A paranormal – Why do some spirits haunt your place and dont leave -By Saad Ramzi Ismail

Why do some spirits haunt your place and don’t leave?

An earthbound spirit is one who chooses not to cross over when their physical existence ends. We are all given the opportunity to re-engage with Source when we die, but you don’t have to cross over if you don’t want to. You can resist the light and stay earthbound, half-way between living and dead, a disembodied spirit who is still attuned to this plane. So why would a soul choose to stay behind? The souls I have encountered during readings who have remained earthbound are here for a few reasons.

 What is a ghost, exactly? Do they even exist? Or are they figments of the imagination? Good questions! I can answer only from my personal experience over the past 30+ years. Someone who has had different experiences than I have would undoubtedly have different answers and beliefs regarding the spirit realm. Since this is my site, I will share my views on the matter. 🙂

Some fear judgment.
If you believed you were going to Hell, like say for murdering someone, how fast would you want to get there? Perhaps you might want to slow down the process a bit or even stay off the grid so you can’t be sent there right? Some people fear God’s judgment so they resist the light and stay earthbound. To them, this is preferable to going to Hell. If Hell existed, I might agree with them, so it’s a real shame that some people remain earthbound instead of crossing over. There is nothing you could have done on this earth that would cause Source to turn its back on you. You will be forgiven if you can forgive yourself. This includes those who commit suicide.

Some have unfinished business.
I’ve encountered people who were murdered and are hanging around waiting to see if their murderer will be brought to justice. I’ve also seen family members hang out waiting for another family member to cross over. This is unnecessary but if the timing is close, I can see why people hang out.

Some aren’t aware they’re dead.
Believe it or not, there are spirits wandering around out there who aren’t clear on the fact that they’ve died. Your mind is powerful. If you die unexpectedly or you were extremely committed to living, it could take days or even weeks to get the clue. You could end up haunting your old haunts, hanging out in your old house, trying to get the attention of the living and wondering why they can’t hear you. If you ever find your spirit instantly severed from your body, it could take a little while to realize what’s happened. If you’re ever in a situation where you suspect you might be dead, try walking through a wall. If you can, you’re probably dead. 

Earthbound Spirits

When a spirit gets “stuck” on this earth plane, they are referred to as Earthbound. However, they are not really “bound” at all. Each of them can choose to move on at any time. Some of them choose not to, as described above. But others are truly lost and do not know that they are dead. Spirits of this type usually get attached to a certain place (like the house they lived in at the time of their death) and refuse to leave. If you have the misfortune to move into the house, the spirit will likely not take kindly to you being there! Remember that they think it is still THEIR house. How would you feel if some strangers suddenly moved into YOUR house? I bet you wouldn’t be too pleased!

Spirits will often try getting your attention by speaking to you, tapping you on the shoulder, or even throwing things. This does not mean that you have an “evil” spirit on your hands. Truly evil spirits are very, very rare. (I will talk more about those momentarily.) Rather, you have the spirit of an unhappy person on your hands. They feel you are invading their territory, and of course, they will try to let you know that they are unhappy about it. Sometimes though, they aren’t even unhappy about you being there, they just try to let you know they are there, period. They may cause certain physical phenomena to occur (moving objects, voices, apparitions, flashes or trails of light, shadows, footsteps, doors opening and closing, etc). Remember that it can get quite lonely being a ghost. Imagine spending years without anyone knowing you are there. Most people can’t see or hear you. Then one day someone comes along that senses your presence, and you know it. Of course, you’d try to let them know that you are really there.

Some aren’t ready to go.
Some people cling to life as best they can because they simply aren’t ready to leave it. Sometimes people stay earthbound because they can’t leave their loved ones, such as children. This can also happen if you are extremely passionate about your life or simply having a fantastic time.

All of the above situations are unnecessary. When you actually do a crossover, you are not judged and sent to Hell, you can still finish your unfinished business, and you can still watch over your loved ones from the other side. For those that are lost or unaware that they are dead, they do usually figure it out. If they don’t, a good medium can help cross them over.

