Donald Trump and World War 3 by Steve Ramsey, PhD

To the degree that his statements reflect reality, it is unlikely. Trump’s entire outlook is financially based and wars are very expensive. This seems to match his non-hawkish positions on every front.

·        On the Iraq war, he claims he was against it from the start (in reality it was after the war had started) and he claimed it would destabilize the Middle East.He will use the air force to attack north Iraq , help the Kurd to creates new republic of Kurdistan as USA done with south Sudan. He also will destabilize Cuba for sure and possibly Invade Cuba .If that will happen Russia will invade Ukraine and take more Territories.

On North Korea, he wants to leverage China to solve the North Korean situation: He will send more troops to south Korea

On Iran, he is willing to “police” the Iran nuclear deal as hard as possible, but not “tear it up” as others have stated. He will keep Iran as a scare tactics to those fat rich cats in the gulf region so he can sale more weapons to them and keep USA forces in the gulf region. The Philippine might leave USA for good and alley with China and Russia making the region more unstable.

On Russia, he is already making friends with Putin while his GOP competition states they would punch Putin in the nose. His wife mellonie from Slovenia . Melania Trump (born Melanija Knavs . April 26, 1970; also known as Melania Knauss) Her father is well known Communist party member , she also have a half brother .She became a permanent resident of the United States in 2001 and a citizen in 2006. She is to assume the role of First lady of the USA  on January 20, 2017. She will be the second foreign-born First Lady of the United States, following Louisa Adams. The net is full with her nude pictures as she was modeling nude and some occasion most of these photos will be taken of the net for sure .

On Syria, he wants to see Russia take care of ISIS while his GOP competition wants to carpet bomb the entire region. But the congress and UN will not allow him to do so

While Trump doesn’t seem to be hawkish, he talks big, states he wants to increase military size and strength. With terrorism, he claims he would he in favor of killing the families of terrorists and go beyond waterboarding, and that will open the door to more human rights violations around the world and more embassies and USA personnel been harass and put in danger.

Melnia Trumps half brother.  her communist member father picture in the middle 

Because he’s an impulsive and angry hothead, he has already made statements off the cuff about defaulting on the USA’s debt, undoing NATO, starting a few wars at home and abroad. Look at how Trump has jumped to declare that Egypt Air flight 804 was caused by terrorism before all the facts are in. Trump will help Israel for sure and will not help any future Palestinian state that will anger the Palestinians and the Egyptian along with the Saudi to take sides and ally with Russia . Iran already with Russia so he ca not bomb Iran as John McCain once said -Bomb Bomb Bomb lets Bomb Iran.

He dangerously speaks before he has all the facts. And even when facts seem to be known about things, he still declares he knows different ( he broached the idea Anton Scalia was murdered, Ted Cruz’s father was with Oswald before the Kennedy assassination, that Obama was really a Muslim, that the U.S. government was involved int he 9/11 attacks, Muslims marched in Jersey City after those same attacks, vaccines cause autism and on and on.) all of this is dangerous misinformation. Manay says that Donald Trump actually helped by the masonic and possibly the Illuminati to help their cause while shows other wise in his speeches against them as a tactic.

Iran is the worse evil in this equation , Many roomered that Iran was involved in the fire that devour quarter of For Murray Alberta as Canada cut relationship with Iran so the Iranian agents burned North Alberta oil rich area to put Alberta down so Iran can have more leverage over the price of oil , This is just a strong roomer and who knows it sound possible , who knows what those agents of evil can do in USA or Canada to our oil fields again.

Trump is well known that he is always Acting before thinking or disregarding facts because of this behavior he can not be trusted as Commander in Chief.John McCain said he is very dangerous man and not to be trusted. In his presidency we will see the shift toward Communism from so many countries in Africa, South east Asia and the middleast.

Well there are a couple of places Trump has gotten himself into trouble in terms of foreign policy. He has advocated for starting a trade war with China by imposing various tariffs and by plunging both the US and China into recession. China will use many other tactics along with helping Iran to stop the USA from canceling the deals that USA had signed with them . Iran now controlling IRAQ, SYRIA, MOST OF YEMEN, half of Bahrain and they have agents in SAUDI, UAE, QATAR, LEBANON , and KUWAIT that are ready to take arm and do riots and destroy the oil supplies in that region.

