2019 to 2021 the years of severe earthquakes so be prepared – by Steve Ramsey

Steve Ramsey- Calgary – Alberta – Canada


2018 to 2020 the years of severe earthquakes so be prepared. As I said 8 years ago about the coming next 2 years and increasing the natural disasters due

to the earth slowing down its rotation be a millisecond or so. Imagine if the earth reduced its rotation by 1 minute or 1 hour or a full day. As we know from science each 1 second decreased in earth rotation enough to produce more than 40 earthquakes most at the equatorial areas and some other parts of the world. There was an old history of Jesus and Mohammed that passed to their followers regarding earth slowing down in the old days, and that our earth will go to a full stop one day and then start turning in the opposite direction producing mega-disasters, tsunami and destruction in scale than ever seen in human history. 


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