Angelic encounters

Angels are everywhere you look, especially at the Christmas season — on holiday cards, wrapping paper, gifts and store displays. Some people will tell you, however, that the presence of angels is much more tangible, unexplained and more more miraculous than most of us realize. Read their true stories of angelic encounters and decide for yourself.

It was the day before I was to start my junior year of high school. It was a beautiful day outside, but I was too busy feeling sorry for myself to notice. We didn’t have much money. Everything I earned I gave to my parents. Just once I wanted a new dress for the first day of school. I was pacing in my room feeling very depressed. Then I heard a voice say, “Why do you fret so? Remember the lilies of the fields. Are you not more important than they?”

I answered, “Yes.” Then I felt very peaceful and happy. A few minutes later, I heard a car drive up and a lady talking to my mother. After the car drove off, my mother called me downstairs. A lady had a bag of clothes. She told my mother she had bought them for her daughter, but her daughter didn’t like them. She was going to throw the dresses away, but had an overpowering urge to bring them to our house. We never saw that lady again. In the bag were five dresses. They still had the price tags on them. I am very short; I have to hem everything. Those dresses were my size and the right color for my complexion. Most surprising, I didn’t have to hem them. — Anonymous

Calming and Beautiful Presence

My life has been hard and painful, but because of my growing awareness of my spirit and God, it has transformed into a life of light and love. One 


 took place when I was 14. I was pretty much neglected by my single mom, who had problems of her own and could not give me the love and nurturing every child deserves. I was pretty much fending for myself and found myself wandering some dark streets around 11 p.m., alone and frightened.

I had no idea where I was and was afraid of being raped (as I had been before) or hurt in some other way. My “friends” had abandoned me and left me to find my own way home (I was miles away with no money). I had my 10-speed bike with me, which I couldn’t actually ride (I was intoxicated), and I was at a rare moment where I was feeling very vulnerable. (I was usually pretty self-sufficient and strong for a child and never asked help from anyone.) But I was very afraid. I had a strong feeling that if I didn’t get some help soon, I would be in a very bad situation. I guess I prayed. Soon after this thought, I saw a brightly illuminated, smiling young man emerge from one of the darkened, sleeping houses on this lonely street.

Heavenly Escort

As time progressed, and my patient declined toward her end, the figure appeared more and more regularly. I told some colleagues about it and they laughed, saying that I had an over-active imagination. Each day, I would look through the window and if the figure was there, and I would wave a greeting.

One day, arriving on the ward, I went to my patient only to find the bed empty. My lady friend had died in the night and I worried that she was frightened and experienced it alone. Looking through the same window in days to follow, I never did see that figure again. I can take comfort that this being was probably my patient’s 

guardian angel

 who waited to escort her away from this life to a place of peace and happiness. — M. Seddon

Alive for Now

guardian angel showed himself in a real body. When I was in grade seven, the first boyfriend I had ever had died. It took me by surprise and sent me into a hole of depression that I could hardly ever be dragged out of. In the ninth grade, I was sexually assaulted by a guy I thought was a friend. That just further added to my sadness, and that night I tried to commit suicide. My best friend, who I have known since about grade two, came to the realization that I needed help. He told me that life would eventually get better, even if it was very bad at the time. He came to prove it to me later on. We became better friends than we ever had been. We are able now to read each other’s thoughts.

Helping Hands

In the summer of 1997, we got our daughter Sarah a new twin mattress for her bunk bed. I had taken it upstairs and was trying to get the old one down. Our stairs can be hazardous, so I kept saying to myself, “Kristy, be careful.” My husband is disabled and hasn’t worked in over four years, and without my income, we’d be on the streets. When I was upstairs, I looked out at the happy site of my three children playing with their 

German Shepherd

, “Sadie” and daddy keeping a close eye on them. I proceeded to start moving the old mattress down the stairs when I slipped and lost my footing.

I began to fall. Thousands of thoughts raced through my mind in that split second. “What will happen if I break my leg or worse?” I said, “Please, dear God, help me. Send me an angel.” Well, I got not just one, but two. I felt two strong, masculine arms grab me and reach under my arms and pull me up, and I felt a second set of hands grab my ankles and push me firmly back on the stairs. Then I looked and, lo and behold, the mattress was at the bottom of the stairs placed neatly and upright against the wall.

I went outside to ask my husband if he’d been in the house and he said, “No.” And surely he doesn’t have two sets of arms. My brother has good luck ”


” angels. He informed me it was Michael who grabbed under my arms and Uriel who grabbed my ankles. — Kristy

Healed by an Angel

I was shopping at the local department store with my one-year old son when the following account happened. As I was looking at some product on the shelves, a computer hutch fell from a desk and struck my infant’s head. The hutch bounced off his head and landed loudly next to the cart he was in. I watched in horror as the force of the blow snapped my young child’s head back violently. He sat there dazed for a few moments then started to cry out in pain. I didn’t know what to do? I didn’t know how badly he was hurt. He wasn’t bleeding, but what about internal damage? I just stood there consoling my child, hoping that he was okay.

