Find the reason and fix it

When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment which it grows and not the flower.

The flower might need more or less sunshine, better soil and light, less or more water, and this is also true with any worker .When you see your sonographers , technologist, nurses are tired, lazy, not progressing, suffering with msk problems, day dreaming,they do not want to learn new things, isolate themselves and do not want to be part of the team, not social , calls in sick, arrive late, don’t finish the case on time, moody and angry, you know you have a problem in your hand.

To fix the situation that causes these observations , and find the factor behind each cause, you got to fix the environment that lead them to do this . You Must talk to them first and to other team members to see if there are any personnel issues at home or school,or at work place, if there are any any bulling in the workplace , and find out the cause of these stress factors , then try to find ways to correct each situation .

Try to bring them to a healthy environment so they can bloom again. It could be a doctor or a radiologist , a supervisor or a worker who stressed them out and lead them to burnout , so you must talk to them and find a solution and be like a peace maker . Remove any bulling from the work place and get rid of them before they destroy your place .

Hire great team members (and don’t be afraid to let bad ones go) Smart businesses know that a good work environment starts with hiring the right people. …

Improve the lighting .Make the office comfortable, the ultrasound room bigger and focus on MSK injury reductions, talk to expert they will help you, Improving communication and documentation of incidents and frictions between workers and invite a clinical psychologists in the meeting to help them .

Those bulling people who are like dark clouds that covers every sunshine and smile in the room have no place in a healthy team ,get rid of them. Remember that most workers leaves because of bad managements, bad team, bad and toxic environment and not leaving the workplace and the job.

Nearly a fifth of American workers across a wider swath of industries said they faced a hostile or threatening work environment in a 2017 survey conducted by the Rand Corp., Harvard Medical School and UCLA.

The pressure of stressful situation can be too much for some people, and can lead them to lack of sleep, severe anxiety attacks, depression, losing of weight and deteriorating health that lead to calling sick and in rare cases they commit suicide.

So be a smart leader and manager by thinking always of the work environment and keep it friendly ,positive and find ways to make the communications easy without fear . Respect and kindness , encouragement and pointing the facts and not fingers at any problem and pay them for their productivity, especially now in our bad economic situation and rescission worldwide. Employees and managers sincerely interested in modifying their environment will heed that call, but will do so smartly. If people really want change to happen, they really need to take it upon themselves to propose solutions to change their environment. Not accepting the culture of toxicity or negativity is really important.

“It very well could be that high-power people see the behavior and don’t perceive it to be a big problem, while lower-level people see it and perceive it to be extremely stressful.” –Maurice Schweitzer.

Steve Ramsey, PhD. Okotoks, Alberta- Canada

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