Did you find what are you looking for ?

Pay attention the next time you’re checking out at your local Target, Best Buy or grocery store. The question every cashier will undoubtedly ask you is “Did you find everything you were looking for?”

You might need to go through bankruptcy in order to finally learn the money lessons you need to create a life of true financial abundance. You might have to get laid off or fired from a job you don’t like, in order to find the job you love Or you might have to go through a painful breakup before you’re ready to meet and fall in love with the love of your life

Sometimes I go the store for one item that I forgot the day before, and I end up buying more than the day before. Some times when the clerk ask the question I wanted to say NO ,but then I might get delayed getting out of the store.  

 In life we go on struggling looking for a dream job, a dream partner, a dream opportunity for progress and prosperity in the end we might find it and we might not. We might find something else we weren’t looking for it at the first place.

We are placed into this earth to find what we suppose to find and that is the truth of why we are here and what is the purpose of us been here? It is our destiny to find what we want it is our choice and our choice can alter the way of finding the true path.

Some dying to find a romantic partner that they can feel comfortable with and that is reliable and suitable so they keep looking for that dream illusion of perfect man or woman leaving great people along the way who are excellent partners but they are not lucky ones because Mr. Right and Mrs. Right don’t find them romantic!  Then they miss great chance and opportunity great men and women.

After they found what they want, it is not guarantee that the other person fined the finder interesting so they drift apart and divorce, and they keep repeating the same circle of illusion. The whole purpose of pain is to alert your body to the fact that something is not right. So the sooner you pay attention, the sooner you can heal whatever physical ailment might be bothering you.

You must be satisfy in each step and keep moving forward try to think wisely and with your brain and heart balancing the possibilities and give a chance to those who you meat along the way, as they are all in it in the same reason, they are looking for something and they want to find what they are looking for.

So if you ever experience pain that you can’t get to the bottom of, it’s probably a sign that some belief you are hanging on to, or some thought you are thinking, or some emotion you’re not expressing, or something you are doing or not doing isn’t working, and that your mind , and the way you think need to change, your behavior is need to change.

Steve Ramsey.

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