Our Experts and Investigation Team

1-Dr.Saad Ramzi Al- Hashimi, PhD


Saad Ramzi Al-Hashimi is the founder and the director of the Paranormal Zone and Haunting Dimension, operating in Central Alberta at this time. 

Saad Al-Hashimi holds a PhD. in Public Health / from the USA – MSc -Medical ultrasound and BSc -diagnostic Imaging from Australia, Ultrasound Diploma, Radiology Diploma From Canada, PGD in Natural Health Homeopathy – Canada. Done 5 years medical school in Greece and left to Canada before done the residency.

Dr. Saad founded the Paranormal Zone in 1986, in Ontario Canada. He is an expert in different aspects of the paranormal world, investigator, debunker, and cleanser. Dr Saad  Al-Hashimi  uses a wide range of Cleansing methods tailored to the client belief system, with special Ruqeya prayers. Dr. Saad started his spiritual journey back in 1957 since his first ghost and spirits experience in Baghdad city. His mother was a great cleanser and an Empath, she influenced him and passed her knowledge to him. Fatima was her name and she passed away in 1997. He lives and works in central Alberta.

Remember that in 95% of the time what you are experiencing is consistent with recognized illnesses of the mind that are known to cause symptoms like what you are experiencing. Conditions like schizophrenia, psychosis, paranoia, hysteria, audiophony, bipolar disorders,  and other disorders are not paranormal ability, You might hear and see things that others can not verified, see, or hear. These  are chemical imbalances in the brain, and there may be treatment available to help you, so please make sure it is true paranormal incidents and not caused by any psychological factors that can be triggered by aggression, stress, anger issue, depression  or other form of personality disorders.

 2Mrs. Siti. Hamid Al-Hashimi

She is our team dispatcher, she worked as a helicopter engineer for many years. She is our team computer specialist, communication, and liaison. She is also assisting in the prayers and chanting of the cleansing ceremony. She has a diploma in business management, diploma in medical office assistant and diploma in accounting, and she is our blog webmaster.

 3. Mr. Muneer Al Hashimi, BSC 

Mr. Muneer is on our advisory committee for religion and healing. Born In Baghdad city. He holds a BSc degree in Islamic faith and history of religious studies and theology. He is an experienced demonologist, cleanser and he will guide us to change and alter the Ruqaiya cleansing methods to deal with each situation to maximize the Ruqaiya cleansing efficiency to protect and seal the house from negative energy. His experience and studies of the occult culture can help us to deal with any unexpected turn when dealing with the spirit world. Ruqeya should be done by an expert and man of faith, if it doesn’t work for your house it could be you who are attached. Or you need to see your doctor, social worker, a psychologist for further evaluation                                            

 4- Rabbi David AzulaiSpiritual advisor

Rabbi Azulai (1)

Our Hebrew prayer’s adviser is  Rabbi Dr. Azulai.

He was born in Fez, Morocco in 1958. Rabbi David Azulai is the scion of a family of great “Talmidei Chachamim” (Torah Scholars). As a youth, Rabbi David Azulai studied under the greatest kabbalists of his time.  Rabbi Azulai spent most of his days studying and learning the Torah, distinguishing himself with remarkable, boundless diligence and his devotion to the service of HaShem. He prepares our evil eye protection, talismans, prayers against evil spirits and negative energies when we seek his help and advisory.  


 5- Wolfgng Zehntner  : Our new paranormal researcher and investigator, interested in telekinesis , mind over matter and well traveled around the world. and expert Computer programmer, developer and IT specialist .Joint our team 2021. We are so great to have an open mind and professionals in our team and we are looking forward to his contribution .

Born  in Passau, Bavaria, Germany in a family of 7 children.
College 1966-1972
Sept 1974 started technical university in Munich Electrical engineering (Fachhochschule)
 joined the Moon-sect (Unification church) .
Started my own business designing and developing software (CNC-programming, CAD-software)
1988 Moved to Passau (still connected to the sect) and continued to expand my business
Around 2002 started to question the sect doctrines 
2005 Decided to leave the sect
Still searching for Truth, God and Life
Found a website which helped and inspired me (still to this day) www.odysseyofthesoul.org
On this website you find lots of stories about the paranormal.
2017 Employed by a company in Schweinfurt as programmer.
Feb. 2020 official retirement
1975 (shortly after joining the sect) I visited the “Deutsche Museum” in Munich. I passed by a display about radioactivity, basically a rotating table with various radioactive samples and a Geiger-counter. I was fascinated by the technology and at the same time thought about influencing through spiritual force the material world. So, I concentrated and thought to influence the Geiger-counter.
When a sample which was not radioactive passed the Geiger-counter and the counter had no or very little clicks and I concentrated, the counter suddenly increased above normal.
I got a big shock and kind of got afraid that I (or some force which I interacted with) could have caused this. To this day I never had a chance to repeat the experiment.


6 Dr. Niloufer Stark, MD, –Central Alberta ( Athabasca), Advisor

Dr. Niloufer is an MD, A doctor from India.  :  Nili is our adviser for any medical issues that related to the psychology of night terror, nightmares, and healing methods, sensing and finding the way to balance the energy path in the house and in person. She experienced so many paranormal  incidences herself; she saw many ghosts and demonic spirits in her life back from India to Canada.  She is our adviser in demonology. Nili lives in Saskatoon at this time and she is in our advisory team.

 7- Dr. Sleiman Al Wardani. MD- Advisor

Dr. Sleiman is a qualified and registered doctor, he is a specialist in pain management, and Anesthesiologist,

he is our medical adviser in cases that deal with anxiety, paranoia, depression and stress management,

pain and drug use and we can direct any case that dealing with this nature to a social worker or clinical psychologist

that might help further.   Dr. Sleiman is working between Lebanon and Canada, he is a pain management doctor,

emergency doctor, an anesthesiologist

8- HUMAM AL TAMIMI , California- USA.