The vast majority of people die and cross over just fine, so I don’t want you to worry that your loved one didn’t “make it” to the other side. People find their way there eventually. Guides and angels on the other side take care of our loved ones who are still earthbound and when they are ready, these guides and angels help them cross over. If you are being haunted, find a medium and ask them to help you cross over an earthbound spirit.

Send love to your dearly departed
Those who have crossed over can still receive our loving thoughts and feelings. When you send love to the other side it goes there as a form of energy that they can receive. If it’s not too painful for you, think about your loved ones on the other side right now. Send them some love, a smile, or a thought you want to share. Let them know you’re thinking about them, and that you love them. Then sit back and see if you can see, hear, know, or feel their response. Although the distance may seem ridiculously great, the other side is actually not that far away at all. Your loved ones are really just a thought away.
I grew up in a haunted house. A very haunted house. From an early age, I knew that there was more to this world than what we can see with our physical eyes. 
To understand how “ghosts” are created, let’s first examine the death process. Most of us identify more with our physical bodies than with our spirits. The “you” that walks around every day, the “you” that goes to work and comes home, the “you” that runs errands and plays tennis, is not the real “YOU”. Your body is simply a shell. You are attached to it now because you are “in” it. Once your spirit leaves your physical body, you see that it was just a vehicle you used to get around while you were here on earth. It holds no more important to you than an older car that you are ready to trade in for a newer model. You may have some emotional fondness for it, but that’s it.

The real “YOU” is the part of you that thinks, that loves, laughs, feels hope and joy, and has faith that there is a God. This “you” is your soul, your essence, the part of you that observes the world while living in it. We are all spiritual beings FIRST, physical beings second. When your spirit leaves your body, your consciousness does not “die”, nor does your personality change. You are still “YOU” – but better! You may become aware that you have no pain. You feel light and buoyant. This is because the spirit body cannot be damaged. Whatever ills your physical body suffered, your spirit body will not share them. You will be whole and beautiful and filled with light. (do some reading on Near Death Experiences, they give a great idea of what the death experience is like for the many thousands of people who have experienced it)

Okay, so there you are, standing outside of your body, wondering what just happened. At this point, a Spiritual Guide may appear to help you to the other side, or perhaps you see a speck of Light in the distance and begin to move toward it naturally. This is the defining moment where “ghosts” are created. What if the person that just died did some really terrible things in their lifetime, and they just know that God is going to send them to Hell forever. How likely are they to want to see God? Not very! So they move away from the Light. Or maybe they don’t know what that Light is, so they are naturally afraid of it. This is common for Atheists because they expect their consciousness to just “blink out” when they die. When that doesn’t happen, they can become confused and may not realize that they can move on. Sometimes, if a person dies in a very sudden, unexpected way, they might have no idea that they are “dead.” They find themselves standing at the scene of the accident, wondering what happened.

Sometimes people do realize they have died, but they don’t want to move into the Light right away, because they want to be assured that their loved ones will be okay without them. They may stay around for a few days, even attending their own funeral, and try to comfort their family. This happens a lot more than you might think! However, these types of spirits often move on shortly afterward and do not become ghosts.

Good Ghost, Bad Ghost


Remember that when you die, your general personality does not change. If you were nice in life, you will be nice in death – and vice versa! It is very possible to encounter a loving ghost, as well as a mean, nasty one. But again, mean and nasty does not mean “evil.” Evil spirits are typically not human; they are demonic. As I said above, they are extremely rare, and most people will not encounter them in their lifetimes. What most people refer to as an “evil spirit” is really just an unpleasant, or dark, the human spirit. The difference between dark spirits and evil spirits is this: evil spirits are usually demonic in form, not human. They are evil because they are not “of God.” They were not created by God. They are spiritual manifestations of darkness, destruction, chaos, and suffering. They serve only one purpose: to create more darkness in this world. Dark spirits are typically human, but they are distant from God. They were created by God as Light beings (like all of us), but then transitioned to darkness and they are now separated from God. (Either by choice or circumstance) But they always have the choice to return to the Light.

