they informed the USA hours before the attack , it is all game and planned tactics so Iran dont have street revolution . The Iraqi people paid the price of this proxy war between the USA and the evil Iranian regime , Thousands Iraqi civilians were killed among them my family. And still family members in Iraqi prison to date because they demonstrated against the evil Iranians influence in Iraq. The terrorists Qassim sulimnai is a a criminal , he killed 200,000 people and more than 2000 people he executed them him self including a lady journalist who exposed his plan and involvements in the destruction of the shia mosques that led to the civil war between the Shia and the Sunni killing 12000 people.

The predominant tone of this Iranian moment was despair. Following Soleimani’s death, it has turned to indignant resolve for revenge and justice, as promulgated by the state-run news media. The November protests, caused by a gas price hike, engulfed 29 of Iran’s 31 provinces and led to the killing of more than 600 people in the crackdown that followed, according to opposition forces. Only one day into the protests, the state shut down the global Internet for a whole week, causing an unprecedented digital blackout.

The immensity of the 2009 uprising shocked the state, which quickly leap to securitize cyberspace. In 2011, the police force established a new cyber police unit, which significantly restricted freedom of speech online.

The national depression that followed 2009 quickly led to the out migration of half a million Iranians every year, about 150,000 of whom are highly talented, according to the Iranian Ministry of Science’s own estimate.

But already by the end of 2017, economic corruption and mismanagement, as well as a looming U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal, provoked widespread discontent. Iran began steeling oil money from Iraq and destroying Iraq and using it as one of their proxy war area. Iraqi people rejected fight and demonstrated by they got arrested, poisoned and killed under the USA and Canada watch.

The recent protests were desperate gasps of Iran’s freedom movement, estimated 14000 political prisoners in Iran, 12000 Kurd and Sunni women were raped, 3000 children were executed, and thousand of Christian’s rights were taken out and silenced. The Iranian regime’s decision to scrap gasoline subsidies sparked massive protests across the country

UN AND many European countries said that the Iranians were hiding nuclear materials and sites, using it as a “secret atomic warehouse.” This casts enough doubt on any definitive statement that Iran had been complying with the 2015 nuclear deal before the U.S. pulled out of it.

Second, the idea that Iran’s mischief was somehow more manageable before the nuclear deal ended is more than a stretch. The deadly Syrian civil war that Iran has played a major role in for years by backing the regime of Bashar al-Assad began well before 2015. The Yemeni civil war, where Iran has backed the Houthi rebels, also began before the 2015 nuclear deal. Iran’s continued backing terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and their continued attacks on Israeli civilian locations also long predates any nuclear deal with the West.


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