 9- Katherien Lundin,  

  Professional Clairvoyant, Spiritual Advisor,
  and spirit guide advisor of Edmonton, AB, Canada.



                                           Katherien Lundin

A Clairvoyant is someone who can see, feel and hear what you 
I can see, feel and or hear spirits, and can offer a way to 
communicate with them. 
Clairvoyants have heightened psychic and intuitive awareness.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I am able to tune into your vibrations and can sense colors, 
images, people, animals, buildings, 
and other objects to give you a deeper insight about your 
questions or situation. ⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣⁣

I hear spoken messages that are channeled through spirits 
and your guides in order to aid in healing, 
communications as well as to offer direction. ⁣⁣

I am often commissioned to investigate paranormal activity, 
haunting, sightings as well as any situation 
that has potential attachments and or malevolent entities or 
energies. I do not need to be in your 
area or dwelling in order to assess your situation for 
energy can and is felt through various mediums. 

In my experience a lot of “haunting” can be psychological 
manifestations and or are cases where Spirit 
is felt by the individual and is in fact a past loved one 
that is felt by the individual who is 
undergoing the grieving process or is very attuned to the 
frequency and vibrations of the spiritual realm 
and or a lost loved one that has past by murder, suicide, 
domestic violence and or accidental overdoses, 
I have encountered many situations that have derived 
from trauma.

As a Clairvoyant Medium I offer clarity and understanding 
as well as connection in all circumstances.

 I will work closely with you, the lead Paranormal Investigator 
and or as well as any Religious or 
Shamanic Practitioner  who is involved in an investigation 
in order to assess, understand  
and help resolve the haunting if in fact a malevolent entity 
or energy has been detected. 
All paranormal investigations and potential haunting are unique,
and handled in various ways. 
Clairvoyants, Mediums and Psychics do not cast out spirits, 
entities, energies or demons, 
or banish them.  Religious or and Shamanic Practitioners 
ordained in the practice of Exorcism and 
or Deliverance can and have the ability to do so.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact 
me directly at 
or please contact Dr.Steve Ramsey through  www.moleopedia.com 

 As a Professional Clairvoyant Katherine Lundin tunes in 
to your vibration energy, she is able to see 
and sense images, colors, people, animals, buildings 
as well as objects that validate her authenticity.

She hears spoken messages and feels emotions that are often 
channeled through spirit and your guides.  
Katherine’s gift of clairvoyance offers connection to your 
energy and all that related.

One of the best in Canada she use automatic writing in order 
to convey messages for you.  
Recognition of her gifts began from a early age and were 
cultivated through a belief in love, God, 
family and community which I attribute to my mother.

She does offer instant scheduling time slots for Telephone, 
Skype and Email Sessions for 
 clientele across North America and Internationally. 
In person sessions for those within 
the Edmonton, Alberta Canada ,or if you are a visitor from 
other country.

please contact directly as she always does her very best 
to accommodate. You can discuss the fees 
with her as she has a   professional service in Edmonton. 
You can reach her for professional reading.

 Professional Clairvoyant Medium Certified Meditation Teacher
 Professional Certified Aromatherapist CAHP®. 
 Master Tarot Reader



   10–  Sherman Carmich ael, Paranormal expert, Author, Paranormal Historian expert   of north and south Carolina ,USA.  Research  Advisor 


                                            Image result for Sherman Carmichael  Image result for Sherman Carmichael


Johnsonville, South Carolina author Sherman Carmichael has been researching UFOs
and strange things, traveled to Mexico and Central America to research the Mayan ruins since 1972.

His extensive research includes many hours of reading, live interviews, and trips to Roswell,  New Mexico,

and the Mayan Ruins in Mexico and Central America. Check our blog for his books, you can contact

him and buy any book or set of books that deals with UFO, paranormal and the supernatural. Sherman Carmichael,

Johnsonville South Carolina author and independent researcher has spent many years researching the strange

and mysterious side of South Carolina. At age 18 Carmichael began visiting local haunted locations.

Carmichael continued to visit and research and expanded his area to cover South Carolina. As time went on

Carmichael extended his area to cover the United States. Carmichael has also published many books.

Books by Sherman Carmichael are about Strange and unusual legends in South Carolina. Ghosts,
haunted houses, UFO, and little known history                                                                                 

  Call +1 843-386-3320.       M.me/legendsandloreofsouthcarolina 


We are looking for other team members who want to join us in research, writing, investigation and from 

all kind of skills and educational background.  I also can present lectures on paranormal topics for those

who are interested in cases studies and stories in any museums, or libraries, this part of educational service is not free.

We need more team members.

Please send me an email if you want to join our team.

Write why you want to join, do you have IT  experience , computer and video cam  , Audio experience ,

an engineering or construction background, social worker, child safety, nurse, first aid, Psychologist, gifted with paranormal and moving objects, telepathic, decoders, linguistics, 

legal background, or any other experience that might be helpful to use, to help those who are affected

by bad spirits or a haunting, even is as an advisor to call you when we need your help.

We understand that the majority of the paranormal incidents do have psychological explanation

due to emotional, mental ,personnel, and spiritual challenges that might affect  the client health and well-been.  Email me at  drsteveramsey@gmail.com . My service is free for any paranormal investigation .

I also do dreams decoding, and paranormal expert for any case you have for radio shows, TV shows, newsletters or journals, libraries or personal experience you encounter that need an explanation. Stay health and safe, keep your social distance, wash your hand, and use mask as much as possible outside. 

 Thank you                                                                        


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