An elderly African-American gentleman tapped me on the shoulder. He was wearing a brown raincoat and hat, and had a Bible tucked under his arm. “May I pray for him?” he asked. I just nodded my head mutely. He placed his hand on my son’s head and prayed quietly for a few minutes. When he was done, my son stopped crying. I gave my son a big hug and turned around to thank the gentleman… but he was gone. I quickly searched the aisles to find the man, but he was nowhere. He had disappeared into thin air. I had my son X-rayed the next day and he turned out to be fine… thanks to my guardian angel. — Myrna B.

An Angel Opened My Door

Many years ago, I was driving some children, along with my daughter, to school. As I pulled up across the street from the entrance (as so many cars were pulling in the driveway), I got out and helped them all across the street, not realizing I had closed and locked my door. Frantic, I tried every door, but to no avail. I ran into the school to get a coat hanger and ran out to the car, which by now was idling very fast. I remember saying, “Oh, dear God, help me please!”

In that split second, a man dressed in what looked like 19th-century clothes approached and said, “Looks like you need some help.” He didn’t talk anymore, but in a minute he had the lock popped with the coat hanger. I was so happy I said, “Thank you so much!” and reached into my car to give him some money, which took all of a second, and when I looked up he was gone! I looked all around in every direction. He had to be seen walking away somehow because it was very open and he couldn’t have disappeared that fast.

I know it was an angel — my guardian angel, I think, and I will never think anything else as long as I live. Other people have told me the same thing on encountering an angel; they just disappear, some never saying a word and others talk a little and do their work and are gone in a second. — Patricia N.

An Angel in Disguise

When I was a little girl of four years, my mother decided to take a night job. She usually stayed home with my six-year-old brother and me. My father was a cross-country truck driver and my mother was frequently on her own with us two. My mother was a beautiful, but fragile blue-eyed lady with long, soft blond hair. I describe her because her description is important in this story. Mom found a babysitter and, feeling a bit apprehensive, went to work one evening. She hated leaving us, but we need the extra income.

I can’t even remember the babysitter’s name because she was not with us long. My brother, Gerry, and I were sent upstairs to bed this evening and, as many little kids do, we fought sleep and paid more attention to what was going on downstairs. Our babysitter’s boyfriend had come over and soon we realized that she had left with him. My brother tried to reassure me when I began to cry. I remember him leaving the hallway light on and saying mom would be home soon, but I was terrified.

As I lay in my bed, I looked toward the hallway, and in the doorway stood my mother. I could see her long blond hair and the concern in her eyes. She said something soothing — I can’t remember the exact words — and she came over to the bed, took me in her arms and rocked me to sleep. I remember feeling so secure and safe in her arms. In the morning I could hear my mother rattling around in the kitchen. I got up and went down to greet her, still feeling secure and safe.

When I got to the kitchen she greeted me with the usual, “Good morning, sunshine!” Then she asked, “Where is the babysitter?” When I replied that I was so glad that she had come home last night when I was so scared, her eyes got big and she became concerned. She had just arrived home. Who rocked me to sleep? I often think of that night and I now think an angel took my mother’s appearance and calmed me down. For me it was the beginning of knowing that someone watches over me. Many times I have felt that presence, but never again did I see my mother’s face on an angel. — Deane
Angels in the Clouds

I was living in a small town in Texas. To unwind after work, I would always take a drive out in the country, traveling mostly on back roads. This activity was heightened in the summer months when I could watch the many mighty thunderstorms pass through the area. One evening I was heading west toward the sunset (unsurpassed in Texas) with a weak thunderstorm moving in just north of the setting sun.

The two natural phenomena together was such a beautiful sight with such gorgeous deep color that I stopped my car and stepped outside to gain a better view. My attention was at once caught by a gray patch of scud clouds drifting in from the storm that were illuminated by the sun’s rays. I could see the forms of a whole host of angels. This was more than a case of a vivid imagination. I saw such detail of every angel’s face. I could see their profiles and their hair and and their wings. It was as if they were using the cloud vapor to show themselves to me. It was so real. It was not my imagination. — Angelhdhipster

Blue Angel in the Wall

I’ve lived in a very abusive, very uncaring, very unemotional, very messed up family all my life. I believe I have an angel (or two) that sometimes comes to comfort me, or sends others to help me when I’m at my darkest moments. This is the first time I saw my angel: When I was around a year old, I was at a huge family get-together with five generations of my mom’s family. I was passed off in the living room with some family members, who didn’t care about me and acted like I wasn’t there. I was positioned in front of a wall with my back toward everyone.

