Are you receiving a sign

Are you receiving a sign ; By Margarita Alcantara, MS,AC, Reiki master

By Margarita Alcantara, MS,AC, Reiki master. |

My patients often wonder if what they’re experiencing is coincidence, or a sign from the Universe. Can you tell the difference?

There are no coincidences. But, many of us chalk things up to serendipity, good luck, bad luck, or some other randomness.

But, what I’ve learned from the Universe is that it never works randomly, and thoughts become things.

Sometimes we ask for a sign to help us with a certain situation or challenge. We can ask this of the Universe, our spirit guide, Angels, or whomever/whatever you look towards for Light guidance. Then we wait. And, sometimes we wait some more. Are you missing the signs?

And, before we even identify the signs, themselves, ask yourself first – am I open to receiving the message?

Because, oftentimes, due to possible disconnection from self, our fears of what the outcome may be, or just getting caught up in life, we miss or disregard the guidance we are given.

Some things to keep in mind when asking for a sign

When we ask for guidance, are our parameters too strict? Are we expecting instant results?

Here are some pointers when asking for a sign:

  1. Give a certain time frame: Sometimes we want instant results, and expect a dramatic instant epiphany like celestial rays bursting forth 5 minutes after asking for a sign! Sometimes signs can indeed come that quickly (though often less dramatically!) But what is actually more realistic, especially for more challenging issues, is that we often need to give a few days for the Universe to work its magic. And you can ask for that in your request. For instance, if you’re asking for a sign in the beginning of the week, you could say something to the effect of, “Please give me a sign by midnight this Saturday.”
  2. Ask to notice it beyond the shadow of a doubt: Because we sometimes like to rationalize things away, we need to make it very clear to the Universe that signs be very obvious. For instance, you could ask that the sign you receive is noticeable to you, beyond the shadow of a doubt.
  3. Ask to notice it a specific number of times: I know some people who use this technique. I, myself, do this once and a while, too. Sometimes, I’ll ask my Spirit Guides to please give me a sign three times, so that I can be sure it’s coming from them. You can use this instead of #2, above, if you like.
  4. Be open: After asking for a sign, make sure that you are open to receiving the message. Keep your eyes peeled, and your senses open, so you can make sure that you’re noticing them when they come!

Are you receiving a sign? Here are 10 ways to know when the Universe is trying to tell you something:

Repeating numbers: Do you keep catching the clock at 11:11am/pm, or see “111” on signs or billboards? Oftentimes, repeating numbers can tell you a lot. From repeating 1’s, to 2’s, to 3’s, and beyond! For instance, when I was making a decision about my fibroid , I got a clear sign about the number 555. My Spirit Guides told me to make a mental note of that number, and to look it up. Which I did. Apparently, 555 is all about breaking out of your chrysalis, and letting you know that major life changes are ahead. If you are seeing repeating numbers all around you, check out Google University and look up “Angel Numbers”. There’s a reason you’re seeing these numbers!

Songs: If you are clairaudient , you may receive signs through sound, such as music or by hearing a word or phrase. If that’s the case, you may hear a song in your head first thing in the morning, or you may discover that it’s on repeat in your head. Or, you may only hear a certain line in the song, and then discover that it’s totally relevant to the issue at hand. Before I became a healer by trade, I was in the music business, and music was my world.

Because of this, I have many songs filed in my head that pop up at very opportune times! Keep in mind that the song or music you’re hearing is because it makes sense to you, and the song may hold emotion for you. Pay attention to the what that particular song brings up for you. Is it a sad reminder? Does it make you feel joyous? Sometimes the way this repetitive song makes you feel, in addition to the words, is the sign, itself. Just start noticing what comes up for you, and with practice, you’ll start noticing how you are hearing your guidance.

Printed Words, Images, or Visuals: If you are clairvoyant  and tend to be more visual, you may take more notice of certain visuals, words, or images around you. One game I like to play with myself, just to strengthen this gift, is to ask a question of my Spirit Guides when I’m taking a walk. And, then keep my senses open to see what I notice. I may see a certain billboard, a piece of graffiti/street art, a certain flower, a type of bird flying by (look up the symbolism of that bird, as there are many things our animal guides tell us!), or a visual that seems out of place. It’s a fun game that always turns up an interesting answer to my question! If you are noticing (seeing or reading) any words, images, or visuals (which can include dreams, as well) that are popping out at you, especially if they’re repeating, it is definitely a sign to heed!

