These Occult Exorcists Say the Catholic Church Makes Demons Worse

Before you seek a demonologist please ask a clinical psychologist as 99% of the time it is mental issues,
behavior and personnel disorders, and when you check the physical part then we can go step 2 to the spiritual attack. I investigated more than 1200 cases and I can tell you that most of them 99% was not demonic entities but psychological
problem ,so please seek a psychologist first ,cail worker, ask your doctor first to refer you to one so the government pay for it.
These Occult Exorcists Say the Catholic Church Makes Demons Worse
If the person in need of an exorcism isn’t a Christian, then why do you have to call a Catholic priest? You dont have to be ordained , the devil do not give a damn about your qualifications and registrations, degrees and your knowledge he fear your faith the real faith in true one God , the God of abraham and no one else. 

If you are hindus or buddhists, unbeliever or pray to stones and cows etc  nothing will help you as it has no logic until

you change your way and come back to abraham faith and believe in one God. for  the muslims and jwish they do have

their own method to get rid of demons they call it the Roqeya beside other names and it work for them.

The muslim roqeya actually work so perfect it will burn the bad demon s and get rid of them for good if the followers keep on the path and follow the guidelines. The demon want you to trust that there are 3 gods or trinity and he lies to you so when he scare you then force you to use the trinity and other Gods then he make himself leaves to make you believe in the trinity so you commit the greatest sin by making other Gods beside him to worship , he knows that jesus is not God and that he is not his son but he mislead you to do that and then think that what you done it work and then it must be true. Continue Reading →

Image from Google Lucifer Fallen Angel Defined As a point of learning – Lucifer, The Dragon, Satan, Devil mean the same person. This personality (Angel) was the anointed Cherub or Guardian Cherub – Highest in the rank of those angels. – Ezekiel 28v14 The above became evil and a 3rd of the angels deflected with him. These are called “Demons” aka Fallen Angels. – Revelation 12v4, Colossians 2v15 The Bible does not give us the numbers involved. We also know that angels have a finite number since there is no reproduction amongst them. The Good Angels Mentions in the Bible are 2 angels Gabriel – He was the one that visited Mary – Luke 1v19,v26 Gabriel also appeared to Prophet Daniel – Daniel 8v16, 9v21 Arch Angel Michael – He appeared and helped the angel sent to Prophet Daniel. – Daniel He also appears in the Book of Jude where he disputed with Satan over the body of Moses. Finally in the Book of Revelation where he overcomes Satan and his evil angels. Revelation 12v4, Daniel 10v13, v21 Daniel 12v1 Who Is More Powerful. Arch Angel Michael is also more powerful because he drove Satan out of heaven – Revelation 12v7–12 Man is more powerful than Lucifer spiritually because he is a fallen angel who has been stripped of his power by Jesus. Matthew 28v18 “All power in heaven and earth has been given to me ..” Luke 10v19 – “I give you the power to step on all serpent and scorpions” Mark 16v17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; Ordinary Angels – are more powerful than Lucifer too as recorded in Revelation 20v1 – it was an ordinary angel that bound the Dragon and placed him in the Abyss for 1000 years What Power Does Lucifer Have Today Satan needs the human beings or animals to carry out his work. He controls peoples minds – 2 Corinthians 10v1–5 He used lies, deception, and fear to fulfill his work – John 8v44, 2 Timothy 1v7, 2 Corinthians 11v13–15

Image from Google Lucifer is a Fallen Angel  , he was created as a JINN -Demon and not from the anglican order at all, because he was good  at first … Continue Reading →