I learned early on to try my best not to make any noise while the TV was on, or not make any noise so I wouldn’t get into any more trouble. I remember sitting directly in front of a wall, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the wall. I felt like I was being pulled into place and held in front of the wall. I had been staring at it awhile when I saw a figure in the wall. I was seeing a man’s face, shoulders and wings in the background. Every part of him I was seeing had a light bluish tint to it. He had a very pretty face, like he was in his 20s. His eyes were a darker shade of blue than the rest of him, and he had medium-long hair flowing around him.

This may sound like I’m describing a female, but I know it’s male. He was smiling and giggling with me as I smiled and giggled back. He had the most gorgeous 


, and when he giggled his wings fluttered up and down. I couldn’t talk much or understand many words, but he “told” me — like he sent a message directly into my mind — that 

everything would be okay

. Then my mom snatched me up and we went home. I’ve been in my angel’s presence many times. Once when I was hiding from my mom in my locked room (the lock was eventually torn off by my father), I was crying on my bed with my back to the door.

I felt a warm breeze over my shoulder and I “heard” very clearly in my mind my name, spoken by a man’s voice. I sat up and turned right around and saw only a light bluish glow fading away. I know my angel was in my room with me trying to talk to me. If I hadn’t turned around, I believe he would have said more. My angel has also helped me discover my past lives. I don’t know exactly how, but I know exactly what song was on the radio, and what part of the song it was on. Since the radio was on, I think I died in a car crash.

At the darkest part of my life, my angel “showed” me the song I had died to, and as soon as I heard that song (I had never heard of it before), I had to sit down. My entire body was numb and tingling, and I began seeing parts of my past life. I had never even heard of the song or the band before that, and now I play one of their CDs whenever I’m feeling down and I get cheered right up. I believe my angel showed me this music as a way for me to cope when he’s not around. — Tasha

Angel at My Bedside

On the morning of March 31, 1987, around 3:00 a.m., as I slept alone in my 


, I was aroused by three very gentle tugs of my bed covers by the foot area of the bed. I had my bed covers up around my neck, which is how I always sleep. I did not awaken, but was aware of something. I guess I fell back to sleep, but the same three gentle tugs came again. I again was aroused, but again did not open my eyes.

The third time the tugging happened, I was aroused enough to turn around to my right and open my eyes. What I saw was the most beautiful man standing, now away from my bed, by the side of my bedroom wall. A white light surrounded him from head to foot. All I could see of his skin were his hands and face, which were a dark bronze color. He was not looking at or facing me now but was facing my open living room door. As I stared at him, I took in his garment. He was wearing the most beautiful long white robe. He had a sash around his waist of the same color, but about six inches high. The white robe was a color white that I remember as so beautiful that I had never seen such a beautiful cloth before. He had a white turban wrapped around his head, which covered all hair. He stood very straight and his arms were straight down by his side.

What a beautiful face he had. He had to have been almost eight feet tall. I say that because my ceilings in that apartment were at least that high, and he almost reached the ceiling. He said, “Do not be afraid. It is the voice of God. Read Isaiah, a man of the patient realm.”

At this point, I do not know how he got from the wall to the side of my bed, but somehow he was right there. He reached out his mighty arms as he bent over coming down, as if he were going to pick me up – which is exactly what he did. All of a sudden, I was cradled in his arms, but I now felt as if I was just a little baby, cradled in the arms of her mother, wrapped in a warm blanket. Then I heard a noise that sounded like a whizzing sound, and we were moving in that sound. Then we were standing on a very rich and beautiful earth, which somehow I could seem to feel with what seemed now to be bare feet. We were in what seemed like a marketplace of some kind.

There were others walking around like him, in the same white robes; some were alone and some were walking in twos. We were facing a booth, which resembled a booth at a carnival. Inside the booth were three rows high of large hand-crafted vessels. He then said to me, standing on my right side, “Choose something.”

He answered, “You don’t need money here. Everything is free.” At this point, I remember hearing that same whizzing sound and we again seemed to be moving at a great speed. Now we were again standing by the same side of my bed. He very slowly began to lean over, with me in his arms, again feeling like a child cradled in a warm blanket. He leaned over and carefully and very gently placed me back into my body. I could now feel my body in the bed, and he was gone.

I thought about it for a while, because it all happened so fast. Realizing that something happened, I got up out of bed and turned on a nightlight to write down “Isaiah, a man of the patient realm.” For the next few days, I read the book of Isaiah. I found out that God is real, and that he heard all my cries for help and proof that he was indeed there. — Kathy D.

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