Donald Trump has also spoken about how the nuclear option is something “he wouldn’t rule out” to fight terrorist groups. He has also spoken about how we should allow other various countries including Japan, Korea, and Saudi Arabia to own nukes as well. He might use the dirty Nuc Bombs to attack the region and USA Israel to attack Iran Nuc sites as they did in Iraq. ISIS was created by USA according to Trump speeches and he said Obama and of course ISRAEL, QATAR AND OTHER Players created ISIS. The history tell us this might be true as ISRAEL created Hamas at the beginning but later Hamas took a different turn and got more radicalized .Russia might help Hamas and Hezbollah to gain foot hold in Golan height .

These positions he has taken, and many more like it, lead many people to think that a Trump Administration would lead to a decline in the international community’s respect for the USA as responsible, respectful allies. From a more cynical/world view position one could argue that WW3 has already started. Just look at the middle east. We see Daesh/whatever you want to call them. Then Russia has started bombing the Kurd. Turkey is shooting down Russia jets. NATO/Coalition bombing, especially in Syria. Massive disagreements around Assad. 

The USA first lady .Now I know why USA voted Trump.

If Kurdistan state is declared in North Iraq Turkey will not allow it and they will start new war as Turkey has 20 million Kurd’s and there are only 5 million in North Iraq and 7 million in Iran Iran , Turkey and some other groups will not allow them to do so .That is mean Sunni Arabs, Sunni Kurd’s, will fight each other along the Shiia Arabs and Shia of Iran along other 15 different group in the region . Most of the minorities including the Christians will be in the cross fire. Russia will be busy invading the Ukraine and other boarders ,

Israel will be selectively air bombing targets in Syria, Iraq, Iran and they will for sure start the war with Hamas again. And when Hezbollah finish the war In Syria ,Israel will for sure attack Lebanon again as Hezbollah has 60% of Syrians weapons and scuds and more than 12,000 rockets and 4000 drawn gift from Iran. The shia in Yemen will attack Saudi Arabia and Alhasa region East of Saudi will rise along with Bahrain shia and 40% of UAE Shia to create great riots and destroy the oil fields.

In the public appearances he’s made, he has said some very reckless and thoughtless things. What the *****

he’s recently said he’s not going to honor our NATO agreement without more money from our allies, and he’s advocated letting Japan and South Korea defend themselves, including using nuclear weapons. The worse scenario if North Korea will attack South Korea first , The south korea president is already in deep trouble as she is accused of stealing millions . Cuba is asking Russia to bring the strategic bombers and the Nuc submarine a shore and they put Cuban Army on high alert .

Trump made statements about using a ‘carpet bombing’ strategy to defeat ISIS, thereby killing thousands of innocent men, women, and children. Furthermore, Trump has made inflammatory remarks about Muslims, causing further alienation among the people we actually need to defeat ISIS and other terrorist organizations. They created Isis so they Bomb the civilians but the real puppet masters are hiding in ISRAEL, QATAR SAUDI, USA AND IRAN.

He has proposed canceling the recent agreement with Iran regarding their nuclear weapons program. If Trump did cancel the deal, it would no doubt give Iran a clear signal to speed up their development of nuclear bombs. In my opinion, the cancellation of the Iran agreement may further destabilize an already unstable region, and invite other nations in the Middle East to develop their own nuclear programs . North korea, Russian , Iranian and some Iraq scientists who been taken by Iran already making progress, and the Bombs may possibly be ready in brief cases and suit cases , who knows in this upside down world .

Trump has put so many potentially disastrous and dangerous ideas out there, that it’s difficult to imagine that there won’t be some kind of war in our future if he’s elected. He is spouting a foreign policy viewpoint that promotes isolationism for the US. A policy that was prevalent just prior to WW III. In my opinion USA for sure will have at least 2 major natural disasters in the next 4 years that destroyed cities and bridges and might kill thousands and it will put him under test with the majority of people who are paying high price for gasoline and high tax to rebuild the infrastructure. Many middle class and rich people will leave the USA to Canada and Mexico . Including brain drain.

