A personal experience with a spirit from our reader

A personal experience with a spirit from our reader

Hi there- My name is Heidi, and I’m contacting you in request of a few answers regarding what I assume is a spirit or ghost. I’ve been experiencing on and off hauntings for a few years but mainly in the last 2 years, with gaps in seeing it. I’m hoping you could provide us with a good guess as to what this might be, or an answer, and if so, a possible resolution to the issue.

I’ve done some reasonable research on this, and my sister who lives with me is knowledgeable on spirits and ghosts, as we both have experience in the past with sightings. To the best of our knowledge, we believe it’s either a person that has passed that had a broken life or in my case, a succubus.

The reason I believe that, is that she looks human and beautiful to myself, but not to my sister. She looks rather sinister to her. Ahead, I’m going to leave a lengthy explanation about my experiences, in order of what happened to me and my sister, in mind that I have moved, twice, and that it somehow sticks around, and have just recently gotten my sister back into my life. 


The beginning— I was around 20 when it began after I dabbled in close up magic and tarot card readings, a hobby I self-taught to myself. One night about a month or so after playing with tarot cards I was in my room writing some Fanfiction. It was pitch dark and there was nobody in the room, and all the other members in the house were asleep. I remember feeling off and somehow chilled so I turned around to turn on my portable heater and saw a woman sitting on my shelving unit, staring at me directly, with a smile on her face. 

I remember dropping my papers, it didn’t sway her. Ironically she looked exactly like the character in my Fanfiction, who goes by a TV show character called Cat Grant, from the TV show Supergirl. She looked completely real, to the point where if I had had the courage, I could have touched her, I could see her breathe, she honestly looked completely really human. 

I remember running downstairs, and to my laptop to flick on the kitchen lights, and saw her again, she beat me downstairs, and then, later on, saw her again, as I stayed in the kitchen, afraid. After that, about a few weeks later I saw her again, sitting in my open windowsill in my room, holding a newborn baby. This time she looked exactly like Supergirl herself, cape and all.  After that, I never saw her again, until 3 years later. 

After running away, I moved in with my sister in the southeast corner of Calgary, and about 5 months after moving in, shortly after Christmas of 2017, in the early weeks of January 2018,  we couldn’t help but feel watched, and heard creaking and footsteps in our two-story home. Slowly activity increased, moving arms on figurines of superheroes, and moving knives or random things, shower handles while you were taking a shower, to the most intense encounter that we’d seen. That night, I woke up to the sight of a stunningly beautiful woman sitting on the bed beside me, in translucent black silk lingerie, smiling at me as if she wanted to seduce me, the ultimate seduction. She looked at me so intensely, and when I moved, even though I had no real desire to move, she vanished. Again, bang on Cat Grant, but almost even more beautiful. I don’t remember when I fell back asleep, but my sister told me the next morning that she had woken up and seen something terrifying. I calculated that she woke about an hour after myself, we slept in the same bed due to being afraid alone, and this happened.

My sister Isabel‘s viewpoint: “I saw a few floating orb lights flying around the room. I was exhausted but didn’t want to sleep due to the situation. I sensed taps dripping, footsteps, a lipstick bottle fell over, and then everything was silent, only lights. Then I heard footsteps, right by the door, and then the door swung open slowly, but I saw nothing else. We have a walk-in closet, and I saw a shadow in the closet, and the blinds barely moved. Then silence. A few moments later, a white figure, translucent, female, with a dress, but she seemed calm. She walked from the closet and walked towards the bed and then walked towards the wall and vanished. She wasn’t focused. I heard footsteps and felt cold by the bed, and this odd presence. After that, silence. I was about to fall asleep, and saw her over my sister, Heidi, and froze.”

My viewpoint again, Heidi. :

and that she saw a woman basically crunched over top of me, hyper-focused on my body. She seemed to be putting me into a trance, my sister says, and I seemed to be very deeply asleep. 

According to my sister’s description, she was crawling over me, and was wearing an old fashioned white, tattered wedding type dress, and had long, matted dark hair, and had white irises. (If you want to see the eyes, the perfect example my sister says is Purity, also ironically from the Supergirl show). The irises were tiny, and the instance my sister moved, she sort of floated down the bed and vanished. My sister says she tried to talk to me and I seemed lost in a trance, deeply asleep. Apparently, she didn’t look at her, and my sis felt her physical weight in the sheets. After that, my sister moved, terrified, and the ‘ghost’ focused completely on her. And then floated off.

After that, my sister woke me, and I remember she had a very tough time waking me, and I remember waking up from a daze and a very erotic dream. The sheets were completely soaked, and a was very confused. We went downstairs after that, terrified and stayed up until dawn, though we saw the orbs still. 

The next night we saw orbs again, and heard footprints, and saw things flick, and move, and we always felt this presence upstairs, occasionally downstairs. Afterward, we felt her presence for days, until we attempted to communicate with her after my sister said she might be lonely. So we did, and we found she actually listened and obeyed commands. She read thoughts and did as told, though she did do her own thing. One specific request, I asked her if she was lonely: and I felt a cold hug.

After that, though, I asked her to be good, and she knocked over a wooden chair, which highly frightened me. At this point, I had begun seeing a girl who is now my girlfriend, and I noticed her presence seeming to take notice in my girlfriend, who I will call Charlie for reference. After a few days, my girlfriend told me things move, and she was being haunted. A lot of things that moved were somehow related to Charlie. Pictures, names, messages. One day shortly after a was visiting my girlfriend, and I felt this constant presence until I told it to leave. However, on the way home, I felt literally choked and short of breath, which vanished when I was near my sister. 

The next day I saw a friend, and a guy in the coffee shop told me that I was being surrounded, and I let him do a quick card reading. He physically ordered her to leave, and she did. She also hooked onto my mother, and physically slammed against her on the headboard, and she felt as if someone had slammed her against it, and she had a headache, and dent, from the experience. We also have had scratches, from her, as well as having our bed move, while we were in it, by about two inches. And I mean lifted it, and moved it.

—  After this, we told her to leave and she did, and we had no real experiences again until now, in the present. A few nights ago, we watched a show called a paranormal survivor, and had a sleepless night because of her. Pressure on the bed, on us, cold, and lights very faintly. Since then I’ve been lost in cold breezes, and weird constant feelings of being itchy, and odd rashes. 

I’m writing to you hoping you’d be able to provide us with answers or at least a guess, and hopefully, if you’re willing, to meet us for a coffee or lunch to discuss this in more detail, and see what we can figure out. After that, we can discuss what to do, if anything is deemed needed. Thanks, and I’m hoping this email wasn’t too long, I just assumed detail was important.

Thanks again, and I’m hoping to hear back from you when you have some time.


 Heidi Hennessy and Isabel.- Calgary 

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I emailed more than 10 times  and no replies at all I send some detailed info and what to do
but until now I have got no answerback .i offered free investigation and cleansing and no reply yet.

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