House cleansing ghost story from our reader

Mandi Duggan

Fri, Feb 8, 11:56 AM  


to me

Hi Steve,

My husband and I recently married last April in Las Vegas.

We went on a guided tour of the “Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum” and I believe something followed my husband home. Since returning, our marriage has crumbled and we hear constant knocking, scratching, voices and cold spots.

What are the costs associated with a cleansing/blessing?

Thank you so much for your prompt response. Yes, we do live in Edmonton – I’ll attempt to find other resources nearby.

We have tried marital counseling for months and months because his anger is uncontrollable. He is not an angry person, he is usually happy-go-lucky, now he’s angry 100% of the time. And yes he changed immediately (in the airport on our way back to Edmonton from Vegas) last April.

He has since been laid off from work and the activity has really picked up.

Thank you again, I’ll review your second email now.

Many thanks,

My answer was sent by email with all the details. As she is in Edmonton I advised her to contact another paranormal investigator close to her.

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