On Russia’s role in Syria, Trump’s views have been ambiguous. He’s called Russian strikes “a positive thing.” But Trump’s also said Russia will get bogged down, and his general take is that the U.S. should allow the Syrian bad guys to fight each other. Trump has called for a U.S. participation in an enforced no-fly zone — clearly a flash point given Russian anti-air assets in the region. But broadly speaking, Trump is likely to try to work with Moscow on Syria and seek joint airstrikes against Al-Nusra and ISIS. His wife father might help him in this as he is a member of the communist party .

Regarding Ukraine, Trump has shown no strong interest in the country. He stated that Crimean residents would rather be part of Russia, and that he’d consider recognizing Crimea’s new status. No lethal arms to Ukraine; that disappeared from the Republican platform. So a sea change is under way on Ukraine, as Trump will be inclined to ease sanctions on Russia. He’s likely to try to cut a deal with Russia based either on the Minsk accord or a new paradigm. Iran will take over Kuwait in 3 days .and over UAE IN 5 DAYS. AND OVER BAHRAIN IN ONE WEEK.The region will be ready for WW3. the OIL FIELDS WILL BE IN THE HANDS OF THE EVIL empires.

Lots of people are asking why Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected and she had won the popular vote . Popular vote means nothing in the USA. Your vote mean nothing at all they tell you it does but it is flat out lie. When the result is 50/50 or closer The lobbies so called Electors college will decide who is better to lead the USA ,not you.

The electors are chosen in large part because of their loyalty and service to the party, meaning that they are perhaps the least likely people in the world to go against their party’s line. It’s possible that some of them will retain a commitment to the kind of “never Trump” belief that some of the Republican party united around, but even in that case they will almost certainly just vote for nobody – or for another Republican like Ted Cruz or Mitt Romney – meaning that a large portion of the college would have to rebel to make any difference.

But perhaps more likely is that something happens that convinces the voters to change their mind away from Trump, so that the Republicans could have another candidate instead. That might happen if something bad happened for Trump, including if he became engulfed by another scandal or had issues with his work as president-Elect.

If enough voters did that, then there could be no winner of the electoral college and the result of the election would not carry. In that case, it would pass the election to the House of Representatives – the members of which would only be able to chose another candidate who had won some electoral votes, giving them the choice only of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The United States voting process is centered on the electoral college, which is an organized group that elects the president and vice president. Each state gets a certain number of electors (representatives who actually vote) based on the size of its population. Highly populated states like California get more electors (55), while smaller states like Vermont get fewer (three).

When you voted on Nov. 8, you were actually choosing for electors who will vote on your behalf on Dec. 19. There are 538 electoral votes, and a candidate needs more than half (270) to win.

This means that while more people could have voted for Clinton (they did!), Trump still won because he got more electoral votes. According to the new York times , Clinton received 60,514,839 votes (47.7 percent) and Trump got 60,085,445 votes (47.5 percent), yet she only pulled in 228 electoral votes and he tallied up 279.

This has happened 4 other times  when the candidate who won the popular vote lost the electoral vote and the election. The most recent example was in 2000, when Al Gore received more than half a million votes more than George W. Bush but still did not take the Oval Office. Beacsue some people in top decided already that USA must have some one who can make USA great again and they wanted to Attack Iraq which has nothing to do with September 11.Most of those terrorists came from Saudi Arabia , Pakistan and Afghanistan and was funded by Iran and others.

Now Trump is selected for a reason also .S you and others are waiting to see what is that reason and where is the next war will be to make USA great again. Hillary will be great president but she is not what those on top want as the puppet master want to play the game right at this time to bring more hard liners and the wold pack to the table again.

WHEREAS, Hawaii is a very diverse and cultural state; and

WHEREAS, Hawaii’s population of diverse races, women, religions, disabled persons, prisoners of war; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Trump has continued claims that Mexicans are drug dealers, criminals, and rapists; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Trump has called for a ban on all Muslims entering the country; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Trump has mocked the disabled; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Trump has made offensive remarks on women; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Trump has made offensive remarks on prisoners of war; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Trump has made derogatory remarks on the Asian community at large; and 

WHEREAS, Mr. Trump has refused to condemn the Ku Klux Klan; now, therefore

Thank you for reading and may God save us all and keep us safe.

Steve Ramsey PhD. Calgary – Canada



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