The sacrifice – my Fictional story

The sacrifice – my Fictional story

Steve. Ramsey,PhD. MSc,Rmsks,Rdms,Crvs.Crgs ,

By Steve. Ramsey

After 7 years of marriage, David and Sara couldn’t have any children. They tried all kind of medications, they took all the natural remedies in the market.David was and a Turkish American and his wife Sara was an American. They decided to go and see the gynecologist and do some tests.

After few days the doctor called David to see him with his wife for their result and told David that the problem is with his wife and that she has infertility issues.David loves his wife so much and he wanted to reduce her stress so he asked the doctor to tell her the problem is with David. The doctor refused for a legal reason and told David that he can tell her that verbally and they don’t have to come to the clinic as now he knows what’s going on with the test and he leaves the discussion to them.

After two years Sara was more upset and every time she fights with David she brings the subject of children and how his infertility deprived her of having children and that if she only knew that before she would never agree to this marriage.Many of Sarah’s girlfriends told her to leave him.Sarah finally told David that she needs a divorce and she can only stay with him for one year so both can figure out the next move and what to do after separation, where to live in a friendly manner. David agreed with sadness and wanted to tell her the truth but now he felt that she will accuse of him lying and destroying any chance of treatments.

David is trying to fight his demons now of telling her the truth or stay silent but after three months his wife starts having a kidney problem that led to renal failure. David did his best to help her and pays the bills, working hard to make sure that she is happy and pay for renal transfusion and bought her the devices that she needs it and paid for the nurse that visit her once a week to do the Dialysis.

Sarah started to think that maybe David is trying to kill her or poisoning her and maybe that’s why she had this kidney failure.David asked Sara that he will be going for a conference for one week and that he is looking for someone to donate a kidney for her and they want to match the blood type and hopefully he will find and pay 15,000 dollars for the kidney. Sarah started to trust him more now because she starts to see how much he is trying to help.

David called Sara after 3 days and he told her that he found someone and that his blood type and all the tests are a perfect match.David came the next day and he was looking tired and lost some weight he managed to take his wife back to the hospital, he arranged everything and the surgeon managed to implant the new kidney successful to Sara and followed her with ultrasound exams, blood tests, and everything was perfect she became health and back to her work and her friends and decided to divorce him.

Sara didn’t know that David donated his kidney to her and he was a perfect match for all the blood tests that he did before was a perfect match.David wrote his entire story in a small book and he kept the book in secret place in the house.

The week that Sara decided to tell David it is over and that they should move on they went to a nice restaurant and she wanted to break the news and the time frame for him. While they were eating a fight broke out in Dallas where they used to live. The fight osculated and the sound of the guns were so loud and 4 men were shooting at each other outside the restaurant many bystanders got injured and one bullet went throw the glass window of the restaurant and struck David remaining kidney.

The paramedics took David as soon as they arrived but he died at the hospital.Sara asked while crying why he have to die why they couldn’t save him? The hospital nurse looked at the health link information system and told her that he only has one kidney as he donated his kidney to his wife.

Sara was in shock and start crying more and Sara doctor who was in charge of the fertility test took her to his office and asked the word nurse to comfort her and then he told her the truth, and that David test was normal and that she is the one who has the fertility issue.

Sara woke up after 2 days as she fell into a coma after this shocking news.She never got married again and adopted a child named him David. Sara is visiting David’s grave every Sunday to offer a prayer and change the flowers. 

Count your blessing always and remember that situation can change by changing your motive and action.

Thanks for reading

Steve Ramsey, Okotoks- Canada.

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