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The paranormal – seeing energy attachments?
Many people use BioField Reader (BFR) for paranormal research, for investigating phenomena which currently fall outside of the norm. The BFR program reveals a world of previously unseen phenomena, such as energy attachments.

   We all have energetic attachments to loved ones, places. These can be positive. Problems can occur when ‘negative’  energy attaches to us. It can take many forms. The scans below are very unusual in that the pixels in areas of the ‘presence’ are both black (denotes absence of light) and white (highest frequency light). We do not often see black on a scan except where there is no life force in an area (such as an area of dead tissue).
   The image below show a man who felt he was periodically overshadowed by a non-benevolent presence.

He was very disturbed while the presence was around him.
   He underwent intensive treatment with Reiki healing, essential oils and cleansing herbs. After a few weeks of this treatment he reported that he no longer felt the presence around him.
   Note the intense red pool of energy in the field around him which connects with his body. There is also speckling, on and around him. This white and black speckling is extremely unusual and is often seen with energetic attachments.
The woman below felt that she was shadowed by an energy attachment.
The speckling and horizontal ‘lines are very unusual. There are many areas of interest: the red block of light to the woman’s right; the areas of red, blue and mauve to her left which contain the characteristic speckling.
Here’s a close up of the scan showing more detail. Note the black and white pixelation.


See changes in light (energy)
during a healing session
We’ve been sent a great video of a healing session, recorded in real-time using Biofield Reader (BFR) by Ann Treherne of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. Ann is an experienced user of the BFR software as she regularly holds Workshops, both at the Centre, and around the world. She comments on the video and offers her insights into the colors and what they mean. There are interesting changes in light during the healing and a pulsation of light at the end.
Ann Treherne (sitting) is receiving T Alignment healing

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Do contact us if you have any queries or have experience with energy attachments and would like to comment on the scans.

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Best wishes,

Jane Solomon
BSc (Hons) Acupuncture
BA (Hons) Humanities
Jane has over 30 years nursing experience and runs an Acupuncture and Healing Clinic

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