Experience Haunted Iraq  from USA ARMY PERSONNEL 

ExperienceHaunted Iraq from USA ARMY PERSONNEL 

submitted 4 years ago by MayTheBananaBeWithYo

I deployed to Iraq in 2010-2011 and my unit experienced a few weird things while there. First off, we were replacing a unit that was leaving their vehicles for us, and about 2-3 weeks before we arrived they lost 2 men in a suicide bombing incident. Now, I am not sure if they belonged to our particular vehicles, or not, but just a little “hmm..” that I have thought about.

Now the first incident happens at night around I would say, 11 pm or so. We keep the hatches to the vehicles padlocked when not in use, and only the platoon sergeant and driver have keys. That night a driver from another vehicle had just gotten done doing checks on his own vehicle and while walking away he saw a light on the inside of the one next to it. The driver that the other vehicle belonged to was notorious for leaving stuff on, so he didn’t pay any attention to it. As he was locking him up he saw somebody in the driver’s seat and was like “Ah Ha! He is in there” and climbed to open the door to surprise him. It was still padlocked, and so was the back door, and no one was in there anymore. (BTW Strykers were our vehicles) There was no way for someone to get in or out without having to take at least one of the padlocks off and the doors aren’t exactly quiet to open or close.

Another incident involved me in the vehicle he saw the person inside of. We had to pull guard in the turret of the vehicle and while on a night shift I was sitting in the turret by myself when the communication box (which hung down on a chord below the turret) slammed into my knee and started swinging back and forth. I tried to recreate it several times the rest of the deployment and couldn’t. It would have taken a good amount of force to swing from where it rests to be even close to my knee.

Others in my unit report hearing someone talking while they stood on guard, and even just having a presence in the vehicle while they were there. I am sure there are more stories that they haven’t cared to share due to being tough gruff Cav Scout types. It wasn’t uncommon for some of us to spend the countless hours watching the blackness of night talking to whatever was in the vehicle. Just weird experiences that people had while there.

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