How can you tell the difference between an evil spirit and a dark spirit? Dark spirits usually feel very cold and “dark” (as in, not good), but they do feel human, and may appear as human if you see them. You may feel frightened of them, or even threatened, like you need to leave the area immediately. Evil spirits, on the other hand, may be accompanied by a horrible, rancid stench. (not always, but often) They *emanate* evil. You can really feel it, it’s a black, dank, empty feeling that seems to soak right into you. Believe me when I tell you that you wouldn’t easily forget it if you’d ever come face to face with one of these beings (and most of us never will).

It can be difficult to tell the difference between truly evil spirits, and those that are just “dark,” because our fears can be triggered even by dark spirits, making us think that we are dealing with an evil spirit.

Residual Hauntings

Residual hauntings are not really “hauntings” in the usual sense, because there is no spiritual consciousness attached to the ghostly happenings. Buildings and land can absorb emotional life energy from the beings that live there, and when atmospheric conditions are right, those energies can be re-released, causing all sorts of strange phenomena. You may see apparitions, hear voices, music, or footsteps. But unlike traditional hauntings, there will be no interaction between you and the “ghost”. There is no ghost really, just a series of events “replaying” themselves, much like watching a movie. Often, spiritual cleansings can eliminate this type of haunting, since there is no actual entity causing them.


There is alot of debate about what Poltergeists really are. “Poltergeist” comes from the German words, “Poltern” – which means “to rumble”, and “geist” – which means “ghost”. In other words, a poltergeist is a noisy, troublesome ghost. My personal opinion is that poltergeists are human, dark spirits. They enjoy causing trouble, scaring people, and generally making our lives miserable! These types of ghosts can be extremely difficult to remove, simply because they are strong. Think about this for a moment: if I asked you to levitate the chair you are sitting in without using your body, would you be able to do it? Probably not. Yet, that is exactly what Poltergeists specialize in. They have learned how to use to powers of their minds – their energy – and to draw from the energy around them (including our energy!) to move physical objects. Not an easy feat! Furthermore, they enjoy this type of activity and have no intention of stopping it just because we want them to. That makes it even more difficult to remove a spirit of this type.

Poltergeists tend to draw much of their strength from our emotions. It is very common to have poltergeist activity when you have a child entering (or already in) puberty. These children give off massive amounts of emotional energy, which the ghost can use to its advantage. Likewise, they can feed off of OUR emotional energy. It is highly advisable to remain calm when dealing with a poltergeist. Getting angry or extremely frightened only makes matters worse (easier said than done, I know). I also advise that you do not try to remove a poltergeist yourself unless you are very experienced in spiritual matters.

Parasitic Entities

There are certain spirits that will latch onto the living, and actually drain a person’s life energy. (usually a very gradual process) Like a tick, these spirits thrive at their host’s expense. There are many types of parasitic entities (sometimes called Spirit Attachments). Some are human, some are not. But all of them are equally dangerous. So, what happens if a parasitic entity latches onto you? Do you just drop dead because they sucked all of your energy away? No, not at all. But you may start feeling a lot of symptoms such as extreme fatigue and weakness, dizziness, clouded thoughts, lack of motivation and will, tendencies toward addictive substances/activities, poor sleep, nightmares, etc. (Note: just because you have some of these symptoms does not automatically mean that you have a parasitic entity. Get checked by a doctor immediately, it could very well be an illness or physical condition that is causing the symptoms.) Having said that, if a parasitic entity hangs on long enough, draining your energy away, illness will likely result because the body no longer has the strength to fight it off. In some cases, you can remove parasitic entities yourself, but sometimes you may need the help of a qualified spiritual practitioner.

Ghost Hunters


Personally, I do not like the terms “ghost hunter” or “ghostbuster” – simply because ghosts are people. Our society tends to view them as some strange, unwanted pest, and I feel that is disrespectful. “Spirit Rescue” is a much more preferable term, in my opinion. However, ghost hunters are typically out to prove the existence of ghosts, not rescue them.