Repeating events: If you find yourself repeating events in your life, that is a true tell sign that there is something you have to notice and learn before moving on from it! This can be one of those more long-term signs from the Universe, such as when you’re repeating: abusive relationships, unhealthy life patterns, finding yourself stuck in a job that reminds you of the one you’d just left, and the list could go on! Instead of going into victimization mode (“Why is the Universe punishing me??”), take this opportunity to take a mental inventory of what it is you need to discover and heal, so that you may move on from it.

A feather I found on my way to the office one day.

A feather I found on my way to the office one day.

Feathers: Feathers can be a sign from our animal totems, or taken as a sign from our Angels. Although Angels don’t need wings to fly, they do know that we identify them as having wings, in art and literature, and other media representations, so they use symbolism we can understand. There is a saying, “When angels are near, feathers appear.” I found one, myself, just a few weeks ago, during a time that I really needed to remember that my Angels were with me (even though I didn’t know I needed it at the time.) Note the color of the feather, because even the colors have meaning. I have friends who have animal totems, or guides, in the form of birds. One identifies with the owl, another with a falcon. When you find a feather, and know what bird it came from, look up the symbolism for that animal guide. It will tell you something about what issue you’re seeking knowledge about.

Finding objects: Sometimes it happens where we find an object that we’ve been looking for, and it’s laying right there out in the open. It’s often what we associate with the object, that is meaningful. Was it a ring that was passed down as an heirloom from your grandmother? An object given to you by a long lost friend you may need to reconnect with? Or maybe you’re walking down down the street, or a trail, and you discover something along the way that is either out of the ordinary, or something you find meaningful. Instead of paying it no mind, notice what it may be trying to tell you.

Smells: Familiar scents can often link us to the answer we’re searching for. And, usually, it’s a reminder of someone, or of an emotion it evokes. Perhaps it’s the scent of the perfume your grandmother used to wear, seemingly out of the blue, in a place that is unlikely to carry that scent. Or the smell of a flower that takes you back to a certain memory, one that needs to be remembered and considered, and possibly pertaining to your question you’d made to the Universe. Again, it’s not how popular knowledge would take it, but what this personally means to you.

Feelings: If you are  clairsentient , you pick up your knowledge through feeling. When you ask your question that you want an answer to, do you feel it in your gut? Do you have a general feeling of unease, or do you suddenly feel a sense of energy flow to the possibility you’ve asked about? Sometimes your body will have a specific reaction. Notice if there is any tension in any part of your body, in relation to the issue at hand. Is your neck starting to tense up, indicating possible blockage in the throat charkra , and feeling challenged about speaking your truth? Are your jaws starting to clench, indicating that your liver Qi  is getting stagnated, and you need to de-stress? Listen to your body. It may have a lot to tell you!

Repeating obstacles: This is somewhat related to repeating events. When we experience obstacles in our lives, sometimes these are just part of life, and an indication to get creative, up our game, or take a different approach/make a different choice. But, when we continually receive the same obstacle, that is a clear sign that something needs to be re-evaluated! Are you feeling blocked when it comes to love, work, money, or otherwise? What is it telling you, and what do you need to notice and heal, so that you remove yourself from the mire?

Triggered memories: When certain memories are triggered, in response to a question we put out there to receive guidance on, those memories become our sign. Sometimes it’s a memory of something you don’t want to recreate in your life. Perhaps it’s a feeling that you miss, that you need to cultivate now. Or maybe it’s the memory of someone who made you feel a certain way, or who you need to forgive, or move away from. Whatever this memory is for you, and what meaning it holds, is very singular to you. It’s up to you to decipher the message. It may be easy enough to do so. But, if you’re having some difficulty, ask your Spirit Guides if what you’re picking up is the answer to your question. You may either hear/feel/see/know a “yes” or “no”. If the answer isn’t immediate, understand that the question either needs more time, or that something else still needs to play out.

Because the Universe has cosmic ears, know that you will always be heard. 

What is your favorite way of picking up on signs from the Universe?
Or, have you had an amazing experience receiving your sign(s)?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments, below!

NOTE: Rather than leave questions here about your situation, I recommend that you get activated into your personal power so that you’re open to, and trust, your intuition and the signs you’re being given. To learn how to get activated into your power, send me an email

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