Demons, spirits, poltergeist, and Demonic Attachment- By Steve Ramsey

Demons, spirits, poltergeist, and Demonic Attachment

 Make no mistake it is not a jock, it is not a fictional TV show it is a fact that you can, you will and you might have an attachment of an entity by talking to someone who has an attachment or shaking his/her hand. It is a rare event but it can happen to you. Just like bringing a rod of iron and rub a magnet over it the iron rod will temporarily attract the magnetic property of the magnet as it changes the arrangement of the iron molecule. The human being main lifeline is the blood. The blood min blocks are the red blood cells and those cells have lots of iron ions in the nuclei.T he negative entities, the Devil, and his army can be attached to this and go inside the human body as the blood flow and it can affect the person mind.

God made the human from clay and water but now if we jump deep in the clay or water we will die if we stay deep in it as we are a different matter now and we live in different environments that we must fallow different laws in order to keep ourselves a life. Same is with the devil God created it from part of the fire or the fire ending and smoke (The flame is the visible portion of the fire) so that makes it a mix of heat carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen and nitrogen and hydrogen, but the devil will end up in hellfire so fire in fire, it will hurt him sit will hurt the human as he is different matter after the creation just like the human. The devil and demons have hoof feet and birds wings like so they do have 4 fingers 3 in front and one in the back and most scratches on human bodies run as three lines from the front fingers and not as what many paranormal investigators things that he is making fun of the Trinity the sign of 3. it is not . A matter of fact neither the Jewish or Muslims do beilive in the trinity , the devil himself do not as he didnt bowdown to adam because all angels had an order before that they will only bowdown to God alone . So the devil hate the human because of us he is now God enemy.

The only thing is that the human senses are so limited and it so limited that we cannot see the unseen world of the djinns and demons, while the demons have a superior sense and they can see us just like we see each other. They do have wars and clans, places and kingdoms like the humans do. Not all falling angels are going to hell as human some seek god almighty forgiveness and God is helping them like he helped the human sinner’s .so some of those I call positive entities can defend human and act as a worming system. Guardians and can work under the army of Saint Michael  

Every day my email is full of letters from people who want to know or have the experience to share of want n explanation.

Some of the people are concerned if they are being haunted or attacked by a demon. Some people don’t know if it’s a ghost or a demon, active or passive entity?

My answer is that if the spirit is getting physically violent, influencing your dream and mood, seemingly harassing you day and night, and the paranormal activity is increasing in intensity and quantity, you most likely are dealing with a demon.

Demons feed off of negative vibrations such as fear, severe stress, anger, depression, discord, anxiety, loneliness, young people, etc. Sometimes, they will attack people who are highly spiritual individuals or people who are powerful in society; however, this is usually not the case. Usually, demons are drawn to people who emit low vibrations. You have to read about the low and high vibration energies in people.

People can emit low vibrations for a number of reasons, including severe depression, anger issues, fear, drug addiction, alcoholism, sex addictions, or addiction of any kind (gambling, hoarding, physical). On a different level, sometimes people open themselves up to demonic attachment because they dabble in the occult without protecting themselves—this includes reading witchcraft books and spells, curses and voodoo, magical cards and boards, going ghost hunting without the proper spiritual safeguards. Investigators who abut the paranormal without open and close/seal ceremonies

Keep in mind there is a hierarchy of demons, just as there’s a hierarchy of angels and other spirits, but most demons are of a low energetic vibration and therefore they seek more of that same energetic frequency.

Just as demons can be drawn to certain people because of their lifestyle, demons can also be drawn to certain places because of residual negative energy. For example, some demons may be attracted to a building where a mass murder occurred. Dirty places, dark places, caves, empty homes or places for more than 40 nights. They may be drawn to a place with a history of tragedy or loss.

Often this is when you will have a demonic haunting instead of a demonic attachment. Sometimes it is difficult to tell between the two, especially if no one around you is giving you signs that they have a demonic attachment. It can also attach to an object so we call it a hot object or an active object.Y you’ll have to watch carefully and discern carefully.