So, what does that mean, “Spirit rescue?” It means helping the spirit to move on into the Light, and not be a “ghost” anymore. The added bonus, of course, is that the live people dealing with the ghost will be free of the fear and discomfort also. Part of me wants to say that anyone can be a Spirit Rescuer. But at the same time, I feel that is not true. I believe that a person who feels drawn to this type of work will have some mediumistic ability (Mediumship = communicating with Spirits). In order to fully help a spirit move on, there are several factors to consider.

Does the spirit want to move on? If not, why not? They may have issues they want to resolve first. They may be afraid of eternal damnation, and it is the Spirit Rescuer’s job to convince the spirit that that will not happen. Basically, we need to alter that spirit’s perception of God. Not an easy task if they are set in their ways! They may not even realize they are “dead”, and will need this explained to them. Some may realize they are “dead”, but not realize that they can move on, into the Light. They just don’t see it as an option. Some may not see the Light, and it will need to be pointed out to them. Often the Spirit Rescuer can call in the spirit’s family members or Angels/Guides to help the process along. It is not unusual for a Rescuer to need to work with a spirit over time, to help convince them that it would be in their best interests to move along. It’s not usually an instantaneous thing.


What about calling in a Priest to do an exorcism? Well, sometimes it isn’t that simple. In my opinion, exorcisms are usually effective on non-human (demonic) spirits. But not always, at that! Some of these spirits (human and non-human alike) can be incredibly stubborn. It doesn’t usually play out like the movie, “Ghostbusters” — we can’t just pop them into a little box and store them away somewhere. Which brings me to . . .

Free Will

What many people fail to realize is that these spirits DO have the right to stay exactly where they are. How would you feel if someone came along and told you-you had to leave your home or wherever you happened to be? If you refused, they could pick you up and bodily remove you, but we cannot do that with spirits because they don’t have bodies. These spirits can choose to stay exactly where they are, for as long as they desire, and there isn’t a thing we can do about it. Now, having said that, if we are being terrorized by an entity, that begins to infringe on OUR free will, and we do not have to put up with that. There are a lot of spiritual protection measures we can perform to protect ourselves and our families. My strongest advice is: if you are being terrorized by a ghost/spirit in your home and you feel threatened by it, remove yourself from the situation. I know that isn’t an easy thing to do, but really, when it comes right down to it, homes and material possessions can be replaced, people cannot. You and your family are much more important than anything else. I cannot stress that enough. Once you are safe, consult a qualified spiritual practitioner. They can still work on removing the spirit from your home, even if you are no longer residing there. This type of work can also be done at a distance, they don’t have to physically be at your house, though it does often help.

How Do I Know Who Is Qualified?

Well, that’s a tough question. There are a lot of “ghost hunters” who will charge astronomical fees to come “cleanse” your house. There are also people who will only charge for their travel, and maybe a modest fee for their time. But how do you know if they are “qualified”? It’s not like you can look them up in the Yellow Pages, and as far as I know, there isn’t a governing agency for spiritual practitioners (nor should there be, probably!). My best advice is to research, research, research! Ask a lot of questions about their level of experience. Have they had any formal education on spiritual subjects? How long have they been practicing? Do they have any references? Don’t be afraid to check around until you find someone you feel comfortable with. Use your best judgment, and most importantly, trust your intuition!

In closing, the most important point I hope to get across on this page is that “ghosts” are simply people. There is nothing spooky or mysterious about them. We are all spirits at our core. The only difference between “us” and “ghosts” is that we are still inhabiting human bodies. They are not. Treat them with respect and compassion. Protect yourself when necessary, but remember that they have feelings and they are only human. They feel fear too. They likely miss their loved ones, as you would in their place. Most of them are lost and simply need some help in finding their way to the “other side”. It kind of removes the fear when you think about it that way, doesn’t it?


Saad Ramzi Ismail, PhD

Calgary- Alberta- Canada.

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