Cleansing and getting rid of bad spirits in your house – by Lynn.propst

 BY our team member Lynn propst.

 Cleansing and getting rid of bad spirits in the house.

 Candle with pentacle symbol or cross or particular preference of symbol

  • 5 white candles
  • White sage
  • Holy water
  • Anointing oil- cedar wood essential oil
  • Pen to use to inscribe prayers and the complete address of the house in the white candles
  • Symbolic pendants (crystals, chakra pendant, cross or pentagram or a symbol of your belief) bathe it with holy water and anoint it with cedar wood. 

  Purify the candle with holy water by bathing the candle and anoint you candle in the shape of a pentagram or a cross with cedar wood oil with a  prayer in your mind that the candle will be charged and empowered with the light of the almighty—name your deity, you God in the name of (name of your deities) and then you raise the candle to the sky and imagine in your mind a pure white tornadic  energy coming down from the heavens to the top of your candle.  Imagine the pure white energy bursting into your hands.  You only need to charge the center candle with white light.  You must bath the rest of your candles and anoint with oil.

 Sprinkle holy water throughout the house about 10 feet all the way around and pray for protection and let the house be cleansed.

      Start at the heart of the house.  In the name of the almighty deities blessed be or amen.

 Use cedar wood oil on all windows and doors with your finger and evoke with symbols (symbol of your belief) Place one symbol each of the 4 directions (North, South, East, and West). With the prayer of protection and that is sealed, in the name of the power of the blessed being, nothing dark negative will come to the house by this means.

 Hang the symbol each of the 4 corners of the house.  Bath the symbol and anoint each symbol.  This way, you are sealing the bad energy out from the house.

 Wear your anointed amulet/crystals

 Soak 4 crystal points in a bowl of holy water with a prayer of cleansing them for purity. Then take them out and anoint with the oil with the prayer that will protect you to the 4 directions or the guardians of the watchtower.  Take the crystals outside your house and push them down into the ground to the 4 directions, north, south, east and west.  This should protect the outside of your house.

 Take barbecue briquettes (charcoal) it is good at absorbing energy from the earth bad and negative energy mainly. Take and put about one of these every 3 to 4 feet of you house outside. All around the house, and one each side of the front door.  Leave it there for one week at first.  Change it every 7 days for one month. After you fulfill that, you can go for once a month. I would do this for about a year.

Thank you very much Lynn.

I will use this soon as I am going to investigate a place in Calgary that have some activity and the people who told me they felt that there is some one watching them , feeling of unease in one room, moving drift of wind even when the window and doors are closed and having bad dreams and as soon as they leave that room the gloomy feeling disappears.

Steve Ramsey.

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