You don’t want to jump to conclusions and blame someone for bringing a demon home, but you also don’t want to assume the demon is only haunting your house and not attracted to someone specific in it.

If there is a demon in your house, it will be harassing nearly everyone who lives in the house including any household pets. Your pets will have a change of behavior, they look lost scared, looking and focusing into spaces and areas in the place, growl and bark, cats and birds also change behaviors.

This will be how it manifests from the very beginning. Typically this happens when someone moves into a new home and the demon is already there or when there are renovations done to a home and the demon is called up after lying dormant. If someone in your house has been the focus or target of the demonic activity from the start, see the next section on how to get rid of a demonic attachment.

So if there’s a demon in the house, how do you get rid of it? It’s going to take some effort from the man and woman of the house. Whoever is the patriarch and/or matriarch of the house will have to be the ones to eradicate the spirit. First, the house needs to be cleaned top to bottom. Let the Sunshine in, the fresh air, the good lighting, and the sound of prayers and chanting from the holy books must be played in the house.

Then it needs to be de-cluttered. Physical debris and dirt can accumulate and can actually trap negative energy creating a perfect space for negative entities to thrive. Following the cleaning and de-cluttering, you will need to do smudging with many different herbs of the entire house. Sage Smudging is an ancient Native American spiritual method of cleansing the environment of negative spirits and energies. The Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrians, Iranians, Chinese, Indians, Greek and roman all used these kinds of methods with different herbs and materials.  

This works best when white sage is used, and the entire house is smudged from top to bottom. This includes smudging the closets, crawl spaces, large cabinets/pantries, the garage, basement, every, nook and cranny. During the smudging, process do not forget to open the windows and/or a door or two. This allows for the negative energy and demon to exit the building. You must read prayers passages from the major 3 books the Torah if you are a Jew and the bible if you are a Christian and the Quran if you are Muslim as those are the people of the book and true descended of Abraham , Ishmael and Isaac .

   If you smudge the house and don’t give it an exit route, you might make things worse for yourself. Don’t assume that those demons can go throw the windows and walls they do have barriers and limitations too.

Directly after you’ve done the smudging ritual, you will need to close the windows and doors, and move onto blessing the windows and doors. You can do this with a bit of holy water, or rain water that blessed by reading from the holly book on it. Or even a bit of blessed oil, and draw a protective symbol on all of the windows, doors, exhausts, chimneys, basically any place where energy can get into the house. Or you can keep roqeya prayers of prayers from the holly books close to each entry point, corners of the rooms and the house; ask the entity to leave when you smudge and never to enter your place in the name of God the creator by his power and light. Make sure to clean bless and in pray front of each mirror in your house as those mirrors acts as portals and a hideout places.

Christians chooses the cross as a protective symbol, but depending on your spiritual or religious beliefs you can use whatever symbol you feel is most powerful in the realm of protection, the Muslims have the great passages from the Quran and that is sets of specific verses and chapters to be red called the roqeya prayer and it is the most powerful to get rid of demons and entities from any house or place if it was done by those who have the faith and fallow the rules  Sometimes by opening the holly book and read from it,  and the  second person can do another task.It is more powerful when you clean first then a group of you do the sharing task of smudging, holly books reading and blessing with blessed oil, holy water and salt and keep the roqeya prayers on so the house with have the sound of prayers.

 As an added method of spiritual protection, make a physical ring of salt around your entire house, moving in a clockwise fashion and saying out loud as you go, “This house is protected from all evil. No negative entity will enter my house from here on out. I don’t give permission to them to enter in god power, amen. Also, use the Jewish khamsha sign and the mezuzah prayer protection front of your door and each room in your house fallow the rules of the mezuzah, you can Google and read about it.

 If you have a garden tries to grow some lavender, mint, baby breath, lemongrass etc.  

Say, there is a white circle of protection around my home and family that cannot be penetrated.”Salt is in the ground and the light of God all around the house and every person in it. Our faith in God almighty in our heart and soul and in God protection we take refuge.

 If you’d like to change the wording, go for it, just make sure you are being stern and confident in what you are saying. You must remember that your house is your domain, and you have to say over it…not the demon. And God will not allow any thing to happen to you without your choice as God power always stronger as long as we have the faith in him.  When you smudge your house, always open windows and doors, else the spirit could get trapped and will be noisier, and angry . If you smoke or do drugs with windows closed it will make it worse.

Hunting’s can harass the place, the animals, or entire family and in places where there is renovation

And disturbing walls, rooms, gravesites, and it can attack and leave the people in normal feeling/

A spirit can haunt the place and can attach to an area in the house or an object or to a specific person, picture or sound. It can be residual and play the seen over and over again to see it in real or in your dream. Usually, you feel it in places where there was a murder a violent death or suicide took place.

Attachment can focus on one person or an object; it can follow you from somewhere and attached to you

When you are in the lowest point of your moral or energy like been stressed out, depressed, sick and sad, on drug or going throw divorce or lost your job or someone your love. Some times when you go to do a paranormal investigation of visit a grave attachment can happen if you do not do the entry prayers and the exit prayers the cleansing prayers to your self.


Unfortunately, severing a demonic attachment to a person might be more difficult than getting rid of a demon that’s found its way into your house. What happens when a demon attaches itself to a human being is somewhat of a negative feedback loop that inevitably feeds the demon and makes it stronger. The person most likely attracted the demon in the first place with some sort of negative lifestyle or life choice.

This could be an addiction of any kind (drugs, physical intimacy, gambling, food, and alcohol), severe depression and suicidal thoughts, or even someone who dabbles in the occult without proper spiritual protection. So the demon is attracted to negativity from the individual, but when the person feels the demonic attachment either consciously or subconsciously, more negative feelings will erupt. This feeds the demon and might bring on actual paranormal activity—nightmares, crippling fear, shadows, even physical aggression and violence towards the person.

At this point, the person is typically fearful for his or her life and sometimes withdraws from everyone around him or her because they think people won’t believe them or that no one can truly help them. Again, you can see how this negative feedback loop puts the individual in a really bad position and the demon in a better position than when it first attached itself.

All of this being said, how does someone get rid or sever a demonic attachment? This is a sticky process, but the very first thing the person should do is change his or her lifestyle. The first and most important thing is to raise your vibrations from low to high, from negative to positive. This means stop drinking, doing drugs, gambling, hoarding, stop all addictive behavior.

Stop dabbling in the occult altogether. Next, start eating healthy and exercising. These are natural things that raise a person’s vibrations. Basically, the idea is to change your energy from low to high and essentially make it hard for the demon to recognize you from what you used to be. And think of it this way—if the demon was attracted to the person because of his or her depression and the person is no longer depressed, what does the demon have to feed off of? If the demon was attracted to an addict but the person gets clean, what addiction does the demon have to feed off of? This means the demon is essentially starved of the negative behavior it feeds off of.

Be careful that when one negative behavior stops another doesn’t pop up. Let’s say the person has gotten clean and is raising vibrations but the demon is trying to paralyze the person with fear. The fear is the new negative energy it is trying to consume, so they mustn’t let it. They have to know they have the power to stop the attachment altogether with positive thoughts and willpower. Demons can attached as a legion multi demons each with a special force  such as envy and jealousy demon, killing death and suicidal demon, drugs and gambling , sex demons such and so on each can change the person behaviour and moral and the ultimate Goul is to sin against God and get starry from the commandments and then self destruction .

A spiritual cleansing is a must by taking an herbal salt bath and then smudging oneself with white sage. Or other herbs is done every day in many Jewish and Muslims families using kosher salt , 5 prayers  and many other defence methods thats why we see more demonic haunting and possession with Christian, Hindus, Buddhist families  more than Jewish or Muslims families who don’t eat pork and un kosher food.

If starving the demon doesn’t work, the person must seek out someone who can help further. This could be a local priest or religious official as the use of the methods over and over until they manage to cleanse the place.

Steve Ramsey- Alberta ,Canada 

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